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15 Minute Yoga For Flexibility (Tight Hamstrings) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

hello it’s Leslie fight master today’s class is a yoga for hamstring flexibility requested by Johanna Jeske Thank You Johanna for requesting this class so we’ll start off sitting nice and tall and I want to take this opportunity also to thank you so much for all of your support for fight master yoga let’s bring our hands together in front of the heart take a moment here to set your intention for your practice and then come on to our backs so if you have a yoga strap grab it or a towel I didn’t bring a strap today so I grabbed a sweater if you host sweater that will work as well whatever you’ve got have it handy we’ll come onto our backs and just extend through the heels for a moment and then draw the right knee into the chest putting our strap or whatever you’re using on the ball the right foot now take your right hip forward it’s a right hand the right thumb to the right hip crease and draw that right hip forward and then pull that left hip up toward your head and draw it in towards the center then hold the strap any way you like you can also if you’re not so flexible just extend the leg out but keep the knee bent we don’t want to I’m sorry keep the knee straight we don’t want to bend the knee so if that means that your leg is forward that’s fine and just so long as you feel a stretch in the hamstrings but if we don’t straighten the leg it won’t ever straighten so this is my very very favorite and I believe most effective hamstring stretch it isolates the hamstring muscles as opposed to forward folds that also incorporate the lower back so this one’s great if your hamstrings are a little bit tight this is my fave so I’ll just take a couple more breaths here make sure you’re not creating any tension in the shoulder or in the jaw mm breath steady now bring your left hand to your left hip exhale we’ll open the leg to the right but don’t let the left hip pop up this time turn and look over the left shoulder you know the other day if you practiced with us on our Monday class we allowed our left hip to just pop right up off the floor which we don’t normally do but today we’ll keep the left hip grounded sometimes we think it’s grounded subdue bulchek inhale the leg to Center switch hands with your strap exhale take the leg off to the left and look right try and get that hip to move right up over the other hip so you’ll feel a good stretch maybe in your glute and your buns inhale the leg to Center one more stretch here so we’ll exhale begin to bring the knee in lift the head and shoulders up take another breath stretching it out well slowly release the head and release the foot and just notice the difference the right leg might feel a little bit longer than the left leg and that’s normal because it is a little longer we’re just stretched it out then bend the left knee put the strap or the sweater sleeve whatever you’re using on the ball of the left foot so as soon as you lift the left leg up look at that left hip wants to pop up towards your head so we want to draw that left hip forward so remember to if you’re tight make sure the knees not bent instead of that have the leg be a little bit forward so use more of the strap left hips moving toward the right heel the right hips drawing in towards Center lifting up toward the head a little so that our hips are level and just hold on to the strap with the left hand maybe wrap that strap around your whole hand for a little more comfortable position and then double check no tension in the neck or the shoulders or the jaw in just a few more breaths and Anna never matters how deep you get into a stretch just as long as you feel that stretch in the backs of the legs that’s all that matters especially the left leg now right hand on the right thigh exhale open the leg to the left keep the right hip pressing down look over the right shoulder as long as that’s okay on your neck and again making sure that we’re not letting that right hip hop up this time Riaan Hale they liked his Center and then switch hands with the strap exhale take the left leg over to the right looking over the left shoulder so last week you may have noticed our classes were in a different location we were house-sitting and this week we’re back at home and we’re in one of our favorite parks beautiful day today so a little bit spoiled in Southern California I have to admit draw the leg in toward the chest lift the head and shoulders up off the floor if you can and draw that leg in to stretch it out one last time and then I’ll release it and I do really appreciate nice weather because I grew up outside of Buffalo New York where sometimes the weather wasn’t so nice bend the knees roll off to your right side press yourself up to seated and then we’ll come on to the hands and knees and we’ll work a little on some lunges so bringing the right leg forward for a moment and then straighten that leg come on to the right heel pull the right hip back so that the hips are level left hip is coming forward lengthen on the inhale as you exhale hinge forward from the hips to come forward and link them so we want to try and keep the hips level don’t let your right hip pop out to the right and again we’re stretching out those hamstrings so hands are on the floor if you have blocks get some yoga blocks or anything you can rest your hands on to prop you up higher and you can start to work toward a split if that makes sense to you if you have blocks you can put look underneath your right thigh the back of the thigh or the hamstrings are if you’re getting kind of close to the floor but you’re not there bring your hands a little bit force or depressed into the hands pulling the right hip back sending the left hip forward we want those hips to stay level and we’ll release back into table no.1 do the other side is the left foot forward and sink the hips forward for a moment then straighten out that leg length and as you inhale exhale forward so watch that’s you don’t stick your left hip out we want to have the hips leveled you can double check with your hands you can stay right here folding over the straight front leg or it could start to extend out and towards your split but make sure especially if you’re extending out that you’re not letting your hips open so you’re squaring off the hips and the shoulders toward the front of your mat also right toes points straight back behind you and you can use a little bit Sam I’m rolling onto my left hip that’s not good I want to keep my left hip off the floor a little until it gets there and it’s been there before it comes it goes it’s no big deal and we’ll release that coming back then tuck the toes keep the knees bent stretch out the spine and then reach the heels toward the floor for down dog and if you want to bend one knee and the other here bicycling the legs that’s fine too but it’s better to bend the knees lengthen out the spine and then reach the heels any amount and maybe the legs won’t totally straighten here right now and for today that’s fine it’s good in your down dog to get the length through the spine first and then work out the stretching of the legs because we get hamstring flexibility and other poses here’s one coming up and walk the hands back to the feet inhale hands ditions lengthen exhale fold forward so if it’s hard to straighten out the legs bring your hands to your shins and stay right there if you can fold forward and keep the legs straight put the hip so he has button don’t round to the back we want to lengthen through the spine keeping the length and you’ll stick your buns out back a little bit and even a little bit up to start then hips over heels inhale press through the feet to come up step off to one side and turn your right leg all the way out back to is in line up your front heel on your back arch inhale bring your arms to a tee exhale so warrior two that’s how long we’re going to have our stance knee over the ankle wrist will be right above the ankles then shift your hips back lean forward gives much length as you can right hand down left arm up this is a great stretch for the hamstrings as well so you can have that right hand anywhere along the leg press a lot into the base of the big toe the right foot as you draw your right hip underneath you get as much length as you can from the right hip crease through the right armpits looking up toward the left hand and then look down to come up on your inhale bring the feet to parallel here we go left side left leg out bend the knee over the ankle just so that’s how long we’ll have our stance the knee lines up at the ankle so if I were to grow really long fingers they should be able to touch my ankles shift your hips back with the right lean forward take your left hand down wherever it reaches you might be the shin Mike below the knee might even be above the knee but what we don’t want is your butt sticking back and your torso leaning forward we want the torso leaning back over the front thigh press a lot of weight into the base of the big toe the left foot look down at the foot if your neck bothers you you don’t have to look up if you’re next okay look up at your right hand and then look down come on up on your inhale to parallel step or hop your feet together and turn back to face the front of your mat inhale sweep your arms up exhale hinge from your hips folding inhale look up lengthen and as you exhale bend the knees plant the palms and step back either down dog to stay or come to plank exhale lower all the way down inhale for Cobra or if it feels ok on your back up dog thighs and knees up exhale tuck the toes lift your hips up and back into downward facing dog then look forward come through and sit lie back and draw your knees into your chest keep your right knee hugging in as you exhale take your right knee over to the left side and turn look over your right shoulder for a little twist and then back to Center right leg extends and take your left knee across and then back to center tailbones reaching towards the backs of the knees bring your arms by your side your palms facing up close your eyes let your feet flip open arms by your sides your palms facing up and just relax here for what a minute and while you’re settling in I have a quote from the Dalai Lama I got to see some Tibetan monks this morning and got to hear some chanting and received a blessing and so of course it reminded me again of the Dalai Lama who is actually visiting Orange County right now so the quote says if you want others to be happy practice compassion if you want to be happy practice compassion it’s all about the Dalai Lama’s messages compassion so rest now mmm will reawaken ourselves already stretching out through the arms and the legs bend the knees rolling off to your right side and pausing for gratitude for all of our blessings and then make your way up to seat it sitting tall bring the hands together in front of the hearts we’ll bring our hands to the forehead reminding us to have clear and loving thoughts our hands to the heart reminding us to have clear and loving intentions and hands to the mouths reminding us to have clear loving communications sending out all this wonderful energy to all beings everywhere with compassion namaste thank you so much please push the like button subscribe to our Channel please share our videos if you can afford a donation there’s a link below and say hello to stone our eight-year-olds play see you later
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