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hello welcome to fridge cap you eat foods and I’m pretty confident this is the show for you coming up in our fridge today only takes the humble avocado and then takes cuacamole whole level up and James shows us how to take an over card oh and turn it into an eggcup but first we attempt to actually review some kitchen gadgets like properly then pick this because it’s simple number one number two it’s got ships on it ships okay I honestly have no idea what that could be these are the fun steamship lids there’s three different sizes which means they universally fit any pan you’ll have in the kitchen made of silicone easy to wash easy to store and stack both fun and functional Gerstein i can see why that’s useful they’d stack yeah they stack like that it’s not going to take up any room yeah I’d say that’s quite useful it’s a tablet oh it’s soft is it it’s like a it’s like two lives put together about two lids of lunch box put together but with no space for your lunch is it one of those things you put your face against nope now for the complete food skin this is reinventing the lunch box ever got that perfectly assemble sandwich and you want to get it to lunch in one piece this is for you not only is it got strong elastic skin that folds and traps the sandwich in place it’s also really easy to wash because the whole thing goes in the dishwasher so it actually is a lunchbox so I’m guessing it holds everything together look sandwich so you can you can move it around gets thrown around on the train bus get stuck to the floor the bullies come along with throw your lunchbox you pick it up you get to school now who’s laughing who’s got a perfectly formed sandwich that is a really good sandwich that’s quite like the lunchbox is no Emily it’s not a lunchbox is it it’s a lunch flap you missed out the bomb bit of the mix-up mate just put down there I’m gonna hang on a second it’s like a reverse measuring jug so you put stuff in it so say you’ve got lots of liquid to go in something but then you only want to put bits and pieces in at a time this is the portioning jug perfect for any kind of liquids sources or batters if you want a drip three portioning of cake batter Yorkshire batter pancake batter or gravy then this is for you because the easy grip handle gives you complete control our so we fill it with gravy and suddenly it’s like a jug but better I don’t like the VR it’s been just that short or is everybody else just really talk don’t take offense I understand I’m five foot two mr. Jamie and his pale pale self would make for one flabby vampire keep up the good work guys love the workout I swear if one more person puts god damn creme fraiche in today god damn scrambled eggs I’m going to kill myself [Music] supporting pin also doubles up for me as a Hurley weights the adjustable rolling pin like any rolling pin it’s got a smooth wooden surface and you can roll out just about anything shortbread pastry you name it it’ll go but what’s great is it gives you the perfect even roll every time because the adjusting opinions at either end you can go from anywhere between ten mill down to two more four millimeters and go four and that is pretty good I’ve never wrong pastry that flat before use it it’s all what is yeah I think I like that I know exactly what this is because I really really want one this is a compartmentalised frying pan made famous off of Tom Daley off of Instagram off of this video and you can make an entire full English fryer at the same time without having to use a million pots and pans am i right this is the master pan why use five pans when you can use one if you struggle to multitask then this is the pan for you whether you’re making a full English breakfast for heaters or a dish like salmon with loads of different sides it’s all in the same place not only does it evenly distribute the heat but it’s easy to clean – I thought it was my favorite I like this one I’m having this one as you can have the salmon oh I can’t believe I’m doing this it’s a large flat if you want us to review any kitchen gadgets comment down below let us know which ones we should do and we will do as good a job as we’ve just done if there’s another one it’s a little one yeah yours I’m gonna have lunch okay my problem is I don’t get out of the house before my lunch see this is actually not that unit me yeah [Music] welcome to level up where we take an everyday dish and bring it a level ah because not chefs we’re no today we’re making guacamole and all you’re going to need is a board and knife a spoon and these ingredients first up get yourself a red onion this could be a miniature more like this one or get yourself a normal-sized one but use part of it chop it up nice and finely their purpose I can I can kill it look then to the exact same with a red chili mixed up coriander yes cilantro roughly chop everything basically now if you have a card I have them D stone then scoop out the flesh then you want to roughly chop up the avocado this bit is as much for theater as it is for the guacamole the main thing about this technique is it makes you look like a boss even though I’m doing just smashing it up it looks like I’m doing something up guacamole and your ego once you’re smooshed up you want to combine all your bits and pieces berries and understands flavor your type of flavor all of it great a little well in the middle then you wanna salt go for a whole lime then in that well again splash of olive oil okay then you wanna fall back in olive oil run away nice chunky may be too chunky I got chili in my eye [Applause] yeah front-row seat for this is not yeah this theater experience you normally get spat on a bit instead you get chin in the face once you pour that all into the middle give me your chips and we’ll just stuff it in nice and the highs how you take welcome only [Music] [Applause] yeah I know I know it’s very good mate back to the truth not until is it done okay that honestly was an award-winning truly holy guacamole it went up several levels and we want to know from you what’s simple very very basic things we should level up next time make sure you subscribe because like today we will make you hungry but you know what Jay I think that fridge cam had everything it had I’m gonna say again the world’s best guacamole I’ve ever tasted it it had some fun and for once functional kitchen gadget and if you stay with us James is going to show us how to turn an avocado into an egg cup without getting out his magic wand and without using any camera trickery want to know how what always since the aftertaste a tree goodbye genuinely intrigued James yeah yeah do a recipe lab with me Lucy
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