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2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! | Big Changes Coming Soon!

Two million subscribers nation! We finally hit it, it happened early this morning. I was hoping it would happen late last night, but I ended up falling asleep, but I woke up to this glorious number of two million subscribers I wasn’t sure how long it would take for this day to come but I knew it would because I have the most supportive community there is on YouTube and all my love right back to you guys. Thank you so much for supporting me especially to those of you who have been here since the beginning and I know there’s still quite a few of you around because I read your comments in the comments sections of my videos, so I mean, it’s crazy to think that this all started from me just wanting to make videos in my small apartment when I was living in New York City. You know for those of you who don’t know the channel started because I had worked in a gym my entire life and then I had just gotten off the real world so I was living in New York City and I missed, I missed being in the gym. So I thought the next best thing was to take advantage of this thing, I heard of called YouTube. Twitter wasn’t even out yet I don’t think and I just started making videos and then here we are almost what, like nine years later. We’ve hit two million subscribers we have hundreds of millions of video views but above all else we have millions of people all over the world who have reached their goals and continue to reach bigger goals and helping others along the way with the information they’ve learned here. So guys, thank you so much for all the support it really means a lot to me and even if you weren’t that 2 millionth subscriber that signed up this morning thank you to you as well. So I thought this would be a really great opportunity for me to give you guys a channel update and kind of let you know what to expect over the next few months and first things first, what’s up with the background? I know you guys have been asking me what’s going on why are you filming your videos outside? Did Erica kick you out of the house? What’s up with that? Well, unfortunately our new home is not done yet. We recently moved from Boston to Florida and the house has been delayed by almost three months now we were supposed to move in middle of a August, now it’s looking like middle of November and I got to tell you guys I was really hoping to be able to make this two millionth subscriber video in my new house, but it didn’t happen I’m not gonna let it bother me but the reason why I’m filming outside is because the lighting in this apartment even with my LEDs like facing me is absolutely terrible, and I look like I’m malnourished and I haven’t had sleep in a week. So I just got sick and tired of you guys asking me, what’s wrong? So I moved it outside, but aside from that there are some exciting things happening number one I’m when I I’m going home this weekend to actually pack up my studio and ship it to Florida I’m also gonna be driving my Camaro down, which if you want to get in on that action make sure you follow me on instagram @ScottHermanFitness because i’m gonna be storying the entire the entire way and guys. I just upgraded my car to 600 horsepower it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Anyways, I’m going back home and pack up my studio and while I’m there I’m gonna take advantage of being able to film in my buddies gym Best Fitness. I’m gonna start filming the full body program. Now some exciting news ago with the full body program is part of this program involves some conditioning workouts and I want to start bringing more live workouts to my channel one of my main goals moving to Florida was to have my gym in my house so I could start doing more stuff like this so for example, once everything is settled and built and I’m in the house, I would like to do at least once or twice a week with you guys live circuit training right in my gym, you know whether it’s bodyweight stuff or light dumbbell stuff or light barbell stuff things that you can do at home because the full-body workouts you’re gonna have to go to a gym to do, okay? But the conditioning stuff we can do at home with limited space and I think doing it live will bring an element to the channel that I wouldn’t say has been missing, but will definitely bring it to the next level and don’t worry, if you missed the live workouts the videos themselves will upload directly to YouTube as soon as the live session is over. But I’ll do my best to kind of change up the times and the time zone so that the majority of you can do them and try them so that’s coming, expect to see that and the biggest news that’s happening is the app is finally being released and it has a lot of things that it’s gonna bring to the table that’s gonna help not only my website and my YouTube channel, my Instagram grow at a much more rapid pace but it’s also gonna provide an opportunity for those of you who are fitness influencers or trying to get your content out there that produce quality content, it’s gonna provide a space for you to get some exposure as well and I’ll explain that now so this is what the app looks like right now and for those of you who haven’t joined my website You might not know this, but when you make a profile on my website there’s two versions as a gold version and then there’s a platinum version and basically the gold version allows you to use the site like a social media platform, you can make your own profile, you have a board you can upload photos, you can upload videos, you have a news feed, you can friend request people you can ask questions in my forums and you have access to all my articles and all my recipes, now the platinum version this gives you access to all of the programs on the site as well as my database of over like 500 one-off routines and exercise demonstration videos with write-ups and PDF downloads and Excel spreadsheets. It’s all very well organized All right, you guys are gonna absolutely love it. But the way the app is going to help out it’s going to give you one-click access to every single thing that I’ve ever produce. So for example, for those of you guys who are currently doing one of my programs let’s say you’re doing cheat and recover the app is gonna allow you to access all the workouts on one page and also allow you to download the excel sheets, the routine PDFs and the workout calendars and while you’re doing the workout if you have questions you can actually go to the routine or the program itself and ask your questions in the comments section to get help pretty much right away or within a few hours. My team and I are on the site daily answering questions to ensure that anybody who’s on my site knows exactly what they’re doing. Now, another thing that I do, is every single video that I post on YouTube I actually host as an article on my website as well and you have one-click access to that too. A lot of you, you know, maybe you’ve watched the video but you don’t have time to rewatch the entire video again, how great would it be to have it in article format? So if you forgot a few things you can just quickly scan through the article and figure out what you need to do in order to take the work out or the tips with you throughout your day. Well that’s what the articles does on the website and this actually is what gives me an opportunity to help you guys out as well. So if you’re a fitness influencer and you’re producing content reach out to me, send me a direct message on Instagram and I can help you get your content on my website so that it shows up in the article section or in the recipe section and for those of you who want to take it one step further now granted there will be some fact-checking to ensure that the quality of the content is high and good Okay, there’s gonna be no bro science on my site. But for those of you who are trying to get into program building for exposure I also host programs from other fitness YouTubers as well and as you can see in the program sections, I have quite a few already. So, this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while I feel like as a leader in the YouTube fitness space it’s my responsibility to ensure that not only am I continuously providing you guys with the best content possible but I’m also recognizing that there are other content creators out there as well that do just as good a job and they deserve to have their content shared as well. So I figured hey, why not make a space where everyone can come together share their content and grow as a community, because that’s what my site’s always been about, Community Growth and that’s why we’re 2 million subscribers today because we are a community we are a family and what do you have if you don’t have family? You got nothing, just a bunch of people standing around not really caring about anything. That’s not us we care about each other and we care about our goals. So really excited about that and lastly I plan to start doing more giveaways on my Instagram account. As you guys know, I’m a BSN athlete I’ve been with BSN for about nine years now and I have the opportunity to start giving you guys samples of all the new products that are coming out. We had the Syntha-6 Coldstone flavors came out. We have all the new flavors for the protein crisp bars, the cans of endo-rush which are absolutely amazing. And what I want to start to do is give more of that away so you guys can start trying this stuff out and figure out whether or not you like it, whether you want to start getting it for yourselves and your workouts. So if you’re not following me on Instagram make sure you go to my Instagram page and check that out but guys aside from all of this I’m just really excited to be at this point right now with the channel I’m very happy with how things have turned out over the last nine years. Starting my YouTube channel was a very scary thing back in the day because I didn’t know it could turn into any of this and I’m just really happy that I took that leap of faith because here we are now you know, one of the biggest communities on YouTube one of the biggest fitness communities on YouTube and we continue to grow, you know like between 30,000 to 35,000 subscribers a month. I just, I just feel so blessed and I’m very thankful. So guys, just wait for that plane to go by. So guys, thank you again from the bottom of my heart I really appreciate all the love and support and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys
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