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1st Attempt At Red Bull Soap Box Race 2022

[Music] alex is [Music] well you guys are looking super how are you feeling i’m actually a bit nervous oh don’t be nervous i’m sure you’ll be fine uh anyway this is the supercar blondie smash it guys [Music] [Music] okay let’s see the judges scores three eight and a nine getting their helmets on all the way from dubai give it up for supercar blondie that is red bull box dead in patient [Music] helmets are nearly on there beautiful wings on the helmet [Music] all right super cars let’s see what you’ve got i think this is going to be super like i said all the way from dubai they’re flying great performance score nice start alex is looking a little bit scared she’s looking a little bit nervous straight over the water that was a big impact but then keep it on coming straight over the wedge still smiling yes hand in the air yes [Music] lost a few of their wings but the car is still in very good nick 31 on the srsp camera straight over the kicker and into the hay bales 39 seconds on their finish time behind amazing work guys well done alex the red bull can break ball really does give you wings because that red bull cam was seriously flying there a little bit of a shock over the bum rattler [Music] so who’s been voting on the people make some noise if you’ve been voting ali pali on the people’s choice awards [Music] [Applause] [Music] she’s looking a little bit nervous [Applause] [Applause] [Music] we have been laughing and crying the whole way up the hill we don’t know what happened i want to see it all in slow motion i almost landed on alex’s head uh i literally flew off the seat had complete clearance and i saw the ground and then i don’t know how but i landed back in they’re flying you’re so scared oh my god my face no way [Applause] [Laughter] oh my god [Laughter] i don’t know about this did you guys catch the worm did you catch the worm at the end come on tell me they caught the worms oh i didn’t kill them come on oh they didn’t get the worm oh yeah they’re in slow motion oh there’s the red volcano [Applause] wow [Music]
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