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4-Minute HIIT Workout To Torch Calories

this is the 4×4 workout for my 20-minute body program to get you tone first we have coming out we’re doing into the top what I love so this is very similar to a normal lunch but what I’m doing is I’m putting the same side hand down that I’m stepping out with you got 45 seconds of this then a 15 second rest alternating side to side push your chest to your side try to touch the ground if you can’t get down that low that’s okay you can just modify it by doing a normal lunch up here but if you can and cup water the Brazilian martial art would got them a kick here so get under that kick same side hand goes down at the leg lunging I duck and put my arm up that’s going to work the core burn a lot more calories you’ve got about 10 seconds here let’s try to get about 5 more big step struck that kick inhale that’s him love these full body workout going to be done in 3 2 1 coming up for the 15 second rest next we move coming up with doing up body move nose chin chest hips chest up hit a push-up if you can and come all the way back that’s a dive bomber let’s go nose chin chest hips lift up push up now if that’s a little too hard and you just want to do the dive-bombing here and push back you can do that or all the way through great move is going with the triceps abs everything if you can get about 8 to 10 of these in the 45 seconds keep coming nose chin chest lift the chest up hit a push-up you coming about 10 seconds so it’s about a minute total with the rest and the workout you’re done in three two one come on up quick a little rest here and that’s what we got we got cardio we’re going to go into jump squats prisoners and then a scroll all the way down three two one hands up get these jobs I’m gonna show you from the front all the way down and up so I got about ten of these four three two one more kick on the sprawl hands down feet together as I come down chest up so I can whip land with my feet and stand up hands to feet whip up stand up let’s go I’m going to pick up the pace exhale as I go back exhale as that come up you come Oh two more one more ah we got a little break fifteen seconds of this hip training going to get you out of breath that’s what we want last one is going to be a windmill plank come down onto your forearms brace the legs and hold here for a second so no arching dropping pitching a hint shoulders over the elbows now take the hand up but tighten the legs so you don’t rotate the hips tighten the legs imagine you have a glass of water on your back do not let that glass of water tilt so to do that I’m going to base with my abs in my legs I’m pushing my hands into my feet now I’m going to pick up the pace you got about ten seconds [Music] five seconds and time all right that is four minutes and that’s one round of my 4×4 workout you can repeat that up to four times and have an amazing body weight hit training workout my 20-minute body program I’m Brett Hoebel and I’ll see you very soon [Music]
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