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10 Sinister Criminals With Paranormal Backstories

– Some criminals live on
the cusp of normal behavior looking into an abyss of evil below, taking a leap into the dark
and committing terrible acts. But while most of these crimes are committed through the
evil found in the human heart, others are of a more unearthly nature. (haunting music) Here are 10 sinister criminals
with paranormal backstories. Number 10 is Edward Shue. When the body of a West Virginian woman was found at the foot
of a staircase in 1897, her death was deemed to be a tragedy, but one brought about
through natural causes. Her name was Elva Shue and she
was mourned by her husband. However, Elva’s spirit soon revealed that her death was anything but natural. Elva’s ghost haunted the
dreams of her mother, Mary. Mary watched in horror as the ghastly apparition
of her dead daughter twisted her neck at an unnatural angle, hinting at some dark secret. When Mary urged the authorities to look closer at the
body of her daughter, it was revealed that Elva’s neck had been broken by human hands and that her husband,
Edward, was the culprit. All of this testimony stood up in court, leading to the prosecution of Edward based on the cries of his
wife from beyond the grave. Number nine is William Corder. English couple Maria
Martin and William Corder arranged to elope in 1827. They were to meet at the Red Barn, which was an old barn in Suffolk
with red clay roof tiles, which was known to them both. After the meeting, William left
town and Maria disappeared. William wrote letters to Maria’s family giving them vague
reasons why Maria herself could not write to them. Soon after, Maria’s stepmother began to have strange
feelings about the Red Barn. She became convinced
that the spirit of Maria was contacting her and urging her to investigate the building. When investigators
followed this information, they discovered Maria’s
remains buried there. William was soon arrested. When found guilty, he was executed, and then his own remains
were used to bind a book about his terrible crime. Number eight is Allan Showery. In 1977, hospital employee
Teresita Basa’s body was discovered in her Chicago
apartment after a fire. After concluding that
the fire had been staged to cover up Teresita’s murder, investigators found an entry in her diary which simply read: Get tickets for AS. Frustrated by failed attempts
to identify who AS was, police were shocked when they
received an anonymous call indicating that a man named
Allan Showery was the murderer. When the call was traced, the
police spoke with a couple named Jose and Remy Chua. They claimed that Teresita’s spirit had possessed Remy several times, conveying to them that Allan
Showery was the murderer. They even knew details of the crime which had never been published, details which led to
Allan Showery’s arrest and incarceration. Number seven is Adrian Daou. Adrian Daou lived in Ottawa, Canada, and was a known crack dealer. Unfulfilled with his chosen way of life, he cultivated the belief that he should’ve been a famous rap star. As this delusion took hold,
he eventually came to believe that if he took a person’ life that his dreams would come to fruition. And so, in 2010, Adrian
Daou murdered a woman named Jennifer Stewart. The murder was unsolved until Adrian came forward
in 2013 to confess. The reason for his confession was that, after killing Jennifer, he began to see her ghost everywhere. Just moments after the murder, he saw her spirit pass by him, and this led slowly but surely
to a religious conversion. When he realized the killing was wrong and that he had to atone for it, he came forward, citing Jennifer’s ghost as the reason behind his guilt. Number six is Jose Ferreira. In a similar story to Adrian’s case, Wisconsin man Jose Ferreira was arrested 33 years
after he committed a murder due to a supernatural intervention. The murder had taken place in 1982 when he pushed a 13-year-old
girl called Carrie Ann Jopek down a flight of stairs to her death. Ferreira then buried the body. But despite police investigation,
the case remained open. Fast forward 33 years, and Jose Ferreira steps
forward to confess, not just to the police, but
to Carrie Ann Jopek’s mother. In his exact words, he stated calmly, “Your daughter is haunting me.” Carrie Ann’s mother believes
that the spirit of her daughter can now finally rest after
the killer came forward, something which he did
not confess out of guilt, but rather to stop the chilling
apparition of his victim from terrorizing him at night. Number five is Billy Schmidt. “The Keepers” is a
fascinating documentary series which exposed the murder of a nun named Sister Cathy
Cesnik, who it is alleged was killed to cover up an abuse
scandal at a local school. During the documentary,
enthusiasts for the paranormal picked up a chilling detail. One suspect, Billy Schmidt, lived across the hall from Sister Cesnik. His family believes that he was involved, and years later, Billy
Schmidt had a breakdown after moving home. He insisted that he was being haunted by the nun in the attic. When the family entered the attic, they found a mannequin
wearing a nun’s habit. Was Billy Schmidt being haunted by the spirit of Cathy Cesnik? And was it attached to the
mannequin in the attic? Whatever the answer, the image of the nun’s outfit in the attic remains mystifying as well as
terrifying in equal measure. Number four is Al Capone. Al Capone is one of the most
famous mobsters of all time, but despite his notoriety
as an American gangster, it is his connection to the
shadowy world of the paranormal which lingers most, in some
cases, quite literally. Rumors persist that, when
Capone was first arrested, he would shout out the name Jimmy in fear. He believed that he was being
haunted by one of his victims and his fear grew to such lengths that even in the comfort of his own home, he would be terrorized
by the vengeful spirit. Capone’s bodyguards would
offer hear him cry out and then rush in to find
him alone in his room. When Capone was sent to Alcatraz, Jimmy followed, never relenting. After his own death, Capone
seems to have been doomed to haunt the cell where
he spent many years, and you can’t help but wonder if Jimmy is still in there with him. Number three is Albert Fish. They say the boogeyman isn’t real, but for those who encountered Albert Fish in the early 20th century,
they know that evil does exist. Albert Fish was a serial killer who committed a string
of detestable crimes in a variety of locations,
including Brooklyn. He was originally called Hamilton, but he chose the name Albert
for himself later in life, taking on the identity of a sibling who had passed away as a child. He also claimed to hear voices telling him to commit his crimes, and some have speculated that these voices were somehow involved with the
taking of the sibling’s name, that he was possessed
by something malevolent which hated life so much
that it had to feed upon it. Reading about Fish’s crimes,
it’s difficult not to think that his actions lacked all humanity, and perhaps, were driven by
something demonic instead. Number two is Terry Childs. Terry Childs was a serial
kill in Santa Cruz. After killing a man and
woman named Christopher Hall and Joan Mack on a beach, Childs walked away without being caught. More than three decades later, Childs finally confessed
to his terrible crimes. His reason, like many on this list, was that a sinister, paranormal
force had entered his life. He was being haunted and
stalked, not by just one, but by two spirits, those of his victims. Having already been
incarcerated for other murders, he pleaded with his jailers
to let him out of his cell so that he could confess
and end his torment. Each night while he lay
alone in his jail cell, the spirits of his dead
victims would taunt him, scaring him so badly that he decided to do the unthinkable, to confess to the crimes and
stop the spirits in his cell from, in his own words,
“eating away at his brain.” And number one is Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald is infamous for assassinating John F. Kennedy in 1963. All manner of theories have
been presented about Oswald, but one which his lesser known is that ghostly forces were
involved in his crimes. Everyone has heard of the second gunman, the idea that there was
another shooter present who killed Kennedy. But one theory speculates
that occult forces invoked a supernatural entity
to finish the president off. The reason given is that a secret society who controls the world’s
leaders from behind the scenes realized that Kennedy could not be bought. For fear of hiring an assassin who could be caught and confess, they manipulated Oswald into
attempting the assassination and use their occult rituals
to fire the killing shots. This of course seems outlandish, but then again, so does much surrounding the assassination
of that president.
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