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10 Mysterious Unexplained Sky Creatures…

– Bigfoot, sea serpents,
chupacabras, the Loch Ness Monster. There are thousands of cryptids and unknown creatures on land and in water that can peak your interest. But what many people don’t know is that some of the most frightening and mysterious unknown entities do not live here with us, but instead prowl the skies above. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Here are “10 Mysterious
Unexplained Sky Creatures.” (eerie music) (clouds whooshing)
(mysterious music) Number 10 is The Green Menace. (clouds whooshing) During World War II, pilots and bomber crews
flew on perilous missions to bomb enemy positions. But while up there in the sky, they encountered more
than they bargained for. Many firsthand accounts described strange green humanoid creatures breaking into aircrafts during flight. The creatures would then
attempt to destroy equipment and, in some instances,
even try to crash the plane. Though popularized at the time, even before World War II, these creatures were known. In 1923, a British pilot crashed his plane after a group of strange
creatures attached themselves to the outside of the aircraft and forced it down onto the ground. Sightings of gremlins
diminished after the war, but every now and then, a pilot sees something strange
floating through the sky and the fear is that such
creatures are still out there waiting to return once more. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Number nine is The New York Devil. (clouds whooshing) In 1904, one of the strangest encounters with a terror from the sky occurred during the night of June 22nd. It happened in New York, where a number of strange
reports were being sent to a local police station in The Bronx. Reports were given by terrified citizens who claimed that a winged
creature had swooped down from the sky to attack passersby. At first, the reports were dismissed. But they could no longer be ignored when a police officer
in the area was set upon by the same creature. In his statement, he
said that the creature made a noise like a ghost
with a growl underneath it. The creature was reported
to be nearly two meters wide and the police officer who encountered it said that it was a devil with wings. Terrified, the officer
was relieved of duty only for his two subsequent replacements to be attacked by the very
same mysterious creature. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Number eight is The Orang-Bati. (clouds whooshing) In Indonesia, it’s said
that a winged cryptid haunts the shores of the island of Seram. There, numerous people have
encountered The Orang-Bati, barely making it out alive
from beneath its shadow to tell their tale. Accounts go back for some time and descriptions of the
creature describe it as a giant ape-like beast
with huge bat wings. In the villages there, some mourn because The Orang-Bati has swooped down out of the trees and carried people away
for some unknown purpose. Guards are put in place to
defend villagers as they sleep because the winged creatures
appears to be intelligent. It knows that it can swoop down through the roofs of homes there to snatch people as they sleep. In one terrifying attack, The Orang-Bati destroyed an entire town and many of the people there
were never heard from again. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Number seven is The Woodstock Phantom. (clouds whooshing) In 2019, a large winged entity was seen throughout Woodstock, Illinois. Initial reports indicated
that what became known as The Woodstock Phantom
was covered in fur from head to toe and had huge wings, which allowed the
creature to glide silently through the night. Another encounter with this
strange creature revealed that it was at least 2.4 to
nearly three meters in height when standing upright on the ground. It was also described after this encounter as having skin made from
leather-like material in places. Initially, people who
encounter this creature often mistake it for Bigfoot. But when they realize it
has large membraneous wings and can fly, that theory
is quickly abandoned. One witnessed claimed that
seeing the creature in the flesh brought on a profound
sense of impending doom and that it was a harbinger
of something terrible about to happen. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Number six is The Red Pterosaur. (clouds whooshing) Pterosaurs were real animals which lived in the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous Period. Scientist currently believe that these winged lizard-like creatures died out around 66 million years ago. But puzzling encounters
with a similar animal have left some to conclude that it was still out there somewhere. In December of 1997, such a creature was seen flying over a densely populated area in
the Australian city of Perth. Those who saw it described it as being between nine and 15
meters across as it flew. It was also described as
appearing to be reptilian and very similar in
appearance to the pterosaur. This was not an isolated
incident, however, and many such sightings have been made, including in Texas, where a police officer
spotted a similar creature. When asked to describe it, he simply said, “That animal is not of this world.” (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Number five is The Olitiau. (clouds whooshing) This mysterious winged creature allegedly lives in Central Africa. Experts have mounted numerous
expeditions to find it. Lending an unnerving
element to this search is that the local name for this creature implies that it is not an animal and is instead some sort
of flying demonic presence which terrorizes locals. The Olitiau is described
as having a huge wingspan of up to four meters. Its body is jet black, but its wing are a dark
brownish-red color, making it sound even more
like a winged minion of Hell. It’s said to be a ferocious hunter and that its lower jaw contains
many long serrated teeth. The creature continues to
be seen in parts of Africa and many believe that the
reason it has not been found by modern expeditions so far is that it spends most of its time living in dark, foreboding cave tunnels. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Number four is The Chicago Owl Man. (clouds whooshing) Most are familiar with the
legendary Point Pleasant Mothman, that winged creature of doom which appears right before
something bad happens. But few are aware that Chicago has its very own flying cryptid and it is just as frightening. The Chicago Owl Man, also
known as The Chicago Mothman, caused a spate of terrifying sightings through May of 2017. One witness watched a
plane overhead in horror, realizing that a huge winged creature was flying beneath it for cover. The creature was
described as having no fur and possibly reptilian in nature. Noted psychologist, Dr. David A. Gallo, reported in a “VICE” article that he believed the sightings were a form of mass hallucination. However, other investigators
continue to be fascinated by many Chicago residents and their encounters with
an unknown bird-like entity. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Number three is The Gigantic
Beast of Mendenhall Valley. (clouds whooshing) In the remote area of
Mendenhall Valley in Alaska, several eyewitnesses have come forward to tell their experiences of
The Beast of Mendenhall Valley. This flying animal dwarfs
many other flying cryptids. Seen above Mendenhall Loop Road, the creature is estimated to
be at least six meters across while in flight. In this particular instance, the beast’s wingspan is said to be at least the width of the road, if not substantially more. After the initial report,
several others came forward who had independently
watched this giant of the sky pass by overhead. Another witness watched
in horror on another night as branches from a tree were torn down by something enormous
landing next to them. Some have been so afraid by the sheer size of this unknown animal that they have refused to
travel through the area at all for fear of encountering it again. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) Number two is The Gargoyle
of Santa Maria del Aguila. (clouds whooshing) Stone gargoyles were once regularly carved onto the outside of holy places to frighten away evil spirits with their monstrous appearance. Some, however, believe
that these statues are more than just the product
of human imagination. In 2017, several sightings were made in the Spanish town of
Santa Maria del Aguila, where residents believed
that they were being visited by a very real living gargoyle. One witness was woken up by the sound of huge flapping wings. The sound was followed by
a horrid inhuman scream. Looking outside, the
man saw a huge creature with a stretched head and a short beak. It looked as though the
creature was as heavy as stone, struggling to fly before finally
disappearing into the night leaving behind it only
questions and nightmares. (clouds whooshing) (mysterious music) And number one is The Arizona Demon. (clouds whooshing) Most encounters with flying cryptids result in strange descriptions. But in one particular instance, a chilling photo was captured. This strange creature was seen standing by a road in Arizona. Its dark, shadowy form included
huge gargoyle-like wings on each side of its humanoid body. Looking at other objects
in the photograph, you can clearly see that
this creature was massive, nearly as tall as nearby streetlights. While many believe that this creature is some sort of animal, it’s understandable
that some have provided a more otherworldly interpretation. The giant winged figure
looks like something straight out of Hell, and so some have labeled
this The Arizona Demon. Various accounts persist that this entity haunts the area. And should you cross paths with it, you will be lucky to escape
with your mortal soul intact. Thank you to everyone for subscribing and a special thanks to
all of my channel members, especially the ones you see
on your screen right now. All of you help keep my channel going. Thanks again and I’ll see you next time.
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