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10 Most Beautiful Island In Greece – Travel Video

Greece is one of those magical places, filled 
with hundreds of exotic islands and archipelagos   boasting extraordinary scenery, 
picturesque warm-water beaches   and a glorious Mediterranean climate. 
Whichever island you stay on, you’ll get   a taste of traditional Greek culture. With 
excellent tavernas, handsome hiking trails,   and the world’s best sunsets, there’s an island 
for everyone – beach bums, foodies, adventurers,   and active holidaymakers alike. Here’s a 
look at the most beautiful islands in Greece: Number 10. Naxos. Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades, 
which is located southeast of mainland Greece   in the Aegean Sea. As the Cyclades greenest 
island, Naxos is also home to lush valleys,   rocky coastlines, and miles of sun-soaked beaches. 
The largest city on the island is Naxos Chora,   a portside town known for its 
beautiful white-washed buildings   and the ancient Venetian castle. Close 
to the port lies the iconic Portara door,   the last remaining feature from the 
Temple of Apollo that was built in 530 BC. Number 9. Kos. Characterized by rolling farmland rich in 
grapes, figs and olives, the island of Kos offers   beautiful landscapes, historic sites and great 
beaches all in a relaxed atmosphere. Apart from   mass tourism, the island’s main industry includes 
melon growing, hay baling, and cattle grazing.   Located close to Turkey, the island’s capital 
and main port is Kos Town. Here, you’ll find a   15th-century castle built by the Knights of the 
Order of Saint John and the Ancient Agora ruins. Number 8. Zakynthos. The third largest of the Ionian Islands, 
Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is well   known for its beauty. Home to extraordinary 
beaches like the famous Shipwreck Beach   and some spectacular Greek sunsets, 
Zante is a pure paradise all year   long. Zakynthos’ charm lies in the fact 
that it has something for all interests.   A boat trip to view the Blue Caves on the northern 
tip of the island is a can’t-miss activity. In the   early morning the blue color of the sea is 
reflected in the cave’s overhanging arches. Number 7. Hydra. One of the Saronic Islands, Hydra is separated 
from the mainland by a narrow strip of water.   The island is deservedly one of the most 
popular day-trip destinations from Athens.   The port of Hydra has a scenic location in a 
deep harbor, with whitewashed houses rising on   the hills on both sides from an azure blue 
sea. The island is blissfully traffic-free   as motorized transportation is forbidden on Hydra. 
There are only a handful of pebbled beaches,   but plenty of walking trails leading 
along the coast and past old chapels. Number 6. Skiathos. With its holiday villas, restaurants, and open-air 
night clubs, Skiathos is the most developed island   of the Sporades. Decked out with pine forests, 
olive groves, and an impressive number of sandy   beaches, it’s not surprising that it attracts 
a fair mix of party-going youths and nature   seekers. If you’re here for the nightlife, head to 
labyrinthine Skiathos Town, the main port, on the   southeastern coast of the island. Nightlife aside, 
Skiathos also tempts yachties with its appealing   yacht marina. Jump off and explore the island’s 
captivating churches and hillside hiking trails. Number 5. Corfu. One of the greenest and most beautiful Ionian 
Islands, Corfu has been a popular travel escape   for decades. This is due, in part, to its 
excellent beaches, fantastic nightlife,   and an international airport, which makes 
Corfu one of the easiest islands to get to   in Greece. The appeal of Corfu is that it 
has something for everyone. Corfu Town,   the island’s historic center, is laced with 
the varying architectural styles of its Greek,   Italian, French and British past. 
Its beautiful beaches range from   the golden sands of the west side to the 
quiet, pebbled coves of the east side. Number 4. Rhodes. The largest of the Dodecanese archipelago, 
Rhodes is famed for its age-old historic ruins,   lively beach resorts, and excellent 
windsurfing opportunities. The island   boasts the longest summer of any Greek island, 
with sunshine here right up until November.   Explore Rhodes Town, the island capital, where 
you’ll enter the cobbled maze of the walled   Old Town that was built by the Knights 
Hospitaller in the 14th-century. Here,   you’ll find the impressive Palace of the Grand 
Masters that’s now a history museum. Other   attractions on the island include the Acropolis 
of Lindos and the Valley of the Butterflies. Number 3. Crete. The largest of the Greek islands, Crete 
is a spacious land of pleasing contrasts   where landscapes range from stunning coastline to 
rugged mountains and rolling countryside dotted   with olive trees. Bustling cities spread beyond 
to quiet villages centered around outdoor coffee   shops. History lovers will want to explore 
the many historic and archaeological sites   that dot the island such as Knossos Palace, 
which dates back to the Minoan civilization. Number 2. Mykonos. Mykonos is famed as a cosmopolitan 
destination amongst the Greek islands.   Mykonos Town is a stunningly picturesque Greek 
town with a maze of tiny streets and whitewashed   houses. Although the streets are lined with small 
shops, boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants,   Mykonos Town has not completely lost 
its identity. Thanks to strict building   regulations its traditional Cycladic architectural 
style and character has remained firmly intact. Number 1. Santorini The volcanic island of Santorini is 
probably one of the most recognized   islands on Earth. Characterized by its whitewashed 
and blue-domed Cycladic towns hugging the caldera   cliffs above the edge of the Aegean, this Greek 
island is world-famous for its enviable sunsets.   Stroll through the alleyways of Oia 
town, wine and dine at gourmet tavernas,   relax on the volcanic beaches, or sail off into 
the sunset on a glamorous catamaran cruise.   As it’s one of Greece’s most expensive islands, 
you’ll undoubtedly rub shoulders with the rich   and famous. For its views and Mediterranean 
climate alone, Santorini is something special.
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