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small things stop and big thanks pop and press pause on that normie youtube nonsense it’s tuesday baby new epic meal time and today we ain’t playing [Music] let me tell you something about korea these bad boys don’t play around oh you like drama well you haven’t really cried until you’ve watched k drama oh you’re a straight man you don’t know that yet until you’ve taken in some of these korean boy bands and don’t even bring around that white man pogo you see what they’re doing in korea it’s like they’re taking pogos to the next level it’s like a corn dog cornholed a mozzarella stick and it gave birth to a baby you could buy for two dollars on the streets of daejeon [Music] mg pumping iron before pumping irene that’s your mom’s best friend and she’s a real swell lady got the bacon weeds back in this [ __ ] eating bacon for more muscle so we could have more muscles to eat more bacon and science the second i could travel i’m hopping on a jet to korea to lock down my skin care routine they don’t play in korea i’ll be rocking that glass skin we’re single-handedly keeping the hot dog economy going with our glizzy creations this meal will look like a rocket ship we’re send it to mars with a glick rover to discover what type of hot dogs exist on mars once the data has been collected i could deliver the first ever mars hot dog epic meal we’re making history on this channel i am endlessly fascinated by this rover on mars right now i don’t know about you all these dogs bro and epic meal time is still the best in show the pool party specials are back this time we’re going from derek’s pool to the streets once we add cheese and deep fry these [ __ ] weaving this bacon so i can fill it with tasty treats to bring to your crush and tell her you like her and then she tells me she likes me it’s a love triangle because i love you that’s the standard korean corn dog this bad boy that’s what we’re doing except now people are going to expect it to be this big but we’re really just going up to here right it’s too late you know what just keep this clip into i’ll give it to you anymore spearing this meat like king leonidas the snyder cut i’m hyped for the schneider cut talking about my dentist dr schneider he also cuts my hair poking holes like we poke funny fat titty boys at the pool r.i.p jared fat jared so fat didn’t know you were that sensitive fatso if you don’t want to be so fat then just get off your ass a bit trust me you ain’t moving around enough we taught him your patterns for this episode so now chef atari has gone full mercury rising he sees patterns everywhere and he’s made a prediction epic meal time is back perroni cheese dog pepperoni cheese dog pepperoni cheese dog all these barrels looking like a super shotgun you’re just a limp imp in the kitchen call me the dude slayer of dinner time i’m about to chainsaw the cooking game with some real deal meals boy i’m so next level right now i might have to book a trip to korea get myself a new chin you don’t want the sauce bars rocking a 2-liter chin there’s such a thing as too much power muscles glasses dripping out enough oil to protect the walls of the castle and that’s a funny thing we used to want to keep the haters out but now we want to see your hating ass how can you even hate now since emt first came out all you’ve done is hey but what have you done in the last decade you got into pegging that’s it we’re slamming together these next level coco creations that’s what some people call them cocos i won’t be calling them that again though ow ow turn to the glove tripping the south strip to dripping sound southbound south here trip in the south to contribute the sound to the dripping sounds out here so let’s lay it out there we made a standard korean cheese dog we made a pizza korean cheese dog we made a triple barrelled epic cheese dog we’re the best let’s eat next time we king kong’s ding dong foreign
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