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100 Rep Abs And Obliques Workout – Fitness Blender’s 5 Minute Abs Workout Routine

this is fit to splinters 100 rep abs and obliques workout in this workout routine were me going through five different exercises for 20 repetitions each for a total of 100 repetitions we’re not going to be using any equipment for this routine except for an optional exercise mat so let’s go ahead and get started our first exercise is the mountain climber rotations going to come up to that full plank position start them up you want to kick that foot underneath you try to rotate those hips as much as you can at the same time keeping those shoulders pretty much parallel to the ground tuck that knee underneath you as far as you possibly can get a good full extension on that legs you kick it out to the side rotating those hips then drop right back into that full push-up position as quickly as you can this exercise is predominantly for your abdominal muscles and those obliques but you’re also be feeling it quite a bit in your hip flexor the front of that hip and the top of your thigh that quadricep just keep that motion going nice and clean trying to get a full extension every single time rotating those hips as much as possible we’re almost done and let it relax is going to move in the next exercise the diamond chop crunches go ahead and get ready and startup you want those feet together those knees kicked out to the side those feet is far enough away from you is you need to to get those hands down between those legs without actually hitting those feet so you’re going to bring those legs up with those knees kicking out to the side the same time as bring those arms over top of your stomach swing those arms in between those legs get a nice crunch trying to feel like you’re bringing your hips up and your shoulders up at the same time kind of folding in half you want try to reach through those legs as far as you can with those arms get a really nice crunch on those abdominal muscles you’re going to feel it’s quite a bit in those abdominal muscles really really intense burn on those ABS you crunch in and feel it quite a lot in those lower abs as well as those upper abs because you’re lifting those hips and those shoulders at the same time you’re also going to feel s quite a bit on the inside of that thigh and the front of that thigh from the angle you have those legs turn from lifting those legs up you’re almost done so last one right there let’s go to switch to our next exercise just a traditional crisscross crunch hands behind your head one leg up bring that elbow down to that knee if you want the harder version don’t let that knee come in pass that hip joint if you do those ABS get to release a little bit they get to relax a little bit you don’t have to work anywhere near as hard to get that elbow up to that knee so just focus on the hardest version you can we’re almost done and let it relax alright go ahead and switch out to the next exercise which is a rotating jackknife crunch go to a full extension on that body and start them up this leg going to come straight up and you’re going to crunch those hands the outside of your legs off to the left side and then as you lay back out straight you’re kind of rolling those shoulders off the right just a little bit then come right back up again to the outside of those legs off to the left rotating the shoulder blades up off the ground as high as you possibly can now you want to try to keep that lower back it’s flat against that mat as you can the entire time especially when you extend those arms and legs out in opposite directions that lower backs and want to lift up so try to press it down as tight as possible alright we’re switching to bring that crunch off to the right side this time so start up again bring this leg straight up over top of those hips then crunch those arms across to the right side of those legs get a nice tight squeeze rotating those shoulders as much as you can and slowly let it back down before you come right back up again remember try to keep those legs straight possibly can those arms as straight as you possibly can you want all that motion coming from your hip joint your shoulder joint and those abdominal muscles crunching those shoulders and hips together almost done is your last repetition right here and let it relax all right it’s going to move on to our next and last exercise the reverse crunch those hips up hands flat against that mat rolling those hips up off the ground as high as you possibly can you want to feel like you’re pulling those hips in towards those shoulders in that chest as tight as you can as close as possible the same time as keeping those knees as far away from your chest as you can so as you crunch in you actually want to pull those knees those thighs away from you just a smidge to make that weight stay down those hips rather than bring up over top of that chest and making those ABS not have to work so hard so keep those legs away from you but really squeeze those hips in and we’re almost two more repetitions your last right here and let it relax all right good job this workout is complete you just finished fitness blenders 100 repetition abs and obliques workout
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