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15 Minute Yoga Workout Forward Folding Class | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

hello it’s Leslie fight master and our class today will be doing some forward folding we’ll bring the hands together take a moment here to set an intention for your practice and then rolling forward this will be kind of about gentle our class will come into Child’s Pose I’m going to take your knees a little bit wider so your belly can rest between the thighs and either rest your head on the mat or on your hands or maybe on a pillow and just breathe here so today I’m filming this one and doing the voiceover is the last day of mercury being in retrograde so I don’t know if you’ve heard of this or not but this one three-week long period was kind of rough but a JIT extend your arms forward make your way up onto your knees tuck your toes down dog with your legs as wide as the mat and then bicycle the legs if you like with this three-week period of mercury being in retrograde some weird things happened with my cell phone like calling it just randomly called people in the middle of the night and the other thing is that I was really really forced to slow down and kind of go inward so this is what this class is about walk the hands back to the feet and then grab the opposite elbows and hang or hold on to the legs and dry yourself in a little bit deeper bend the knees as much as you need to so even if I was super motivated and tried to get stuff done it didn’t happen so I just decided that I would just slow down those were the cues I was getting and a lot of meditation the last couple of weeks walk yourself back into your downward-facing dog and stretch back next inhale plank lower slowly to the floor knees can always come down first untuck the toes inhale little Cobra keep the belly lifted toe is straight back behind you make sure those ankles don’t puff out and then press up onto the knees and I’m slowly back here into downward facing dog gazing between the knees keep the arms and the ears in the same line and we’ll walk the hands back to the feet again this time hold the opposite elbows and gently rock your side to side bend the knees if you need to and then walk your feet as wide as the mat malasana set your hips down toes and knees in line so I have to turn my toes out in order to get into this you may or may not have to but make sure the toes and knees are in line right hand down and inhale extend the left arm ups has a little twist and then just back to Center and then left hand down to the floor and right arm up little twist and then back to Center the nice hip opener but her journeys they don’t go low start to walk yourself back out into down dog inhale plank and again lower chaturanga all the way to the floor and inhale to Cobra or updog if you want to and exhale back into down dog and then coming to seated and extend the legs in front of you if it’s hard to sit up nice and tall sit on the edge of a blanket or pillow bend the right knee reach the right arm forward on the inside of the right leg and wrap it around and see if you can catch your left wrist if not hold your shirt exhale to come forward this is Mari cha sana a there’s a little bit of space between my right foot and my inner left thigh so have a little space there we roll the left shoulder back a little bit and keep pulling your left toes back to flex the ankle and draw the belly in and up back to your steady breathing neither gaze at your shin or your foot inhale to come up and exhale release straighten out your right leg and Bend the left again there’s a little space between the foot and the thigh left arm on the inside wrap it around clasp your hand or grab your shirt and come forward any amount or not let’s remember when you’re forward folding we always hinge forward from the hips and not bend from the waist so we don’t want to round our upper back as much as possible we want to kind of keep it lengthening as much as we can if the left ankle flexed gazing at the shin or the foot and then inhale come on up soles of feet together knees apart baddha konasana inhale sit up nice and tall get up on a blanket if you need one exhale hinging from the hips forward and try to come forward again with a long spine this time we will round down in a moment and we’re gonna hold this one I think for about a minute so forward folds are generally supposed to be very calming for the nervous system but when we first start to do them they may not feel so calming so just move into it little by little and he’ll come up exhale now round down the forehead toward the feet so move into the pose a little at a time just check and see how you’re feeling and acknowledge that and either stay or maybe move in a little deeper never have to go very far into a pose just how you feel stretch and then let things relax release the jaw and the shoulders release the tongue from the for the mouth and then he’ll come up take the legs wide for oop Avista konasana again sitting up on the blanket or pillow if you have one if you need one inhale lengthen exhale with a long spine come forward so again find a spot that works for you it doesn’t have to be really deep find a position that’s comfortable then gives you a stretch and then just breathe here be sure you’re not holding on to any tension if you find any try to let it go nice long breaths in and out through the nose and then slowly make your way up I’m gonna practice core Masana core Masada means tortoise or turtle so bending the knees take the legs about as wide as the mat and then you see I wrapped my hands on underneath the calves and fold forward so that’s a one variation or palms facing down sliding the legs out as you take a deeper forward fold it’s a pretty deep forward fold you can also turn your palms to face up that feels better on my elbow joints so this core Mehsana turtle it’s like a turtle in its shell so just take a few breaths here find your edge find your position that you’re going to stay with and draw yourself in like a tortoise in its shell oh and slowly make your way up and then cross at your shins rolling forwards and make your way all the way onto your belly I’m just resting here on the belly for a moment take your left ear down to the mat or onto your hands I’m just a moment to stretch out the spine bring the head towards Center forehead resting on the hands I’m gonna bring your right ear down back to Center arms by your sides and he’ll lift up your chest for a shallow boss and a locust pose keep your toes pressing down all ten of them and then next inhale lift them up keep the back of the neck long and we’re stretching out the front of the body and then release and rest to that one more time arms by your sides inhale lift everything up into shell of asana inner thighs spin up tailbone toward heels belly pulls in pubic bone pressing down lightly chest widens and come down and rest bring the hands by the ribcage inhale to Cobra low or high and then to the knees press yourself back and then sitting forward we’ll make our way on to our backs for bridge pose feet hips distance apart outer edges of your feet parallel press into the heels and lift up rolling the shoulders under or keeping the hands on the floor whatever is better keep the chin away from the chest spiral the inner thighs toward each other finding length in the front of the body and then lower down and just hug your knees into your chest keep the right knee hugging in as you exhale take it over to the left and twist look over the right shoulder and then back to center left knee and extend the right leg out and take it off to the right and twist man then come on to Center you’re gonna roll off to the right press up so that you can come on to your belly so today we’re gonna take shavasana lying on the belly I’m gonna start with my right ear onto the floor now if this is just not feeling comfortable to you then take a regular shavasana but if you have never done it give it a try can be very calming so just let everything relaxed and take your other ear down turning the head in the opposite direction our quote today is take a longer breath our quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson who said what lies behind us and what lies before us our tiny matters compared to what lies within us what lies behind us and what lies before us our tiny matters compared to what lies within us I reach arms forward and take a long stretch sometimes it’s good to slow down and go inward so that we can connect to that magnificence that we have within us and rolling to one sides and then slowly make your way up it’s up tall crossing at your shins hands together palms touch bring our hands to the forehead to remind us to have clear and loving thoughts our hands to the hearts reminding us to have clear and loving intentions on our hands to the mouths reminding us to have clear and loving communications sending out this wonderful energy to all beings everywhere namaste thank you so much for joining me today if you liked our class please push the like button and subscribe to our Channel please share our classes with your friends if you can help us with our mission which is to bring yoga to as many people as we can possibly reach because we think that yoga makes everybody happier there is a link below to send us a donation of any amount through PayPal thank you so much bye-bye
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