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100% Edible Hydrodipping!

in today’s video once again we’re going to see if we can hydra dip food this time we’re going to try it with ice cream [Music] [Applause] guys we’ve done several videos involving hydro dipping adding a layer of color on top of some sort of bath of liquid that you then pass an object through and as it passes through the color all sticks as a film to whatever’s going in there and you get a really cool effect painting all the way around something that would normally be really hard to paint i think our most recent one that we did actually involved food where we hydro dipped a cake yep that one turned out pretty interesting it was a bit odd to use what we were using for hydro dipping we had to do it like on a bed of corn syrup normally it’s water and spray paint that’s that’s the most common version but that’s not edible it’s hopefully not i wouldn’t eat it here’s the basic idea you may have had ice cream covered with a yummy candy shell today we’re going to see if we can make our own version of that candy shell and in lots of fun swirled colors so today we’re going to try to hydra dip ice cream and the idea came from if you’ve been to a dairy queen or similar places where they take your ice cream and then they dip it into a bath of chocolate or caramel or cherry some flavored stuff pull it out and it solidifies as this candied shell and i thought maybe we can do that but with multiple different swirls of color so this doesn’t technically count as chocolate like sometimes you think of candy melts as being chocolate chocolate substitute i think maybe yeah it’s designed to imitate the consistency exactly and one of the main ingredients in this is just oil different types of oil so it melts down really nicely but here’s the thing even these when they’re melted down despite the high oil content they don’t float on water however what does float on water is coconut oil which also does a really good job of solidifying at lower temperatures like the temperature of ice cream so what we’re going to be doing is mixing some coconut oil with some melted candy melts to get something that will float on the surface of water and still make a good hard shell after it solidifies on some ice cream okay so to start out i let’s just let’s pour out some coconut oil and then let’s start melting our different colors and we’re basically just going to add the colors a little bit at a time until we have a good color but something that still floats on the surface of water okay i like to throw the ice cream in the freezer while we do that so it doesn’t get too soft here’s one of our candy melts and this is just a cup of water and it just sinks right down to the bottom but if i get a little bit of coconut oil see that just floats nicely at the top it does not fall down through the water so what we’re trying to do is get a mix that has color and flavor enough that it will stay in there but not so heavy that it sinks to the bottom of our container i like the flavor and the smell of coconut but i don’t like when there’s coconut fibers in things like candy bars or ice cream fair yep i’m with you there okay well we have some color in here but i think we can do quite a bit more before it stops floating on water and we’re basically just going to add a little bit at a time we’ll get to a point where the colored oil will drip as it drips it’ll go down into the water and it’ll slowly float its way back up and we can’t add any more color after that or it’ll just stay sunken at the bottom all right so i’m going to start by pouring a little bit of plain coconut oil onto this and let it spread out over the surface of the water then we’re going to try and add our colors into this scoop up some ice cream and see if we can hydra dip it down through here when we’re doing this with spray paint our usual method has involved spraying it in the middle and then alternating colors just continually spraying in the center dot and it sort of spreads out in a really cool staggered pattern of the different colors and i want to try doing that as our like first test i feel like the colors are going to mix a little more it’s what it’s looking like it could be i did a couple of test strips and after it soaked through it spread out quite a bit to the point where you can’t even see it in here anymore i think we just need to be a little more patterny we’re just going to go crazy with our patterns here and see how it turns out the other thing you could do is drag a stick through it to make a pattern but i’m kind of getting that result yeah you really are just the back and forth here i’m like all right let’s see if we can get this on our ice cream it looks like it’s working clear me a space ah we lost it dang it i mean that really kind of looks neat looks like watercolor ice cream but we uh it’s not enough color so let’s and it does solidify okay we’re getting a good shell yep yeah this is interesting like it sinks down and then just pops slowly back up to the top so it’s interesting it gathers together much less like the individual blobs stay individual a lot more in this one without the coconut oil but i think because of the additional corn syrup and sugar it is still floating really nicely like none of it has fallen down to the bottom i think we’re pretty much ready for a dip if you are yep all right well go i’d say just kind of right in the middle go slowly down in and let’s see if we can grab that shell it’s kind of pushing away from it in some places here hang on while it’s down in i’m just gonna so when you pull it back out maybe it grabs a new layer ooh you’re getting some fun swirl patterns on that i left some ice cream yeah but that looks cool all right so slow and steady is the name of this game i’m gonna go quick and see what happens still good it’s less pat you got like the swirls on yours i got on mine not a crunch it’s a more of a soft shell instead of a hard shell but it’s definitely there this one’s got like three layers on it i’m gonna see if i have any sort of crunch yeah i have the crunch vanilla coconut that’s really good all right you ready yeah i’ve just got this weird blob here in the middle with some blue they’re off to the side there you go wait keep doing that’s me what if we put some yellow streaks through it or that’s actually blue blue green and yellow all right let’s try some blue green and yellow that’s a good combo [Music] that’s so swirly you can see distinct colors in that that’s pretty cool i like that i like that a lot fresno strawberries and cream bars which looked nothing at all like the picture i just want to point out expectation versus reality here uh my concern is that i want to eat this all right well i’m just gonna put it in this ugly mess swirl that looks like all of the parts to make a italian pizza see what kind of results i get ooh just as ugly as i thought it would be although it does look nice and marbled like you are getting the marble swirls the coconut flavor goes really nicely with the strawberries and cream though good yep ooh good marbling it’s the most marbled ice cream i’ve ever seen by a wide margin that’s really cool okay i’m gonna add some white over here and then try and add some color onto it and we can try and dip our frozen strawberry on it all right we’ve got some green and white we’re gonna dip a frozen strawberry in and see if this works for dipping fruit got some swirls it looks like a moldy strawberry it does look like a moldy strawberry the green and white was not a great color combination for this particular application all right now this will be interesting because mochi comes with this layer of yeah it’s powder i was wondering if it’s powdered sugar but it’s just flour outer layer of flour you got some spots the flour made it not stick in like one spot okay a little bit of swirly colors i like it i like it i’ve made a thing those are some fun colors alright so this does not work as well as say spray paint on water but it does work like we got good dipping results with ice cream popsicles worked great because you know they have the built-in handles like you were saying that’s helpful this is now dripping a little bit because it’s just been sitting out as we were taking some photos and video of it but it worked well it’s got a nice shell it crunches crunchalicious overalls works and it’s definitely something you can do at home we kind of scaled it up more than you need to yeah you do this with a smaller bowl of water and you know like like the mochi it works great yeah um making your own sort of like swirly marbled tie-dye popsicles i think is really kind of cool and adds a fun little dimension to this so it’s definitely something you know you got kids at home you want to say like hey not only is there a treat but there’s an activity to keep you busy for a while you know parents should love that and then the kids should love it because they get to like custom make their own popsicles so long as you don’t have kids like me at home who leave the ice cream upside down on the counter when you’re done not really helpful no guys that’s it for today but you know we’ve always got new great stuff coming out hit that button down there subscribe to the channel that way you’ll never miss a great video and we’ll see the next one talk to you then [Music]
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