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$2 Million Fire Breathing Robot Eats Cars!

i’m gonna drive the world’s only robosaurus it’s worth two million dollars it’s as heavy as 25 cars it spits flames it eats cars let’s do this all right guys sniper wolf is here hey guys hello friends hello friends it’s me what i’ve actually invited uh her out for today is uh a beer do you like beer i can’t drink beer i’m allergic we’ll drink beer today look at this i brought a keg so you’re not going to have any of this so i got to drink the whole thing all right sounds like a plant uh nothing like the smell of burning beer oh it doesn’t get better than that a beer drinking robot dinosaur now we’re talking [Music] all right here we are inside you have a slot for each finger and your thumb goes in here on this side same thing slot for each finger this controls the body the jaw and the pinch all right i’ll show you that jaw body pinch and then this right here guys this is the most important button this is the fire safety switch and then once that’s off this is your fire button the most epic button ever all right now down here you’ve also got to control with your both feet so this is um moving the entire uh robot back and forth like your accelerator both feet down here so everything at the same time you’ve got to operate help this is definitely the most complicated machine i’ve ever ever had to learn to operate [Music] [Music] i’m kidding me [Music] ready put them both down they’re both down yeah now she’ll go [Laughter] oh my god do it again hit it don’t do this at home with your own robosaurus yeah you need a pro like adam when you buy one of these babies you need to buy adam as well it took over 20 man years to make this right here it weighs about 28 tons and they used over a ton of welding rod in it alone and you see here it’s on wheels so what actually happens is it can fold away into a transportation truck so if you see this rolling down the street it would just kind of look like a weird truck with a tail and that actually makes it road legal that means that they can bring this anywhere really drive it to shows uh to do half-time shows or whatever else just by making it into like this makeshift trailer thank you so much to adam the professional uh driver of this baby and the owner for letting us come out here to vegas and film with this incredible one-off robosaurus right i’m out love you guys adam wife goodbye okay [Music] [Music] you
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