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3 Minute Toned Arms Workout | POP Pilates TURBO

– Hey guys! Guess what? I just redecorated a
different part of the house, and look! This is our new space that
we’re going to do Pilates in. I’m super-duper crazy-excited. Do you like? It’s all pink and silver and green-themed so I really hope you enjoy
and take in the decor because interior design is one
of my favorite things to do and I love shopping for furniture now. Maybe that just means
I’m older, but anyway it’s really, really fun. So, in our new space we
have a new series for you. This is called a 3 Minute Turbo Pilates. That means it’s crazy fast. No breaks, but it’s only 3 minutes. So, makes sure that you don’t stop and you keep going hard. When you’re done, you’re done. This is great workout to
do right before a party, or maybe right before you go on stage. Just a little quick thing, but it’s intense and it’s good. Ready? Let’s get started. Before we get started, let’s make sure positioning is correct. So, shoulders away from the ears. Go ahead and open up that chest. Belly button in. Tall neck. Golf Balls! Ready? Let’s start that timer? And we are going to roundabout just like this. Squeeze your biceps, open up that chest, and never let the palms come down, okay? And I want you to go super vigorous! It’s only 30 seconds so you got to give me everything, okay? Everything! You can get stronger in three minutes. You can get stronger as long
as you keep trying, okay? 10 more seconds of here. Faster! Let’s go! (Cassey exhales deeply) And breathe. Very good. And three, two, one. Prayer Pulses. (bell dings) You’re right here. Lift. Lift. Now, see how my elbows are together. You’re going from my chin to my nose. Up. Lift. I’m feeling my back, my biceps, my pecs. Whoo! Lift. Lift. Very nice. Higher. Higher. You’ve got it. Boom, boom. Now for this, I got a
new move for you, okay? Gonna do some triceps in a Prayer Position. Good. Give me three, two, one. (bell dings) Now keep your elbows right here and lift and down. Check it out. Boom and lower. Try to touch your back. Up and down. (Cassey exhales deeply) Good. Keeping my elbows right by my head, and my hands still in Prayer Position. Gonna get those triceps, get the shoulders. Good. Whoo! It’s crazy, guys! Keeps your hands squeezing. Elbows in and forward. Good. A little bit more, guys! (Cassey exhales deeply) And one more, right here. Excellent! (bell dings) Come into your Knee Push-Ups. Here we go! No time wasted. Elbows down, and lift. Just like that. And you want to go as fast as you can. Whoo! Elbows right by your tank top. Eyes gazing at the edge of your mat. Whoo! See, no break. This is a lot different, and you want to go as fast as you can, with proper form, though. One more. Good. Should Taps. Boom. (Cassey exhales deeply) Good, come on. Nice. Try to keep those hips
as square as you can. Getting that upper body and
your core at the same time. Whoo! Good. Come on! Boom. Boom. Tap. Tap. You’re almost there. And there’s one more move! Just one more! Don’t stop, guys! Whoo! Keep going. And one more tap right here. Okay, Up Up Down Downs! Last one, let’s go! Down, down, up, up. Whoo! Boom, boom. Lift, lift. You’ve got it, come on! All right, switch right here. Here we go. Down, down, up, up. The fire is real! Finish it up! Whoo! 10 seconds! Come on! And one more. Hold it right there. Knees down and come into a Child’s Pose. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, and slowly lift up. Roll the shoulders. Okay, hold on. Let’s go to stretch the arms. Wasn’t that crazy? Three minutes, guys. That was so insane. Go ahead and stretch the
arm over to one side. Inhale. Exhale. My heart is beating fast. Other side. Bring it over. What a great way to celebrate
our new space, right? Ooh, yes. Who else likes interior design? Me! And other side for your triceps. Inhale through the nose, exhale through your mouth, and go ahead and open up that chest. (Cassey inhales deeply) Breathe. (Cassey exhales deeply) And bring it down. Very good. High five! (upbeat music)
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