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15 Min Full Body Workout For Results | Day 1: Blissful Body Bootcamp

[Music] our boho beautiful official app download it today in the app store [Music] [Applause] [Music] hello friends welcome to day one of the 15 minute seven day boot camp series so for the next seven days we’re going to be meeting for 15 minutes a day and working different areas of the body to help you build strength and really just recharge your overall strength physical well-being and rejuvenate your body from inside out so for today’s practice what we’re gonna do is actually work the entire body so we’re gonna work the body in different sections only 15 minutes i promise you it will be worth it you won’t need any sort of equipment no props just yourself and maybe a little bit of water so if you guys are ready let’s get started [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so we’re gonna start today in downward facing dog so i want you to go ahead and plant your hands down tuck your toes release the heels maybe bend your knees a little bit let’s just take a second here taking a deep breath in elongate the neck exhale out just hold for a moment we’re going to start with our first exercise which will be a variation of a plank into a tricep push-up so how it’s going to go is first we’re going to slightly bend the knees exhale push out into a high plank position drop the knees to the mat come down into tricep push-up bring it back up extend the knees into plank push back downward dog let’s continue if you want to really challenge yourself you can stay in a full high plank and do a full high push-up if that feels good down up extend downward dog and again plank and drop the knees push up back to plank downward dog you got it let’s start to connect with our breath here extend downward dog inhale plank exhale drop inhale down exhale up inhale extend exhale push back downward facing dog all right we’ve got three more of these and then we’re gonna continue work a little bit more on our upper body bring it up drop the knees down push up extend to plank back down and last time plank drop to the knees drop it down into push-up bring it back up extend into plank holding here breathing deeply pull the navel into the spine really think of your form here and just start to move your weight forward and back to really start to fire up the core four five six seven eight nine ten beautiful drop down to the knees bring those elbows in let’s do a set of eight push-ups that’s it just eight bring it down eight press up seven so again working those triceps six five if you are ready to really fire up from the start of course you can do this without the modification of the knees on the mat two and one awesome come back into plank you guys is only 15 minutes so we’re not gonna stop i want you to push yourself to your best okay so just to that limit come on down to your elbows holding this elbow plank now now you’re just gonna double tap your knees to the floor one two extend into plank that’s it one two plank one two plank so start to really feel that core firing up one two plank pull the navel into the spine make sure your back is nice and straight you’re not in any sort of arched position keep going one two last two last one you got it you guys drop it down to the knees good job all right stay on your elbows if you do want to make it a little bit easier coming up to your hands okay but i want you to remain on your knees no matter where your arms are you’re going to extend your right leg now if you are on the knees what you’re going to do is just slightly move your body forward as if you are doing an elbow plank and really begin to feel your core engaged firm here point your right toes we’re just gonna kick the leg up and lower two and three so what this does now we’re starting to really get deep into our glutes into our lower body while at the same time still continuing to fire up that core so we’re targeting two different parts of the body at the same time good just to kick lower with control try not to arch the back so it’s not about kicking the leg as high as you can and losing that form so remain with that core engaged naval to the spine just work from the glute muscle not about the height it’s about the feeling of that you’re feeling that muscle firing up four you got it three two hold it here hold the navel into the spine you got it hold it in just a little tiny pump two three four five six seven eight nine ten more ten nine eight seven six five four three two one now tap your toes to the right lift tap the toes to the left if this is getting too difficult my friends come on up to your hands and just do the same exercise with your hands on the mat okay otherwise stay in that shifted variation of an elbow plank while we get deep into those glutes good to bring strength rejuvenation flexibility you got it four more [Music] three two [Music] one awesome back to center now lift that knee and just pivot so now we’re gonna open up into a supported elbow and knee side plank and now just reach up lower the hips lift the hips up that’s it one lower and two so starting to now awaken the obliques lower four five keep that arm extended six seven eight nine last one ten now reach with that top arm all the way to the front of your mat and then kick that arm up to the sky kick your leg up and then lower both down that’s it one and two three four five six you got it my friends seven eight nine and ten beautiful lifted up hold and then drop it down come on over to your elbows reposition yourself let’s come on up into our elbow plank just hold for five four three two one drop the belly all right this is your only break i’m gonna give you one breath in exhale out just stay in your baby cobra this is a moment you can just regain that strength this is our day one i promise you your body will get stronger all of this will get easier if you just stick with me and dedicate yourself to your daily 15 minutes a day all right you guys let’s do the other side all right so we’re going to start coming back over to our first plank position this time staying on our elbows double tap of the knees to the mat one two elbow plank one two plank one two plank work that core pull the navel to the spine one two plank one two plank one two plank four more three two one awesome come down to both elbows maybe release the hands reposition your body a little bit to make sure you’re nice and square again my friends come on up to your hands if it’s just getting too much on the shoulders otherwise i want you to stay on your elbows then we’re going to bring your weight forward tuck your back toes underneath extend your left leg out navel to the spine so again to make it more challenging bring your weight forward you’re going to kick that left leg up and lower down that’s it kick and two kick and three and even just with this very slight repositioning of our weight staying on the elbows with the weight forward not only are we forcing ourselves to engage the core but you’re also going to really feel this in the shoulders so just from this one exercise we’re actually doing a full body toning here shoulders core and glutes you got it kick with control always modify if this gets too much remember you got to listen to your body set your own expectations that your own limitations last four three two hold it up and just give me a pulse two three four five six seven eight nine you got ten more ten nine breathe eight seven six five four three two one from here tap to one side of the mat kick tap the other side of the mat that’s it tap and tap tap and tap just be very mindful of your positioning feel this in the glutes feel this in the shoulders feel this in the core you got it tap tap last four and three two one you got it back to center feel free to drop that leg now lift that bottom foot come down onto your right shoulder and let’s pivot and open yourself up into a supported side plank i’m just going to do a quick little flip over here so you can see my front and not my back all right so we’re going to hold it here first very easy just waking up the obliques lower and lift that’s it lower and two lower and three lower four five you got it six seven eight good last one i want you to hold hold hold now reach that top arm all the way towards the front of your mat kick the arm and leg up and lower that’s one up and two up and three four five six oh good job seven eight nine last one hold it just pull the navel to the spine hold five four three two and one drop it down well done you guys all right from here i want you to come right over towards your hands and knees position again we’ve got one last exercise to go we’re going to finish this off with the bang high plank position you’re going to go ahead and touch your right elbow with your right knee left elbow with your left knee hop towards the center come on up you’re going to do a nice big deep chair squat then from here elbow to knee elbow to knee that counts as one bring the hands down jump right into high plank and we do it again let’s go elbow to knee elbow to knee hop forward squat it down bring it up twist and twist feel free to go faster feel free to slow it down one two hop forward and squat and twist twist bring it down plank one two hop forward and up chair squat bring it up twist and twist you got it you guys give me only four more of these good forward up squat up twist and twist working the core working the shoulders and the lower body again full body workout here and also a little bit of that heat build up through some cardio one two up forward up squat up twist twist you got it last one you guys one two hop forward up squat it down bring it up twist twist bring it down hop back into your plank position and last 15 seconds go one two three four five six cross elbow to knee elbow to knee and eight seven six five four three two one drop it down oh and you’re done good job you guys all right come on down into a little child’s pose come on up well done that was it in and out you guys worked your entire body i’m so proud of you take a second to come back to your body calm your body down and we’ll see you tomorrow thanks again thank you again for joining me for this full body workout i hope you feel amazing right now i sure definitely broke a sweat in that 15 minutes um i just wanted to let you guys know that day one and day two will be available here for you to enjoy on youtube however the rest of the bootcamp series will be available on our boho beautiful official app and streaming platform the great thing about all of this is that this is a seven day challenge and we offer a seven day free trial on our app and streaming platforms so all you have to do is either go to the app store download our app or click the link below in the description of this video and go directly to our streaming platform sign up stay for the seven days join me every single day for 15 minutes a day and then see how that feels for you there’s no risk at all if it doesn’t feel well cancel any time or maybe you’ll enjoy some other of our exclusive content that resonates with you and that could be a beautiful addition to your life either way thank you again and i’ll see you in our next class [Music] you
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