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10 Minutes To Leaner, Longer Looking Legs

we could all use a little extra loving in our lower body so check out these moves from celebrity trainer and Promax doer holly Perkins it’s shorter with your legs and hips into shape so let’s do it okay so I’m here with Z and Jenny and we’re going to get started on our workout let’s go into our first exercise the Butt Paste later I want you to bring your feet together drop into your knees so that your hips are low to the ground we’ve got two hand positions here you can have your hands out in front or you can use them lightly on your thighs for a little bit of balance support either way it looks like this I want you to take one leg back squeeze through but come down and repeat exactly that on the same side now the key here don’t just lift your leg okay at the top I want you to squeeze through your tush because it’s that contraction that really makes this exercise effective right you really want to focus on lifting your leg with the glute not with the momentum yep use that muscle and really take that moment it’s almost as though there’s a pause at the top we can really exaggerate that contraction can you feel it absolutely can let’s do one more great and relax we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side so take your position choose your hand position that works for you same thing on the leather leg here we go squeeze it and down good knees and down keep those ABS really tight stay low on that supporting leg okay because that leg is getting a little bit of a workout as well right even though we’re actively working that other leg now you really want to lunge down to feel it working yep you got it you got it use that button right at the top squeeze it as hard as you can it’s that tight contraction that makes a difference perfect let’s do one more and relax moving on next exercise once again I want you to start with your feet together we’re gonna drop down to hand positions again you your hands to the ground or your hands towards your knees either way it’s an alternating reverse lunge so let’s step back come forward other leg perfect so if this feels good to you I want you to come down super low with me all the way down so that that front leg is getting a lot of load all that back leg moves draw in through your abs and step back big how you guys doing great where do you feel this size mostly guys I actually feel it in my glutes too we do a lot antastic yeah fitting sitting deep really gets gets in there yep it really does let’s just do a couple more here two more one more and relax and let’s come up perfect moving on so bring those feet together and let’s do this together so you’re gonna step around and down same leg kick it out perfect around and kick right back use your arms wherever it works for you okay you can use it on your leg for a little bit of support or out in front like I am for a little bit of balance okay let’s do two more and one more and relax sit nice and low we’re going to step around to the other side and kick it out perfect now the other thing is most of us have very different balance on one leg so you’ll see that one side you’re going to be nice and strong and balanced and one side it’s gonna be a little unbalanced use that hip and let’s do three more here’s one two one more and relax fantastic take your feet out turned open okay you’re gonna rise up onto your toes soften your knees arms out in front for balance now the key here is draw your belly in tuck your butt under we want your tailbone going straight down to the ground we’re going to come down somewhat slowly and then come up stay on the balls of your feet now if the balance aspect of this is a little challenging for you you can just drop down to a full foot on the floor being on your toes it really helps you to get into your butt and thighs a little better and sometimes I even like to put my hands on my hips yeah absolutely so we all balance a little differently I feel best balanced with my arms in front but a lot of people feel better with their arms with their waist it almost doesn’t matter the key here is that you try to stay on your toes and you keep your butt tucked under so you can really squeeze through the hips the thighs and the butt it’s really important you engage your core here else you could hurt your lower back and you’re also getting a real good calf workout here if you can feel that feel that two more great one more and relax okay we are going down to the ground come on down onto your back you’re going to want your dumbbell this exercise is great if you use a heavier dumbbell eight pounds even ten pounds is great feet are flat on the floor a little far from your hips but separated take your dumbbell and put it on your hip bones not your tummy your hip bones I want you to draw your abs in and we’re just going to lift our hips high into the air squeeze through the butt and relax down I want you to really squeeze through your tush make sure at the top of the movement you’re really activating the back of the thighs and the butt how do you guys feel feels great it’s really good so yeah just keep that dumbbell right over your headphones okay super high and there’s going to be a tendency to want to kind of move the dumbbells with your hands really let your hips do the work holding the weight of that dumbbell so that all that effort and load goes on to your hips and thighs keep breathing we got a few more seconds here squeeze your butt use your mind make it extra effective and let’s do three more here’s one six squeeze two one more great and relax okay go ahead and just put your dumbbell to the side keep it near you and roll on to your side and you’re going to have your bottom leg bent what I want you to do is roll forward slightly just use your front arm for a little bit of support the top knee is going to come forward and touch the floor and then you’re going to drive out through your heel really contracting through the hip and the butt and let’s repeat me down press it out now imagine that there’s something underneath your foot and you really have to push it away so it’s not really a kick it’s a push and continue to keep that hip rolled forward right and you really want to push through your heel not your toe yeah drive through the heel so you get all that effort through the hip and the butt mm-hmm how do you feel Jenny free for you I’m good I’m hanging in there okay guys let’s do two more here’s one one more and relax awesome let’s do the same thing on the other side so just spin around finding a comfortable position bottom leg is bent and the top knee is going to come forward touch the ground and drive out through that heel make sure you keep rolled forward slightly that’s going to help you to really isolate into the hip and the glute a little bit more drive through that heel just like Zi said really push out through the heel rather than the toe I mean you want to focus on the glute when you’re doing this that’ll help the move as well yep really mentally think about that whole area we’re all going to feel this in a slightly different place people ask me all the time where am I supposed to feel this you feel it where you feel it let’s do two more one more and relax and relax down so come on up we’re going to repeat these two exercises one more time so let’s grab the dumbbell we’re gonna come back to that weighted bridge so knees are bent dumbbell comes to the hips not on the tummy feet in the floor you guys all set we’re good alright let’s take those hips up now this time I want you to come just a little bit higher if you keep your abs engaged and drawn in you won’t get any stress or strain on that lower back keep breathing lift nice and high good so you want to come to about the height where if you were to look at your dumbbell you can see your hips but not your knees good ok let’s do three more here’s one and two one more and relax awesome job dumbbell down roll onto your side and we’re going to repeat that concentrated hip exercise rolled forward slightly and you come forward and drive it back and drive it back good really push out through that heel I love this exercise I find a lot of women are really looking to tone up lift and strengthen through the hips in the butt so do it yeah baby do it and let’s do two more one more and relax switch sides Oh feel another feelin this it definitely is effective and all the way down knee comes forward and drive it out good now don’t be surprised if one leg feels different than the other most of us have a little bit of an imbalance so one leg is probably going to feel like it moves very easily and naturally and the other leg is just gonna feel a little bit weaker good Jenny are you back there stuff oh yeah let me play and two more here’s one one more and relax down perfect good job guys that is it go ahead nice job that feels so good and you know it might be nice to just kind of move forward a little bit here stretch your hips out really gets into the joint there that feels good good work ladies nice job thanks for showing us these with us Holly you’re welcome you can combine more classes for a full workout on fit sugar TV see you next time bye
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