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are you guys ready to burn some calories and have some fun at the same time today we have crunch trainer Jody Patterson to take us through a ten-minute to fly workout you guys ready for a party in your living room well let’s get started with to fly a 90’s house party hit it we’re going to start out with the roller mop or miss I got a record it blows the mics wonderful I’ll roll off your day roll off your Fred’s gonna have some fun getting warmed up snuff on the dole but I’m getting a static but I must be myself give me a couple more booze four and three two now we hold it here and just proof you play good music well when a passion living on our trees look nice and easy with the hits we’re going to go into a party starter I’m gonna walk back first with the right foot walk bathroom then you walk forward you can cross your arms you can do whatever you want just getting the party going this way you’re really getting your music a little bit up one more time get love with this time yeah called her March which hold the March what you doing so Six Gun start from the top roll it up 6 5 6 roll it off to the right step out together step out well it past 6 here we go party starter like it Oh whoo move it wave your hand one hand right foot move it up back it up both hands now get low what is it one more time one more time back it up in the breeze and love to step to step and you step to the right reason they don’t know what can left right – left and left at the arms taken back general steps good again it doesn’t matter how you know as long as you keep on going love it that’s all the matters have a coordination but it is fun I’m like worst case scenario you do a solo last ones harder here and watch it out and your marches whatever you want it to be if you want to just stand there you know ginge with and will your head do that cheers for three we’re gonna put it all together here we go roll it up roll em up really not a problem on swing go pursue rolling three two last one bar disorder oh it’s really not a pass typical and back end up one arm end up last time back it up oh two steps two steps two step two steps I like how this engages my core it can’t engage is everything it does really dies you know we have to add a part it’s gonna take a little bit right yeah wouldn’t be a party without shake anymore last time now and wedding and resin all wound up ready to start a party all right okay so now that we’re all warmed up we’re going to get going into the choreography and always remember you can always is so repetitious and no matter what you’re right have fun with it and you’re doing a good job so we’re going to start off with the punch and kick then start with your right foot we’re going to take a little to get the groove move into the groove with the music here we go five six punch kick so right left right in out in out in hold hold it hips five six do it again right foot and right and left and right in out in out no.5 we got it how we doing good hey five six at the arms arms go with the feet five six in out in out six one more time then we’re going to move on six seven and punch and kick punch and kick punch & kick in out in out five six we’re going to add the to fly roll to the right we have single single double single single double single single double single add a little on on and they roll now here’s your change you can turn if you want or you can stand in place big circle sit roll it one two three last time five six seven and you hope pull from the top here we go punch and kick and punch punch and kick punch and kick and out to fly roll one two three four we have option six more times and one three four five we’re going to slice and dice it and slice two three four lynx-o Oh and slice the edge three four five six do it again here we go one two boys cut it Hey that was a good move impressed now we’re going to get ready throw it away we’re going to throw all the worries away all the stress away you six three seven so you throw the right arm back so you have right left jump jump jump right left jump jump jump right left jump jump jump strike left two more times now here’s your change you can turn if you want or you can standardize my mine ruh-oh it’s a party a party in the living room anytime that’s the good thing about to fly you bring the party to you you’re working at your party for three choose from the top here we go punch and kick punch kick kick it out keep going row last time slice and dice and one two three four five six do it again one two three get ready here we go run away throw it away throw it away one two Bassel do it again oh one more last time thank you top top you please toss it five six seven grab it and move Oh cardio is getting up there heart rates elevating now remember as you lift your arms up over your head the higher you lift those arms and increase that range of motion the more your heart rate is going to go up here’s five six five six from the top here we go and punch punch and out one time for you wrong where the dollars and cents or just pocket is where the lights and I slice and dice life it one more time set aside and talk with the Ramsar now hit and one to push push one last one five six seven eight nine that last one on that seven eight I need you to figure out with your to fly polls is gonna be that’s the end of the combination and put it together we’re gonna do it twice through here’s five six five six seven here we go and punch Oh baby get your flat and out wrong you make it bit breathe slice and dice y’all give you that one throw it away you only live once I’m on top I hated the way you get your flower on the sword a capitated one because your stylist never super yellow created alright Batman you see you got me one all right here we go get ready for your pawns five six seven you get to pull that again alright let’s go down head to drop it lean over to mine that’s right mango cake running back one two again rock those tips out and hips bring it together bring your heart rate down we’re at the end of our workout I hope you had a good time and you’re always welcome to come back to the party anytime you want all right Jody thank you so much those moves were fun thank you and you can catch to fly at crunch anytime anyplace house parties always there love it thanks for watching PopSugar fitness
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