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15 MIN Power Yoga For Balance & Strength | Yoga To Energize Your Entire Being

welcome to beautiful british columbia canada today’s 15-minute yoga practice is going to be your quick and super effective way to bring more balance strength and release tension out of your body this yoga balance flow will not only help you gain more strength and focus but also give you the opportunity to bring more peace and mind and body awareness into your day so if you’re ready to get started grab your mat and let’s begin today’s video is sponsored and brought to you by blinkist blinkist is one of our favorite apps to use whenever we are on the go as it takes the best non-fiction books and condenses them down into 15 minutes of the most valuable and easy digestible information for you to read or listen to at the moment blinkist has over 3 000 books for you to choose from and lately we’ve been diving deeper into our own personal collection as well which includes you’ll see it when you believe it by wayne dyer no logo by naomi klein how not to die by dr greger and the book of joy by the dalai lama and desmond tutu this is a great app that we’re proud to recommend to anyone that is looking for a quick 50 minute refresh of their favorite books or to gain some of the most valuable key points from many other inspiring authors and books that are out there and today if you click the link below in the description of this video you could be one of the first 100 people to get unlimited access for one week for free to try it out and you can cancel at any time during that period plus as a boho beautiful viewer you’ll also get 25 off if you decide you want the full membership with that said let’s get back to our practice grab your mat and let’s begin all right friends let’s begin today standing at the front of your mat coming over into your mountain pose so feet together palms of your hands open facing towards the front of your mat let’s take this opportunity right now to close our eyes and just take a moment to find your breath finding your balance your connection to your body to your heart to each inhalation and exhalation wonderful in your next inhalation go ahead and reach both arms up to the sky nice big stretch and then exhale forward fold all the way towards the mat inhale halfway lengthen through the body exhale take two steps back into your plank position taking your chaturanga now at this time or knees chest chin if you like to take it slow inhale upward facing dog stretch out the heart exhale downward facing dog let it go breathing in deeply and allowing your sternum to fall towards the mat allowing your heels to gently sink closer and closer towards the ground with each exhalation on your next breath go ahead and lift your heels off the mat bend your knees and just simply hover the knees and then exhale extend back into your downward dog and again we just bend hover exhale push back downward dog two more times just stretching out those hamstrings and press away and again hover the knees exhale push back downward facing dog going into your wave into your plank exhale push back downward dog wave the body forward into your plank exhale downward dog continue to make this movement as fluid as possible engage in your core as you round through into your plank exhale push back downward dog now let’s wave through you into plank and then take your chaturanga inhale upward facing dog exhale push back downward facing dog let it go inhale at this time lift the heels bend your knees hop or step to the front of your mat inhale halfway lengthen exhale fold inhale standing up nice and tall reach both arms up to the sky and exhale bring your hands to your heart right knee comes to your belly hold it here and then extend your right leg all the way back as you come forward into your warrior three creating this letter t with your body now from here take your hands over to your heart touch your heart bend that front knee and then extend the arms up into your high lunge transitioning forward into your warrior three and then you step back with that back foot into your high lunge by doing this a few times so just find that balance don’t worry if you fall out this is quite a challenging movement so just do your best stepping back inhale come forward warrior three good extend the arms next to the side of your body again hold it there and then lift your body up arms up that right knee comes back to your belly and then from here grab the right ankle with your opposite hand your left hand and then begin to see how far you can extend that leg if you can’t go into a full extension that’s totally fine just do your best keep your body square if you’re in full extension your opposite arm can reach towards the back from here bend that knee and then this time place your right ankle at the very top of your left hip and if it’s within your practice your right hand is going to reach for those right toes as the left hand comes towards your heart in a mudra if keeping the bind is a little bit too much for you today you can just avoid the bind but still work on keeping that positioning in the legs beautiful finding this balance this half lotus standing posture feeling yourself grounded and supported you can always use support as well like a chair or a wall if this is too challenging for you today just focus and breathe to give you one more variation unbind the arm place both hands at your heart and see if you can keep that heel exactly where it is awesome release the foot inhale let’s reach the arms up exhale dive it down we’re gonna flow it out inhale halfway exhale step back into plank position take your chaturanga upward facing dog and exhale push back downward facing dog beautiful work you guys let’s go ahead and take it to the other side lift the heels bend your knees hop to the front of your mat inhale halfway lengthen exhale forward fold inhale standing up nice and tall reach both arms up exhale hands at your heart as the left knee draws towards your belly button from here hands can stay at your heart or at your side as you extend all the way back into your warrior three keeping your chest slow your hips are square do your best to find that balance and then to transition you’re going to bend that bottom knee step your left foot back into high lunge and then push your weight forward back into warrior three so that weight transitions all the way back into your high lunge arms reach up exhale transition the weight forward warrior three step it back arms open exhale hands to your heart warrior three extend the arms at the sides continue to hold your warrior 3 position deep breath in exhale now lift your body back up left knee towards that belly button grab the knee and then see if you can grab the outside of your left foot with your right hand and then again start to extend as far as you’re comfortable today if you’re in a full extension your left arm can reach towards the back of your mat do your best don’t worry if you can’t do a full extension just feel that stretch in the hamstring beautiful now bend that knee placing your left ankle now at the top of your right hip and then taking the bind if it’s within your practice that left arm behind your back reaches for the left toes right hand in a mudra at your heart and once again you guys if grabbing your toes with that arm behind your back is too difficult for you today just stay there and hold the foot in front of your body so you don’t need to bring the arm behind your back wherever you are just find this half lotus position find this balance this anchor through that bottom foot feeling yourself supported strong and powerful now if you’re in a bind release it and then see if you can bring both palms of your hands together in anjuli mudra keeping that heel exactly at the hip if you can [Music] staying in that half lotus posture and then bring the knee up release as the arms reach up to the sky exhale let’s dive it down into your forward fold inhale halfway lengthen exhale step back into plank position take your chaturanga upward facing dog on your inhalation and exhale push back downward facing dog beautiful work all right we’re going to challenge ourselves one more time with another balancing posture so lift the heels bend your knees and at this time you’re just going to take two steps towards the middle of your mat keep the heels off the ground we’re going to come into crow placing your knees at the very top of your triceps and then start to lift one foot off the mat at a time if you’re comfortable both feet are off the ground you’re holding your crow or perhaps you’re still learning your crow and start by lifting only one foot off the mat at a time to really practice this balance the strength in your upper body to come out of your crow you can either step back one foot at a time or take a more advanced variation by hopping right into plank chaturanga so either step back or hop chaturanga upward facing dog exhale push it back downward facing dog breathe it out you guys well done stay in this downward dog position all we’re gonna do now here is just come down into a dolphin position so a dolphin is the same as a downward dog except we’re going to drop our elbows to the mat so once you’re ready come on down with your elbows keep your hips up good stay there and just breathe really feeling this opening through the upper back through your chest good and then from here just drop forward into your elbow plank holding your elbow plank thinking about pulling your navel your belly button right up towards your back so engaging through your core building lots of strength here beautiful and then come on up to your hands and take a flow chaturanga inhale upward facing dog exhale push it back release downward facing dog beautiful work you guys from here lift the heels bend your knees and at this time hop over towards the middle of your mat and just make your way over to your seated position we’re going to come into our batakanasana our butterfly pose heels and toes together allow the knees to open lengthen through the spine open up the chest and then begin to just make big circles with your body adding as much movement into the upper body the shoulders the head the neck and then reverse the circle to the other side good so just warming up the body and the hips a little bit before we go deeper into this posture beautiful and then once you’re done at the center come on forward into your butterfly pose now remember as we fold forward you want to think about folding at your hips not the lower back so maintaining a nice straight line from the spine begin to come forward from your hips allowing your knees to fall away towards the ground feeling this beautiful stretch and opening in your hips paying attention to your breath allowing your breath to guide you to release deeper and deeper in this posture so taking an inhalation and a long exhalation as you let go beautiful from here let’s come on up and then bring your knees together extend your legs and make your way down to your shavasana closing off our quick and effective practice today with a deep relaxation giving your body and your mind a moment to settle to relax to welcome peace bliss into your body so staying here and just focusing on gentle inhalation and exhalation as you relax your entire body allowing your face to be heavy allow your breath to be soft to be slow and gentle allow your shoulders to let go and release your arms heavy at your side relaxing your glutes your thighs your knees your calves allowing your feet to be heavy like two rocks melting into the ground as you surrender deeper and deeper into your mouth at this time inhale and exhale let it go let yourself be still give yourself permission to stay here as long as you need however if you like to move forward with your day and finish off your practice then add some movement to your body now and then when you’re ready rolling over to one side and coming over into your seated position on your mat once you come into your comfortable position just close your eyes and take one more deep breath in reaching both arms up to the sky and then exhale bring your hands over to your heart bowing down to your heart thanking yourself for your beautiful practice thank you so much for joining me today i send you all my love and light namaste thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this yoga practice it would mean the world to us if you click that subscribe button to make sure you stay connected and up to date with all of our new classes and help our content rise to the top and if you’re looking to expand your practice check out bohu beautiful dot tv for our full subscription and streaming platform thanks again and we’ll see you soon you
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