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10 Most Beautiful Islands In Thailand – Travel Video

With excellent weather, warm ocean 
water, and palm-fringed beaches,   Thailand is island living at its very best. 
Pair that with top-notch accommodation   and a pleasing exchange rate, and you 
have the ultimate holiday destination.   An abundance of islands each offers 
their own unique personality,   from bustling markets and extraordinary temples 
to enchanting swimming spots, beach bars,   and coral reefs. Whether you’re looking to 
keep busy kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling,   or simply want to relax with a cocktail in 
hand – you’ll find a Thai island to suit you. Number 10. Ko Muk. Ko Muk,   also known as Koh Mook, is a quiet island 
in the Andaman sea. Nearly half of it is   made up of national park and the rest of it by 
fishing villages home to unusual stilted houses   perched above the sea. Ko Muk, which means Pearl 
Island, is as far from touristy as it gets,   reached with a 45-minute ferry ride from the town 
of Trang. The island boasts two sandy beaches,   dramatic cliffs, and beautiful mountains 
along with the famous Emerald Cave. Number 9. Ko Lanta. Nestled within mangroves, coral-fringed beaches, 
and rainforests, the Ko Lanta archipelago is   the perfect mix of developed and uncrowded. The 
largest island of the group, called Ko Lanta Yai,   is where all the tourist action is. It’s 
popular with a significantly older crowd   than nearby Ko Phi Phi and its attract mostly 
tourists seeking a holiday away from the parties   although there are plenty of bars on the island. 
The southern part of the island is less developed,   but there are pretty coves and beach 
to discover in the south as well. Number 8. Similan Islands. Made up of nine primary islands and two far-flung 
ones, the Similan Islands archipelago is one of   the most popular diving destinations in 
the country. Situated in the Andaman Sea,   the waters surrounding the islands boast 
gorgeous coral reefs and underwater rock   formations that take on many unique 
shapes. If diving isn’t your hobby,   you can still have an amazing time on the 
Similan Islands. Camp in paradise, relax on   the white-sand beach of Horseshoe Bay and swim 
in the warm waters of this tropical destination. Number 7. Ko Samui. The second largest island in Thailand, 
home to its own international airport,   Ko Samui is a tourist favorite. Heralded for 
its palm-dotted beaches, wild rainforest,   and coconut groves, it’s also one of Thailand’s 
most beautiful islands. But this natural beauty   hasn’t escaped the eyes of tourists – you’ll find 
endless luxury resorts and spas on the island too.   Many travelers come here to take advantage 
of the hedonistic spa treatments available,   from traditional Thai massage to yoga retreats, 
tai-chi camps, and chakra-balancing treatments. Number 6. Phuket. Located in the Andaman Sea, Phuket 
is one of the most popular islands in   all of Thailand. Once an undeveloped jewel, 
Phuket is now a hub for tourism. While the   increase in infrastructure and nightlife makes 
it an appealing spot for millions of travelers,   this isn’t the island for those looking for 
solitude. The island boasts luxury resort   after luxury resort as well as some gorgeous 
casuarina-dotted tropical beaches. If you’re   excited for the nightlife, then Patong is the 
must-see spot with the largest resort atmosphere. Number 5. Ko Phangan. The island of Ko Phangan is found in the Gulf 
of Thailand, and it is best known for hosting   huge parties in honor of the full moon. These 
infamous beach festivals are popular with young   backpackers from around the world, and the 
revelry is unparalleled in Asia. However,   that’s not all the island has to offer. 
Besides ideal beaches, you can also hike   through the jungle and along the coast, go 
scuba diving or try out some sea kayaking. Number 4. Ko Chang. Located near the border with Cambodia, Ko Chang 
is the third largest island in Thailand and the   biggest in the Ko Chang Marine Park archipelago. 
It is a mountainous island known for several   waterfalls, thriving coral reefs, rainforests and 
long white sandy beaches. In less than ten years,   Ko Chang has become a major tourist destination in 
Thailand although still far quieter than islands   like Phuket or Ko Samui. White Sand Beach is 
one of the most popular beaches on the island.   Located on the island’s northwestern 
corner, it’s the longest beach on Ko Chang. Number 3. Ko Lipe. The island of Ko Lipe is just outside 
the jurisdiction of Tarutao National Park   and as such is exempt from certain laws 
prohibiting development. The island has some of   the best reefs in Thailand, which makes for really 
great snorkeling and diving. If you’re looking   for a deserted Thai island, Koh Lipe is not the 
place to go. However, if you go in low season,   which is May to October, you might enjoy the 
beautiful sandy beaches without the crowds,   though some hotels may be closed. 
Any time of the year, however,   you’ll find great snorkeling as well 
as gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Number 2. Ko Tao. Ko Tao is an island in the Gulf of Thailand, 
and it is accessible by a high-speed ferry from   the mainland city of Chumphon. For travelers who 
enjoy diving, the island of Ko Tao is the perfect   vacation destination. Around 7000 new divers get 
certified on Ko Tao each year making it one of the   most popular destinations in the world to learn 
to dive. Diving allows you to see bull sharks,   underwater evolutionary sculptures at Ocean 
Utopia and plenty of turtles, among many other   marine species. Other popular activities include 
cycling and sailing around the beautiful island. Number 1. Ko Phi Phi. Ko Phi Phi is possibly one of Thailand’s most 
famous archipelagos. It is most notable for a   stunning natural bay that was filmed in the movie 
The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But while   many come here and have this renowned bay at 
the top of their to-do list, there are many   more reasons to tempt you to Phi Phi beyond Maya 
Bay. The six islands of Phi Phi are jaw-droppingly   beautiful, with pearl-white sand beaches and 
emerald waters. Spend your days swimming and   snorkeling among extraordinary marine life or 
hire a longtail boat. The surrounding islets   like Monkey Beach are worth a visit, home to 
a plethora of cheeky tree-swinging monkeys.
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