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10 Minutes To Flat Abs

it’s time for a tighter tummy join me for the 10-minute workout to tighten and sculpt your abs all right you guys I am so excited to show you my favorite ab circuit we got Danny and autumn here to do it with us now after a short quick run start on this 10-minute ab kicker alright we’re gonna start down in a push-up position so easy push-up position you’re going to slightly pick one foot off the ground and then lightly touch it back down and switch so it’s just a plank and leg raise and you’re only picking that foot up an inch or two all right don’t bring that foot all the way up towards the sky all right we’re not going to put any pressure on the low back here we’re keeping that belly pulled in tight good ladies awesome and it’s a light touch back to the floor so you don’t want to let that foot thump down to the ground so that all your weight goes into the ground keep it light weave it all in the ABS this is a good one to warm up that core feel it yeah attempting to flop down it is attempting to let that leg drop quick good point there all right nice job you guys last two good last one awesome now we’re gonna go down into the elbow and we’re gonna bring it into plank position now this is a plank rotation and pulse so you want your feet about hip width apart you’re gonna roll to the side you’re gonna come on that elbow you’re gonna pulse for one drop it two and three and then we’re going to switch good switch sides pulse lift one down lift to get in those obliques 3 1 and switch no cheese drop it back good lift 1 2 3 good and you’re not dropping those these you guys keep it up there lift two good only skin three on each side nice you don’t have to be exactly going at our pace you can go faster slower upper body’s working here a little bit to stabilize you good let’s go the other side pulse it out last side here feeling in my back – yes it’s definitely got a love handles I like it to the back okay so this one is the roll-up and punch this allows us to get that entire abdominal wall all the way up from that chest cavity down low so you’re going to roll up you guys exhale and you’re going to punch twist you’re getting that oblique and roll down slow exhale up punch and roll down slow exhale punch and roll down slow good if you can’t roll up from this position all right don’t roll all the way back down you can always bend your knees slightly if you need to and that helps you come up a little bit and punch legs are straight that’s the hardest okay if the knees are slightly bent it might make it a little easier and control up punch arrow I know this gets out door haha oh that’s right good point Danny make sure to breathe you guys now we’re gonna sit up one let’s sit up bend the knees a little bit and now we’re just gonna really activate those abdominals with a little twist and punch so feed her up if you want an advanced version heels down if you want to go lighter you’re gonna go punch back and forth so I started with my heels down maybe I want to pick them up here we go that’s it when you’re punching it’s giving you some direction so that you’re working towards that range of motion a lot of times people won’t really twist in their trunk right but now you got to really focus punch it out side to side oh and I love that breath I hear it breathing that’s it good last two last one oh my gosh oh that one burns no Jay great job you guys all right let’s flip it back over we’re gonna go into a slow-mo mountain-climber now a lot of times mountain climbers super aggressive gets the heart rate up this was just gonna fire up the core so you’re a push up position I really want you to take your right knee and pull it up towards your chest stay on the ball of your left foot all right pull those ABS up the sky and I’ll bring it back nice and easy and switch pull those abs in lift those hips a little and then drop it back down pull those abs in lift those hips drop it down come on guys it’s the slo-mo mountain climber we can’t use any momentum here all in the core lift and squeeze and lower down lift and squeeze and lower down one more pull it in and drop it to the knees now we’re gonna go through that circuit one more time you guys alright this time we might add a little variation you’re looking good so we’re in push-up position we’re gonna do that little leg raise ready and the nice little leg raise good bring it up now if you want add a little progression you guys don’t have to hear but you might want to try it here at home you’re gonna bring it out to the side but you’re not gonna drop the foot to the floor much harder harder if you’re side-to-side what you’re not touching down to the floor good that’s a great challenge then just keeping that leg up and down bringing a side to side hips are good 3 2 & 1 now if you don’t have to drop to your knees just drop to your elbow whoa alright you’re spilling up leg feet are hip-width apart let’s roll it over to the side let’s pulse 1 2 3 side to side good let’s keep those obliques like Danny said oh she filled it in her back and her obliques guys switch you guys are looking great go at your own pace here ok whatever speed you feel comfortable at it’s good for me side to side we’re trying to get at least 4 or 5 rounds on each side and breathing right yeah good let’s give it one more anybody guys let’s pulse it out 2 three good other side one more time one two and three yeah all right flip it over let’s go up with that roll up and punch now remember you want to really focus on the peel down so it’s slow slow slow slow slow slow slow low back to upper back ready let’s roll up exhale and punch boom there you go exhale punch slow on the roll down everybody let’s work on the slow oh yeah pull up punch work on the slow awesome it’s all about that control you guys is there a modifier for the banana absolutely you guys if you need a modification don’t go all the way up okay perfect that’s it exactly thank you for asking that because a lot of times this one does get very challenging that’s a nice job like still flat I would Bend I would hand a little bit up good ready all the way well good use a little assistance and we’re gonna go with those twists and punch all right I call it the v6 punch here we go you can add those legs up or down let’s go punch it out punch it out remember to breathe pull your belly button in towards your spine right now try to keep your back straight all right you’re fighting gravity here that’s it good breathe it up pull that belly in yeah ohh real guys never gonna get anywhere unless you feel the burn so I hope you feel with it feel it that’s it change your mind then change your body whoa whoo whoa two and one everyone oh love it all right slow low let’s go mountain climber action now this time we’re gonna switch quickly but we’re gonna pause okay so now you’re gonna start with that knee up right knee up you’re gonna switch at the same time and pause switch good try to keep your foot off the ground just like you did before switch good swear hold switch switch Oh switch follow Lambs and come feeling it hi you guys doing so good flit flit ready for the beach one I love that she was ready for the beach all right you guys now we’re going to finish with my favorite this is my nugget if you ever want to do a core exercise to get to if this is a goal of yours start with the three-point touch or finish with it okay so you’re gonna go into a push-up position all right now three-point touch gonna bring you the leg left leg under touch your heel to the floor one together is two out wide is three bring it back to Center other leg under he’ll bring it together two out toe touch three back together now switch it up under together out wide and that good under good together whoo I know ladies if you’re getting tired you can go knee to elbow under together need an elbow out wide together under knee to elbow together out wide oh my god side together ly gonna finish with the regular way under together out wide and together now that you guys is definitely one of the more advanced ways to do it but if you can get to that exercise man is your core gonna feel tight and strong feeling it let’s just stretch out those ABS a little bit you guys like flat on your belly okay now you want to do this safe you want those hands those elbows to support you so forearms are on the ground you’re gonna lift your chest alright just lift your chest and breathe a couple deep breaths awesome job now get that workout in right after a little run and every day you work on your core it’s gonna get tighter stronger leaner you’re gonna feel good carry your posture better good all the way down one more time lift up breathe and relax good job you guys I like that loss good job thanks Anna thanks hand job see you guys I hope you guys enjoyed my favorite core workout see you next time on pop sugar fitness
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