a few months ago I gave the community this blank imaginary map and made a contest I told them to create a world on it with countries people history and lore I never expected that many submissions and I’m very proud that viewers would take the time to create something with this of course it’s impossible to give every single scenario justice but since so many submitted I didn’t want all that work to go to waste I created a video showcasing every fan map I received link in description also wait until the end of this video because I have a very special announcement now on to the winners first submission is from M ger users Elio this is the continent of buleria a diverse landmass home to numerous different cultures and people the firt tile in a star and Peninsula lies to the southwest because of its heavy population and less resources it’s been prone to conflict between various Kings and Nobles across the Strait is home to the Sun Cities of Bora and Kalle this area is very similar to the Mediterranean of Europe with vast vineyards by the coasts in the east rains the dominant power in valaria the kingdom of aerilon despite being the most powerful aerilon has remained peaceful for most of its existence the austere lands the country’s main ethnic group live under the airline dynasty who have kept the country out of wars to the north are the nomadic people of the plains horse hoarders and travellers populate the interior while small cities dot and fight over the coastline west of the nomadic lands are the isolated islands of the North separate from the mainland culturally for hundreds of years their lives are cold and harsh but they make their living by sailing the autumn sees the now dissolved old Empire still holds influence over the central heart lands as former States are loosely united this is the cultural center of valaria with most of the population and now conflict Nobles and kings fight over control in the political chaos after the fall leave old Empire the Empire collapse following the disappearance of the crown prince and loyalists accusing opponents of assassination this caused rifts between the nobles which resulted into a full civil war called the Varian bird war this war between Nobles became an insurrection as jeez and smaller kingdoms fought for independence after years of fighting amongst itself the capital was captured by rebel forces and the Empire dissolved next is from the YouTube channel spats irks part who create a full video time-lapse of his continent leaked in the description the continent of Pangaea the split between east and west / the Westerners to keep the hated East from crossing into their lands to convert the populous compared to the West the East had very little advancement in over the centuries this caused a greater gap between the two regions for the West its the year 2115 3 their calendar starts at the formation of the Latvian Empire an ancient civilization that once stretched throughout the continent but in the east is the Year 1075 the East is dominated by religion called the holy order and bases its calendar after the birth of its founder the Latvian Empire fell in the year 480 lasting almost five centuries in the year 637 the continent was dominated by a Norse Empire which only lasted for another century in the year 872 the holy Empire wanted to expand its influence and faith into the West after a series of wars they were defeated to stop the East from attacking again the West split the continent into two with the creation of the wall which was constructed in 953 the West soon entered the industrial area it would take the East another thousand years to reach the same technological level eventually two great empires rose across their respective regions the Latvian Empire in the West in the high path ian’s empire in the east after 116 years of war between one another the continent is divided between the two pan G’s has a population of 5 billion people with the West having almost three times bigger population than the East the most common spoken language as Latvian because of the Latvian Empire which once stretched throughout the continent the next submission is from Jill Andrews this is the continent of plutonium it was first named this by Amerigo Vespucci when he came across the landmass after reading about Plato’s tales of it once he returns to Rome keep in mind this is an alternate world he tells of this – the Roman government immediately they send ships to colonize this new world word of this colonization spreads quickly and soon the Ottoman Empire makes plans to join in on the colonization shortly after Roman ships breach blue tanja Ottoman ships were already on their way Roman ships came onto the land masked by a gulf they named the land they had found Corona their expansion began immediately it was interrupted very soon though by the Ottomans looking to get their share of land the Romans and Ottoman colonists met next to the southeastern lake next to J lead their confrontation sparked an all-out war the conflict halted expansion by either side opening the window for others to get their share of Plutonia years later the Roman Empire fell but Corona still thrived Asian countries got their chance to gain some land including Korea in Japan in total the North Slavs Japanese Korean Romans and smaller nations all colonized the continent last submission is from Brian Clark Don Lee who even expanded outside of the continent 50,000 to 10,000 BC early humans believed to have come from rosam to the South settled on the continent of alexia the tribes broke up and settled in different regions humans discover agriculture and develop villages these communities formed two major empires along the coast of the Galicia see some eighties and the Nereid Empire Neri had felt Assam 80s in 155 BC after centuries of war eventually two new empires developed the kingdoms of Mobius and Philippi a from 653 to 720 ad the kingdom of Mobius waged war with neighboring nations in hopes to expand and unify the continent these wars along with issues such as famine disease and civil unrest led to the collapse of some eighties Empire in 720 meanwhile the Nordic kingdoms of Vesna and Scania fought for conquest of the North refugees from boring Nordic kingdoms settled on a small island off it comes to Scania form the nation of Hodor London the nation of Ayane is formed ina comes to act as a buffer between Mobius and the now collapsed some 80s in 945 suffering from civil unrest the nation of Nova secedes from movius in 1200 explorers from Nova settled in the north and create the nation of Lyra from 1200 to 1300 Mobius repeatedly invades alipio to the south in a bid for power over the southwest coast this series of invasions would be known as the Hundred Years War although philippi Oh was one of the smallest nations on the continent it had one of the greatest militaries in the world from 1315 to 1342 Philippi ibill the Krait northern wall along its northern border with Mobius in 1500 Philippi I discovered the continent of Vista Philippi abeeg an building colonies along vistas east coast this led to conflicts between Nova and Philippa eventually Nova loss it’s ones massive Navy in 1556 a massive heat wave followed by a drought killed a hundred thousand people over a period of five years unaffected by the Alexian drought visting colonies continued to grow the nations of the home continent stayed relatively stable for the next century in the 1670s Philippi athough over landed Vista in 1689 they changed tactics and simply bought the disputed territory during the early 1700s Noven settlers in Vista became fed up with the current political situation and began a protest they peacefully broke away from the Noven government over the next few centuries more colonies would break up war spurred by rapid technological growth would rage until the 1900s until the largest pan continental war this war would last until June 12 1915 and northern Vesna Islamic refugees arrived from the desert nations Andros um here they maintain a small foothold in alexia I’m so impressed the community participated in something like this even creating YouTube videos in subreddits for the occasion thank you one less announcement if you love maps and geography as much as I do check out my brand new channel G we hung there I will talk a hundred percent about everything geography from simple basic lessons to complex looks at how geography affects our culture religion and mindset help get it off the ground I’ll be uploading a brand new video by tomorrow just click on the globe or the link below this is cody from the alternate history hub you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyVXutfnCD0

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