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3D Pen – Plastic To Metal, Girlfriend Spider Prank, Dry Ice Air-hockey. #3D Simo Mini

you’ve heard about 3d printers but did you know the same technology can be shrunk down and applied to a handheld pen well today I’m going to show you fun and practical ideas that we can do with a 3d pen check it out so David over a 3d Simo sent me this pen to test out everybody say hi David hello my name is David hi David so David sent me this pen because he’s about to launch version 2 on Kickstarter and he needs our help to get it launched so he sent me a pen to test out what cool things can be done with a 3d pen so let’s get started as soon as I got this pen I thought of a great way to prank my girlfriend I told her as a huge spider in the bathroom and I couldn’t get to it in time so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to draw a spider I’m gonna hide it under the bed then I’m gonna set my phone under the covers and set it to ring in a couple minutes so when she goes to check the phone she’ll see a huge spider now all we have to do is wait dear my phone going off mm my god so the next thing I want to show you guys is how to turn any 3d drawn or printed object into solid metal and it’s really easy you just encase the object in plaster and then melt the plastic out then you have a hollow mold which can be filled with any type of metal so I want to leave my bunny a suit of armor I’ve already made her a sword and shield so now it’s time to make her a metal helmet the hardest part was getting my rabbit to stay still long enough to take a measurement of her head but afterwards it was easy to sketch up a rough draft of the helmet I slowly added more to the helmet to give it a cool shape and also make it comfortable enough for her to tolerate wearing for more than a couple seconds now the surface of the drawing is pretty rough so I melted some candle wax on top of it to fill in cracks and smooth out the surface then I encased the dry in plaster and put it into my furnace I’m going to burn out all the plastic and wax and that’ll leave me a hollow mold to fill metal with I’m using pewter because I’m impatient and it has a really low melting point it also solidifies really quickly only a couple minutes while the metal filled the mold perfectly I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and it’s kind of neat to flip over and you can still see the individually drawn 3d filaments after a little bit of polishing it looks really nice so we went from something like this to something like this she likes it well kind of she kind of reminds me of the Pokemon cubone now me all right the final thing I want to show you guys is a game I invented called dry ice air hockey i turn my tabletop into a playing field by putting tape around the edges next I drew up to goal nuts with my 3d pen of course the secret ingredient is dry ice and you need a really smooth tabletop to do this the dry ice sublimates turning directly from a solid into a gas which gives a cushioning layer of carbon dioxide under it perfect for a quick game of DIY air hockey oh and if you think playing with one chunk is fun try playing with ten so the new 3d Simo comes with four different attachments the first is a 3d pen that works with any filament on the market today you can make a cool flexible wallet with the new flexi filament or you can make a cool color changing rows for your girlfriend because she’s still mad that you scared her with a spider it also comes with a soldering attachment so you can fix and create electronics like this electronic dice rolling simulator it also comes with the wood burning attachment which allows you to create or customize materials made out of leather or wood like these glasses finally it comes with a foam cutting attachment which is a piece of resistance wire that gets hot enough to slice through foam and create shapes with it would be perfect for making aluminum casts with there’s an optional rechargeable battery attachment so you’re not tied to the wall and you can connect your phone to it to change settings and temperatures easily so for those of you who want to learn more and check out the Kickstarter page I’ve included a link to it down below in the description and I will see you guys tomorrow bye
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