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28 Things I’ve Learned In 28 Years!

– Friends, subscribers, trolls! Today is my one hundred
and eleventieth birthday! Oh wait. No, that’s Lord of the Rings. Hmm. No, but today is my 28th birthday
and I really took the time to sit down today and think about the things that I’ve learned in my life, especially over the last
28 years of existence on this planet. And since there’s 28 of them
let’s just jump right into it. Here are the 28 Things that
I’ve Learned in 28 Years. Worrying about the future is useless. Don’t spend your time
worrying about the future, especially scenarios that
you’ve created in your head. You’ll find that a lot
of your problems go away if you’d just simply focus on the things you can deal with right now, as opposed to future problems that haven’t even happened yet. Letting go of the past is crucial. Don’t let anything that
happened in your past negatively affect who you are today. Constantly going over past mistakes or wishing that things were the same as they were back then, takes away from living right now. You’re gonna make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. You have to make things happen. Good things aren’t just
going to fall into your lap. You’re the one that has to make good things happen for yourself. Instead of spending your time
complaining about things, use that time constructively
to change things. Appreciate what you have. Before you try to attain
wealth and success, you have to first learn to
appreciate what you have. It’s been shown that
people that win the lottery that didn’t learn to
appreciate what they had before winning the money, are just as unhappy a year
later after winning the money because they get accustomed
to their lifestyle and don’t appreciate it any more. Don’t worry about things
that you can’t change. Gas prices are going to rise, politicians are going to lie. These are all just things
that are always going to be. Spend your time and energy on
things that you can change, and you’ll be a lot happier for it. Live in the moment. When you’re doing something, especially when you’re with someone, don’t worry about checking
Facebook and Twitter or anything else and just be there. Life isn’t lived on a four-inch screen. It’s lived here and now
so don’t miss out on it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Take risks and pursue your
dream while you still can. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never too late to
pursue your passion, but the younger you are the easier it is to bounce back from your mistakes if things don’t turn
out the way you planned. Embrace and improve the best parts of you. I’m not a tall dude, I’m only 5’6″. But I never went around crying like, “Damn, why’d I get my height
from my Momma?” (sobbing) I lift weights and run regularly because that’s something that
I can improve about myself. Improve what you can about yourself, and just learn to accept and
love that which you can’t. Life is way too short to
entertain negative people. Your mind will be blown
when you see how much better your life gets when you simply
cut out the negative people. Use the time and energy that you would spend dealing with them, to build a relationship with the people that enrich your life. Dream impossibly big. Never make your expectations realistic. Why would you? What’s the point of reaching
easily-attainable goals? So you can live a mediocre life? Get over the fear of disappointment and pursue goals that are so big that they would blow your
mind if you achieved them, because you might just surprise yourself as to what you can actually accomplish. Jealously is pointless. Growing up I was very jealous
of the cool kids in school because they really seemed
to just have it all. It was only later in
life that I discovered that those same people
had a lot of crap going on behind the scenes that nobody knew about. Never be jealous of someone based on what you see on the exterior, because you never know what
they could be going through in their personal life. Don’t settle. Settling for a job or a
relationship that makes you unhappy because you don’t think
that you can do any better, is just dumb. You’re already in pain, so you’re better of dealing
with the pain of change because at least you’ll
get a reward from it. Going offline once in a
while is a good thing. I recently got back from a trip to Florida where I had no instant access
to wi-fi for an entire week, and it really made me realize just how addicted I am to wi-fi. But at the end of the week I
found that it was so refreshing that I didn’t have constant access to Facebook and Twitter
and things all day. Next time you go on a trip, leave your electronics at
home and see how you feel. Learn to accept criticism. It’s really easy to take harsh criticism and just fluff it off that
someone’s trolling you, and never learn anything from it. Yes, sometimes people
will just be trolling you, but sometimes they’ll have
honest, constructive criticism. Family is paramount. My family, especially my parents, are the only people that
have been there for me through my whole life no matter what. Friends, and even relationships, come and go just like success and wealth. But only family will be
there through thick and thin. Random acts of kindness are awesome! There’s nothing better than paying for someone’s
order at a coffee shop that’s standing behind you, or topping up a meter before
someone gets a parking ticket. Believe me when I say you
get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that you made someone’s day just a little bit better. Holding grudges only hurts you. Holding a grudge against someone because of something that
they did to you in the past, only hurts you not them. You need to either reconcile
the problem with the person, or just simply forgive them. Don’t push your beliefs onto others. There is nothing worse than
someone that has a belief, and tries to convince
you that their belief is the one and only proper way to think. Believe whatever you want to believe, shut your pie-hole, and live and let live. Being active pays dividends. Getting fit has only positive effects on every aspect of your life, and only improves your
life as time goes on. Take pleasure in the simple things. Stop what you’re doing once in a while, and just observe what’s around you. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to observe
the natural beauty that’s all around us. Manners are super important. Please, thank you, excuse me, these are all words that we
all need to use more often. Reading is awesome! Have you ever read a book
and then seen the movie? The book is always better! Try new things as often as possible. New experiences and new opportunities come from trying new things. Never be afraid to try something new, because that’s what makes life fun. Keep an open mind. It’s so important to keep an open mind to what others are saying, even if you think that they’re crazy. I cannot stand close-minded
and myopic-viewed people, so I always try to keep my mind open to what others are saying, so that I never become one myself. Setting goals are very important. Goals are what allow you to know what you’re working towards, and what to focus your energy on. Without setting goals, it’s really easy to just
aimlessly drift through life. Music is happiness. Music is the one thing that
can instantly improve my mood. No matter how pissed off I get, I can always listen to music
and it always cheers me up. Don’t overthink things. When you have to make a choice, just trust your instincts. 90% of the time it’ll be the right choice. And finally, get back up when you fail. One of the most important things that I’ve learned in my
life is when you fail, get up and try again. The only difference
between a successful person and an unsuccessful person isn’t that the successful
person failed less, but rather that they failed more but weren’t afraid to try, try again. Anyways, that’s all for this video, guys. I know it was kind of
quick and rapid-fire, but I wanted to get all of those out in a relatively short video
so I hope you enjoyed it, and I’m off to enjoy my birthday. So I will see you Saturday
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