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12 Minute Flat Abs At Home! Burn That Belly Fat With Dani! Beginners Ab Workout, No Equipment

[Music] hey you guys thank you so much for coming back to the second workout of this 30-day challenge I am so ready to give you some more exercises that are going to change those ABS into fab abs so let’s get started with the second workout okay guys so we are going to get started with some regular crunches and we’re gonna have a one-two pause at the top so let’s get started lying down on your back feet flat on the floor and we’re gonna go ahead and crunch up hold one two at the top and then release so let’s go one two at the top and release exhale up two and release really really going to isolate these muscles by holding at the top I want you to think about pressing that lower part of your spine into the floor and engaging those ABS as you’re at the top don’t forget to breathe in the nose and out the mouth go and straw because we’re strong getting stronger with every crunch we do then closer to seeing those abs every workout we do [Music] we gotta work hard to get what we want keep pushing and bold that one to pause at the top try your best not to release it too soon awesome job so now we’re going to go into some bicycle crunches so we’re gonna stay right here on our back we’re gonna lift the legs extend one and bring one in and we’re gonna alternate bringing our opposite shoulder to opposite knee full extension of the leg in and out keep those shoulders off the floor the entire time and really focus on squeezing those ABS really really reach over you want to get as much range of motion through that core as you possibly can [Music] go in strong personal bests try not to take a rest in this 50 second work interval you need to speed it up or slow it down feel free to do so [Music] Koen strong squeeze squeeze squeeze haha awesome job you guys okay so we’re gonna stay right here but we’re going to kind of widen our feet to about the width of the mat place your arms at your side and you’re gonna slide and reach your hand down the side of your foot leaving your neck and shoulders off the floor it’s far down your foot as you can reach from side to side really targeting those those obliques right now going strong shifting side to side squeezing squeezing as hard as you can mmm I feel it do you feel it [Music] if you need to rest your neck feel free to do so oh there we go all right legs up straight into the air you can place your hands under your butt for some support and we’re gonna just lift and lower that butt for reverse crunches you need to modify you can bend your knees like we did in video 1 I fill up we hit those ass please please think about trying to push the ceiling off of you that’s how you want to push with your legs straight up not behind you but straight up and squeeze those ass [Music] [Applause] [Music] unless they’re going strong keep pushing whoo all right now we’re gonna flip it over for knee tucks all right so you’re gonna get into the plank position hands and toes and what we’re gonna do here is just drive one knee in at a time okay squeezing those ABS keeping your belly button pulled into the spine and here we go [Music] squeeze squeeze squeeze those ABS make sure your shoulder is over your elbow and your elbow is over your wrist nice straight body line here squeeze those ABS squeeze them squeeze I’m mine on your muscles and your muscles on your mind [Music] going strong you’ve got this you can and you will [Music] breathe breathe breathe breathe and squeeze breathe and squeeze [Music] bula that’s one round done one to go back to regular crunches don’t forget we’re pausing at the top for one and two and go [Music] don’t forget that pause you got this you got this the hardest part right now getting it up make sure if your hands are on your head you’re not pulling your neck you’re just using those abs to bring the shoulders off the ground you know momentum nothing but that core [Music] going strong do your best we’re almost there ah we’re there yay all right bicycle crunches our next remember we’re going to extend one bring one in and go much range of motion as you can [Music] going strong side to side just riding that bicycle you got this doing great keep it up [Music] almost there push push push personal best everyday all day [Music] go on shore go on Sean squeeze squeeze squeeze ah yes all right side to side oblique crunches here we go widen those feet to the width of your mat pants to your side and go [Music] push it push it try to reach far down that foot if you can I wouldn’t suggest carpet because you may get a rug burn [Music] oh it burns you guys the burn is so good come on keep going we got this we got this I tried not to rest but my abs said they need it a little you got to listen to your body you guys listen to your body [Music] hi no joke right here yes all right reverse crunches like that think about those feet being dorsiflexed meanings at the bottom of your feet are facing the ceiling up and down push your not ceiling off of you [Applause] [Music] going strong how many reps can you fit in while maintaining that proper form [Music] you got this you got this we use that lower abdominal region push through it you got this we’re on our last set of these so just got to make it through this one one more exercise and then you’re done and if you hear some weird little Tooting now that noises it’s not me my Matt all right here we go last exercise you guys knee tucks losing my my speaker all right tuck those needs abs in tight try to get that knee all the way to your chest if you can as far in as you can the closer you get to your chest the more you’re gonna activate that core okay [Music] going strong you got this beast mode baby [Music] squeeze it squeeze it to achieve it you got this you got a hustle for that muscle you guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] almost there push ah and we’re there [Music] awesome awesome job you guys you made it through the second part of my 30-day fab abs challenge and if you haven’t yet subscribed to psyche truth you better do so so that you can get the rest of this series but if you’re ready and willing to start this full series right now you can find it on Amazon and the psyche truth app we’d love to have you join also if you have questions comments concerns anything that you want to ask me or share with me please leave those in the comments below and follow me on my social media links also provided for you you guys have a happy healthy day till then I’m Danny with hundreds of videos that you can stream on virtually any device to help you reduce stress lose weight or just improve your health and well-being overall at wellness plus TV we are dedicated to helping you on your health and wellness journey join wellness plus TV to find hundreds of videos to help you improve the health of your body and your mind wellness plus dot TV get well feel better [Music] you you
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