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3 Things To Do With: TOMATOES

in case you don’t know our mission here at sorted is to get people into the kitchen talking about and cooking great food because of this the guys at Tesco have asked us to take some everyday ingredients and use them to create three incredible dishes this week we’re looking at salad tomatoes so we’re making three salads now Mike knows full well we’re not within three awesome recipes with tomatoes at the heart of them ladies let’s get to it tuna to it I’ll be cooking up a piquant tomato and Cod baked I’ll be making a fancy starter with tomato and shards of Parma ham but first I’m making a spicy Spanish flatbread all these recipes start exactly the same way with a classic tomato sauce and white crosses six Tomatoes and I’ll hack those up and if you can peel two cloves of garlic now it’s multi-source couldn’t be easier put all the hacked up tomatoes into a pan along with the diced onion 2 cloves of garlic peeled and sliced a pinch of salt and pepper a glug of olive oil some cold water about 100 mil then put the lid on bring up to a bubble and simmer it for 25 minutes now there we go that’s it’s more to sauce you’re looking for at this point we can personalize it so in this case or Agana and then depending on how spicy you want your spicy Spanish flatbread or we were like very explosive well they go generous pinch then they sink it’s messy and we could spoon that over our flat but now this is the ultimate eat yeah is because that is just a garlic bread yeah it is a garlic and parsley flatbread pre-made ready to go perfectly Jamin I was thinking at this point could we mix up a little bit and change the base for a naan bread and the flavors that go on top of it for some Indian influence so you can come there you’ve replaced the carbohydrate and change the continent nice good thinking but yeah absolutely it’s concept all we’re doing is bread with tomato and cheese and different spices non bread some clams and paneer cheese and coriander mix up the flavors to make it authentic to the region the bridge come from thanks all good so slicing chorizo more crumbles and goat cheese and put those on great thing about chorizo it’s already cooked it secured me anyway anything you put on top of the pizza should also be cooked like Parma ham they don’t put any raw meat on because they know won’t cook in the tire who need it it will prep some parsley to sketch over this once it’s grilled but that’s all this left to do it but under a hot grill and it needs maybe two or three minutes until it’s all bubbling and golden and the bread is move away through look at that as long as it’s bubbling sizzling we are good to go perfect so once your tomato sauce is made it takes no time at all looking good but a parsley for greenery smelling good too so that’s our spicy Spanish flatbread sorted then what makes this starter so fancy this is a beautiful marriage of something you would normally see in a restaurant so it’s associated with fine dining and yet the simplicity of it means you can create it at home okay there’s a match of Italian flavors we style for the same classic tomato sauce we did for the last one except instead of oregano and chili later on we’re gonna rip up some fresh basil and for that in their last minute well I’ve also got these two flavors Parma ham and mozzarella so Parma ham why because it’s the best ingredient known to mankind really simple just lay the slices of Parma ham onto a tray nonstick paper helps to put it into another 183 Celsius for six or eight minutes and it would depend on how thinly is cut wonder why they looking like that lovingly they want this impressive starter it looks like it that looks crowded that’s what I’m saying and and you could spread the little bit further we think that you could probably do with one leg can we do that we can follow unless [Music] believe it or not the process is nearly done all you need to do was rip up a ball with mozzarella and arrange on the plate and as soon as that Palmer hams crispy we’ll start to plate it up and that is what we’re looking for we’ve taken it out we’ve let it cool down to a nice and crispy and it’s that Christmas movie what you need try that Tim that’s not good amazing in the meantime how tomato sauce I’m now gonna rip up fresh basil into that and we can spoon it all over a mozzarella hmm we have a question go on I was wondering how many of this serves how many people if I got it one me scatter outsmart over here remember it’s got the garlic it’s well seasoned salt and pepper it’s got the fresh basil in it and then two shots of Parma ham just kind of angled that’s what makes it pop that’s this bit I see it and very very final spritz of really really fresh basil that doesn’t get cooked instant smartish so wait wait wait wait wait and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil that is our fancy starter sorted boom now if you thought berry starts was posh I’m about to blow your mind with this because Monterey Bay hey guess what it starts off with the same tomato sauce except this time we’re adding to it roasted red peppers capers and lemon to kind of piquancy flavors bold flavors only three of them it really transforms this dish you’re going to take a roasted red pepper slice that up okay while I this lemon into the sauce can ask a question already for those of us who think at the chef school what does piquant mean well Michael I will tell you what pecan means so I looked it up on the internet earlier if it basically means sharp and tangy flavor so you know tartar sauce it has that kind of pickled gherkin and caper kind of flavor so it’s pickling Flay yeah but capers which is that flavor that works so nicely with white fish you wanna try some I love a bit look on these are really simple they come in a jar pretty done you can make your own by roasting peppers blackening the skin taking it off don’t to get some in your mouth or not my leg they all go into our tomato sauce along with a generous handful of papers and that’s where the pecan C comes with capers often served with fish oft often server fish let me play for Spain in easily Mary 2 and Shakira who fish what PK PK football Jo now smell that immediately you transformed the same tomato sauce into something completely different and now that forms the perfect bed for us to beit’s and useful cod on so what we’ve got here Cod fill it’s already skinned and pin boned place them onto our baked seasoned with salt and pepper the zest of a lemon and the whole thing goes into an oven 180 degrees Celsius for 10 or 12 minutes ready Ben come on get it out look at this all of those fishy flavor smell that now it kind of ooze into that piquant sauce serve it with crusty bread or steamed potatoes winner that is our pecan tomato and Cod baked sort it well three salad tomato recipes and not single salad in sight impressive is Jamie food Chuck enjoys your favorite for the pizza I’m gonna go for some of this thing with that name should refresh when I start a family I would definitely make this fish dish well while we work out which of these are our favorites you guys comment down below which tomato recipe is yours or if you wouldn’t pick one of these at all then tell us what would you do with tomatoes so basically you subscribe to sorted food why we like [Music] you
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