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15 MIN Yoga Workout Class For The Entire Lower Body | Better Than The Gym ➤ Day 12

[Music] hi friends welcome to your malasana inferno yoga workout practice [Music] if you’re doing the 14 day yoga journey series welcome to your class 12. if you’re just joining us today for a quick yoga workout class i’m really happy that you’re here today because we’re going to be going hard and really working the lower body this is going to be a very lower body intensive practice we’re going to be fusing lots of different toning exercises with of course a nice yoga flow to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized to continue onward with your day you won’t need any sort of props just yourself and your mat so if you’re ready let’s get to it hola miamo juliana bienvenidos a la clase de yoga today’s video is sponsored by babel babel is the number one language learning app in the world with more than 10 million subscriptions worldwide since moving our entire life to costa rica learning spanish has become a huge priority in our life and even though life can get pretty busy for us having a language app on our phones and at arm’s reach to use whenever we get a minute has been crucial in helping us really settle into a new culture and a new country what’s really cool about this app is that it teaches you on how to interact and deal with real life situations even with 15 to 20 minutes a day we feel like it’s already helping us see progress in our daily communication with the local community here so if you’re like us and are looking to immerse yourself in a new language click the link in the description of this video and for a limited time get up to 65 off your babble subscription with that said let’s get back to our practice grab your mat and let’s begin alright guys so we’re going to begin today seated at the back of your mat let’s go ahead and just come into a hero’s pose where your knees together your feet are together before we get started with all our fun stuff we’re going to just rest the hands on the knees close your eyes and drop your shoulders away from the ears before we begin movement and breath and flowing we want to just um take a second and find stillness find your breath and reconnect with your breath just taking a deep breath in into your belly and exhale let it go bringing yourself into this present moment to your body beautiful your next breath open your eyes and just take a big reach up to the sky and then as you exhale what you’re gonna do here is bring your arms down and you’re gonna walk yourself forward into plank position so you’re walking over lifting your knees off the mat holding your plank position and what we’re going to do i like to call these spiderman crawls you’re going to crawl your way back towards your feet right over to the knees exhale crawl forward with four steps of the hands to plank and again four little steps with the hands back exhale forward for two bring it back exhale for three keep going so now we’re feeling the muscles and the lower body starting to engage as well as for firing up the core exhale good two more in exhale plank one more time exhale holding that plank position bring your feet together inhale exhale take your chaturanga or drop your knees to the floor for modification inhale open and stretch your body upward facing dog and then exhale push back releasing into your downward facing dog just stretch out your feet your legs take a deep breath in exhale round through into plank position next exercise we’re going to do a kickbacks modification is to bring your knee down to the floor and just work with the leg full version stain your plank ready ten times as you kick the leg back and plank two working from the glute toning your butt great strengthening exercise five stain your plank six seven eight nine ten take your flow chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog round through into plank one more set on the other side again modification drop that right knee to the floor ready let’s go for ten and down nine kick it up eight just work from the glute not from your back keep going five four three two [Music] one chaturanga upward facing dog and exhale push it back releasing into your downward facing dog just letting go our next exercise we’re going to be doing what i call the malasana hops this class is going to be focused on a lot of this malasana posture the deep open squat i’m going to show you one variation first for those of you guys want to take it a little easier i’m going to take two steps forward now if you can’t touch your heels to the floor and formal asana keep your feet a little wider if you can touch the heels to the floor bring it down malasana hands down step back into plank variation two is just to hop and up bring it down hop back into plank all right take whatever variation you need to and let’s go exhale hop or step bring it up bring it down plank position two up down hop three up down hop one more four up down hop chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog take two steps or hop back into your malasana now again you guys if you’re having trouble keeping your heels down variation roll out that mat place the mat underneath your heels you have a little more support holding this malasana just for a moment here breathing really feeling the opening in your hips just stay here you can also keep your feet a little bit wider that’ll help you not go too down far down with your hips but still be able to get the benefit of a hip opening great now keep the palms of your hands together we’re going to do a nice big extension of the legs reach up lift your heels off the floor exhale down into your molasses squat for one let’s go reach and two lift three modification is to not go down far too low with your hips so maybe you just come down halfway lift and four but still try to lift your heels off the mat so you’re feeling the work of your calf muscles at the same time as the quads and glutes you got it four more four and down three and down two one more you got this bring it down drop your hands lift your hips and then heel toe your feet so they come about hip width apart on your mat let’s just relax the body take a moment catch your breath bend your knees and roll up for three two and one inhale reach up lift up arms up exhale from here hands all the way down to the mat bend your knees step your right leg to the back of your mat into your high lunge position arms reaching up to the sky great from here we’re just going to extend that front knee on your exhale you’re going to bend both knees and hover the back knee off the floor that’s one so we reach exhale down for two reach three and four and five you got it nice and controlled six seven so both knees extend both knees bend eight nine last one you’re gonna get low hover bring the arms out to the side just breathe here guys five four get that back knee low three two one arms up interlace your fingers index fingers pointing up pump it for ten nine pulse eight seven six five four three two one extend the back knee get a little deeper into that high lunge drop the hands down step back downward facing dog awesome take a breath in exhale let it go let’s flow it out come through into plank chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog look to the top of the mat lift your heels bend your knees hop forward or step forward inhale halfway exhale fold and slowly roll up for three two one inhale arms up reach up exhale dive it all the way down halfway lengthen exhale bend both knees this time step your left foot to the back of your mat front knees bent inhale arms up reach up high lunge find your balance find your focus extending the front knee exhale bend both knees for ten nine eight [Music] seven six you got it five four get that back knee as low as you can without touching the floor two last one arms out to the side just hover that back knee five hold it there three two arms reaching up interlace your fingers index fingers up pump it ten nine eight seven six five four three two one extend the back knee you can release the hands open up your body exhale dive your hands down step back downward facing dog awesome take a deep breath in exhale round through into plank let’s flow it out chaturanga upward dog exhale downward facing dog you got it just breathe it out all right guys one last set of our malasana hops before we close off here so as you remember you can take two steps forward two steps back or do it in a hot forward hop back variation okay so let’s get into our plank position i’m going to do the hop forward hop back but you can do the steps let’s come forward malasana so again just to show you guys you can keep your legs a little wider about halfway if you want to make this a little bit easier on your hips hands down hop back for one hop forward malasana down two hop forward up [Music] and three hop forward up and four we’re gonna do four more guys finish off with a bang with me that’s five and up at six up that’s seven last one and that’s eight great job lift your hips downward facing dog stretch it out breathe it out inhale let it go drop your knees to the floor sit back into child’s pose just stretch it out [Music] well done you guys just take a moment for yourself here let go of any tension in the body come back to the breath just take a deep breath in and let it go and then slowly rolling yourself up nice and gentle up to seated position just take a big reach with both arms up to the sky fill your lungs with oxygen and exhale bring your hands over to your heart now let’s do that one more time inhale both arms reaching up and exhale bring your hands over to your heart and just gently bow down to your heart and thank yourself for your wonderful practice today for pushing your body challenging yourself in so many different ways and for doing something wonderful for your health and for your well-being thank you so much for joining me today and congratulations on completing day 12 of the 14 day yoga journey series i look forward to seeing you again [Music] namaste if you enjoy this class and are looking to take your practice up a notch when you sign up for our boho beautiful 14 days of free yoga you will receive a coupon where you can choose to experience this complete yoga and meditation program on boho beautiful official free for the entire two weeks there all of the videos are uninterrupted and ad free [Music] downloadable with a custom calendar and daily journal plus you get access to our entire catalog of exclusive classes and content all with absolutely no risk or cost to you go to boho dot life slash free yoga and start your journey today [Music] you
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