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hello everyone this is Nick Hodges and something amazing has just happened I looked at my subscribers today and I have now reached over eleven thousand subscribers eleven thousand that’s the size of the orc army and Lord of the Rings it’s just a number but if you put that into perspective with this image it really blows my mind it used to take me a few months just to gain a thousand then recently it’s been a week and now it’s almost a single day I have no idea how this is all happening all of a sudden but it’s all because of you every single one of you have made my day this is one of the happiest times of my life history buffs has been an idea of my since 2013 and for years I was just sitting on it wondering whether people would be interested in seeing a show that basically analyzes historical movies and sometimes makes fun of them things that are essentially nitpicking and yet would be educational at the same time a show like this on YouTube a website where the most popular channel seemed to be the exact opposite of what history buffs is all about I figured when I started this channel that it would be now take me at least a year to reach 10,000 subscribers and that was me being unrealistically hopeful and yet you have all made this possible within just several months I can call myself a youtuber now so awesome okay okay I’m gonna shut up now otherwise I’m gonna keep rambling but I just wanted to do this video to show to show some way to express my appreciation so I’m gonna answer some questions from the comment sections of some my previous videos if you fancy getting your questions answers in the future please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this comment section and they could be anything you want whether they are regarding history or something about my personal life like how I make the show or what did i do before this and etc okay so the first question comes from Garrett Smith who asks me do I have any historical figure that our idealized growing up or when did I start getting into history well thank you very much Garrett I’ll be honest when I was younger I idolized Alexander the Great simply because he’s uh he’s a very attractive historical character you’re talking about a guy who achieved something that was thought to be impossible I mean you’re looking at a guy who at the age of around 25 had conquered almost the entire known world so that kind of puts your life in perspective but as I got older and started learning about the real Alexander and not the legend you start to find out that he definitely has some unredeemable qualities I could go into further detail but you know what you might as well wait for my review of Alexander I’m currently writing the script right now and it’s coming out after my next episode which will be Waterloo and guys for Waterloo I think you’re gonna love it it’s gonna have a little homage to the channel at the very end of the episode so hope hope you guys really enjoy it when it comes out okay so the second question comes from Harrison MacArthur who asks me will you ever do an episode on Saving Private Ryan or any other World War two movie like tora tora tora Band of Brothers Midway etc this is a question I get asked a lot and the answer is yes of course I’ll review World War two movies in fact I’m particularly looking forward to reviewing a bridge too far which I believe to be one of the very best World War two movies of all time it really gives you a sense that the battle not just from an individual soldiers perspective but from the Allied commanders we see Americans British polish soldiers it really gives you an idea that this is a war fought by many nations not just America so let’s just say I’m saving my World War two review for a rainy day the next question comes from Aires hull who asks if you can make a movie about a historical character who would you pick and why maybe someone who’s just not received enough attention by a movie or someone who’s been done a great injustice in its portrayal in a movie uh that’s a hard one if I had to pick I think would have to be Atilla the Hun I haven’t seen a single movie that betrays the the hunts correctly in fact I just watched this abysmal movie called the tiller the other day that has Gerard Butler putting a tiller in it and what annoys me is that the hunt in that movie are all essentially white which is infuriating to me because the Hunts were nomads from the Asian steppe they were more like a mixture of different cultures and races they forced on horseback with bows and arrows which was totally different from how the other barbarian tribes in Europe fought and how they’re portrayed in the movie their way of fighting was actually very similar to how the Mongols fought there are some theories that they might have come originally from that part of the world and they might also have been kicked out by the Chinese but of course that was centuries before Attila came onto the scene and they had essentially assimilated into the cultures that they had crossed along the way the final question comes from Jackson crook who asks me do you have any historical degrees just wondering the honest answer to that question is no history was one of my favorite subjects in school but my real passion lay with film I went to film school and got two degrees in filmmaking and writing so when I thought about doing my own YouTube channel I thought I could use what I learned in film school to do a show involving history I’m basically what the title of the show is a history buff I’m definitely not an expert in history but it is something I am genuinely fascinated by and because I love films also I thought I could combine these two passions in mine and when I looked on YouTube at the time they didn’t seem to be many shows like this one so I thought that could be my niche thing to source to sort of a stand from other film review shows that are all trying to do the exact same thing to be honest I think if I was just doing a regular film review show I would be having a much harder time in making a YouTube as a career okay so that sums up the the Q&A part I’m gonna get back to writing my on a review you guys are gonna love it but keep an eye out for Waterloo it should be coming out in a few days I thinking I like it so once again thank you all so very very very much for your support I’m really excited to see how this channel goes and I’m gonna carry on providing you guys with the best quality content I possibly can thank you all so very much
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0rkfV01ttQ

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