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[Music] i’m originally from laurel i’m trying to move back and this is very much my hometown so i’m excited to get back to that it’s really encouraging to us to see more and more young people who want to live in a small town like ours i am very much like i love historic older architectural features i love that they’re looking for a house with some history so we’re hoping our like all in total budget could be 120 000. which for a young couple that’s awesome that’s great and in laurel it’ll go a long way this is the harper house and gertrude and jw harper were the first people to live here back in 1928 awesome it’s three bedrooms three baths two thousand square feet and you should be able to get this one for 55 grand oh wow that’s not bad yeah it’s a good price it’s great yeah it does have some weird trim it has a weird railing that looks like maybe it was added to keep a pet enclosed yeah you don’t cause it just yeah i like that there is a porch though yes it’s a heck of a board just a big yes so this could be perfect i think we can fix the outside oh my goodness that looks like a different house yeah so right now there are a lot of columns on the front of this house and the weird thing is that columns are blocking the windows yeah so if we removed some of the columns and reconfigured where they were spaced painting out all the brick white and new front door and a new light fixture and i think this house would be really charming i love the front of it i can see that nothing is still here from 1928. yeah i could see that it looks like as well what this room would be used for well i see it becoming a living room new flooring new paint new lighting because i really want to put the focus for you guys in the back of the house [Music] um here’s the kitchen it’s um i heard 1928 and got so excited i was like there’s going to be so much historical charm but i’m very disappointed with there not being as many architectural features from the 20s and the fact that there is a full bath i was going to mention that right next to the kitchen table let’s talk about the walker house mabel and dexter walker were the first people to live here and then they lived here for 35 years the house is three bedrooms two baths 1500 square feet and it’s listed for 50 000. a little less money a little more to spend i felt like it would work really well for you guys it looks kind of like a dollhouse i love the the little what are these things at the top dormers dormers lots of people call them dog houses don’t call them that i don’t love that the porch is so small yeah i know you guys want a big porch so what if oh my goodness i love that and it’s something about the scale of these dormers seems out of proportion so i think if we just brought that roof line out and gave you a really big front porch we keep all the siding and just paint the whole house and stained wood front door i love that wonderful look at these floors i love it i like the hard wood yeah wonderful yep and the fireplace i really love the fireplace so just imagine that the floors were refinished and the paint was all new ceiling and all yeah this could be you even notice the gracie how did you not notice that i don’t know let’s keep going so the dining room is pretty good look at the paint that’s a little bit rough oh wow it’s really really strange this is where renovations have happened a little something here a little something here this one’s actually pretty cool yeah this is to me the best thing about the kitchen so this is an old hoosier cabinet yeah and used to kitchens wouldn’t have as many cabinets and counter spaces and so you could buy pieces of furniture this is pretty cool these were made in indiana it’s really neat i’m not sure i understand the layout the way it is but what i do know is everything you need is here i mean the plumbing is here you’ve got good sheetrock all brand new so here’s i’m just gonna this way i can get both of you i’m gonna go back and forth okay so the walker house it’s listed for fifty thousand dollars but 120 thousand dollars all in and you got a great house with some historic charm yeah so are you kind of leaning towards it feels kind of like you’re leaning towards this one we love the historic charm and as far as landing goes we’re doing a lot of it literally yeah literally yeah um these houses are great but as far as you know actually picking one um we have this house it’s my family house it’s my childhood home i grew up in um you know i don’t think we could with a clear conscience buy another house that isn’t our home without at least trying this one after katrina hit it just um it kind of took a big blow the whole neighborhood did and houses around have been torn down so that’s part of our hesitance to mention it to ben and aaron is in good shape it’s been neglected for the past decade i’d say at least if y’all would even be willing to look at it we would love it man we we love like in an old house yeah we’re nosy it’s got pretty architecture it’s easy to overlook the gable is beautiful but it’s up high you just don’t know in 1905 when the house was built these columns were just for a porch and sometime before my family bought it it was walled in cosmetics are easy to fix yeah i mean cosmetically i would love to open up the porch again yeah absolutely the way it would have been originally it’s mostly worried about foundation and and with 120 000 you know this was an inherited house there’s no purchase price like all right all in budget would be for renovations a lot further than 70 which is kind of like what you had to work with with other houses as you can see it definitely needs some work in this front room the fire room is the worst though babe maybe you shouldn’t walk on it it’s pretty soft all around and i’m seeing i mean there’s a hole we always call this the blue room the blue room yeah the coppered ceiling yes so super high ceilings i guess it’s supposed to be like a formal dining room but we would love this to be more of like i don’t know like a music type of space you know our records the record player things like that like an entertainment type of space so this right here is the living room this room is gorgeous yeah i love it it’s huge i like how open it is in here too yeah there’s no rot in here this looks like good my dad was actually in the process of fixing his house up when he passed away so that’s one of the reasons it’s pretty bad in here but it’s a really small space where’s the kitchen we have to go back through this way okay going back through the maroon room back through the blue room and this is the kitchen this is uh [Music] ceiling’s a little strange i don’t think you need a checkerboard on your ceiling we watched beetlejuice a lot when i was yeah maybe it had something to do with that beetlejuice we’ll just be honest weird that there’s no windows that’s in the interior of the house but this could be a back porch behind this wall right yeah exactly because originally that was exterior yeah this is what i can tell you you give us 120 000 and we will do everything we possibly can with that and that’s really all we’re asking yeah how’s that i think that’s more than fair that sounds great yeah jenna lost her dad when she was young yeah she was just a kid i mean she’s still a kid she’s still so young and to have this one thing this one special thing this house that belonged to him and her when she was growing up it was just the two of them i don’t care what it takes we’re gonna do it i’m pumped about this house she said that when the house was built it was a porch then it was a room and then jenna’s dad was making it back into a room and closed the kitchen off needs to be a porch what it was always meant to be go towards the light chase i’m happier already look at this y’all you almost see the park just breathe in that fresh air [Music] what do you think five new windows we’re done well i mean we still got to do the signing yeah but we’re done with the windows no i need to put one in there jeez chase way to call attention to my panty work we’ve got a little of an unusual color situation with this house okay on the side and on the front is gonna be white this is where the white will stop this is almost a a dark brown green gray color look oh yep it actually used to be almost the color we’re going back with oh yeah yeah that’ll be cool it is a huge transformation maybe one of the biggest we’ve done [Music] you all are miracle workers on in the yard here that looks that looks good listen it wasn’t easy it has like the the structure of a historical house but the like cleanliness of a new one i love it we kept your original front door that was inside yeah cleaned up the original old window and this two-tone color palette i think is what makes this house feel so so unique compared to other historians and you got the darker colors that you love on a house like the warm inviting and i got the like white modern clean green chair gosh this isn’t the same house look at the bookshelves so these are the original bookshelves we put a face frame on them yeah oh my goodness oh my goodness you can see the column through the wall oh yeah we decided to keep those oh there’s a couple of my paintings like i think white white white everything perfect a clear mind we enlarged those windows out of the window here and this wall wasn’t here yeah it was all inside oh my goodness it looks so good i love that y’all kept the french doors the same color oh my goodness the armoire look yeah yeah the armor it’s the green yep ben and i did that together we sanded it and painted it oh my gosh this is my dad’s armor i used to play hide and seek in here just uh in the fire the fireplace that’s the original tile wow it looks so good look at the backsplash look at the backsplash wow there’s light in here you can see and the countertops pulled up all the flooring put down new decking right here it was a drop mm-hmm the door yeah there was a door right over there you fell yeah when i was a little girl me and my dad were playing hide and seek and he was coming after me and so i ran out of that door and i fell and i broke my nose and took this tooth now we have a rail around the back porch hopefully she won’t fall and break her nose again you
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