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10 Minute Yoga (You Have Time To LOVE ❤️ Yourself!)

– I know you’re busy, but you can always find
time for a quickie. – Hey, my name is Sascha, I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, and you’re practicing Fightmaster Yoga. – Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, the place you go when you’re ready to deepen your practice
and change your world. Hi, I’m Lesley Fightmaster and when you commit to this practice, you’ll begin to see beauty in every aspect of your life. Begin sitting tall with
your shins crossed. Bring your hands together. Take a long ujjayi breath. May your practice open a
clear channel of energy throughout your body, giving you everything
you need for a great day. And then releasing that, roll forward and make your way into an extended child’s pose. Take your arms shoulders distance apart. Spread your fingers, press down into the base of your fingers. And lift up through your forearms. Inhale onto the knees. turn your inner elbows forward. Tuck your toes, making
your way into down dog. And then begin to bend
one knee and the other. Arms shoulders distance
and feet hips width. And try and turn your outer
upper arms, or triceps, back. Your biceps forward as you press little extra into the
thumb-first-finger side of your hand. Inhale, plank pose. Pull the belly in and up. Exhale, knees upper down,
slowly lower to your belly. Bring your hands by your low ribs for a little cobra, inhaling. As you exhale, lower back down. Tuck your toes under, knees can be up or down, exhale to plank, and then back into downward facing dog. Take a couple of long breaths. Pull your ribs and your belly in and up. Arms and ears in line. Look forward, bend the knees, inhale, step your feet to your hands. Come halfway up and lengthen. Exhale and fold. As you inhale, press through the feet and rise all the way up, ribs and belly in and up, exhale hands to heart. On your inhale, come to Tadasana and then sit back into Utkatasana, weight into the heels, exhale. Fold forward, hips over heels, inhale come halfway up, lengthen. Exhale, step or float to Chaturanga. If you float, land with elbows bent. Inhale, upward dog or cobra. And then exhale, stretch back for downward facing dog,
Adho Mukha Svanasana. Inhale, right leg lifts, exhale, draw your thigh
in toward your belly. Take a breath in, exhale, take it over toward your left tricep, extend the leg out, reach
your left arm and stretch up. And then return yourself,
drawing right knee in. Step the right foot up by the hands. Stand the ball of your back foot and some into high lunge. Bend the back knee and
tilt your pelvis forward. Make sure the right
knee’s over your ankle. Pull your front ribs in. Bring hands to heart. Exhale, lean forward and
hug your left arm across. Inhale, create length. Stay with hands pressing at heart. Or left hand down to
the floor, right arm up. Keep pulling the right hip back. Or a little deeper, right
hand behind your back, picking up the left hand and clasping. But twisting from above the waist and only do the variation
that works for you. Never have to go into
the deepest expression. Squeeze outer hips, inner thighs, inhale back to crescent pose. Spin the back heel down. Line up heel toe arch
and open for warrior two. Make sure the right knee
is still over the ankle and pointed straight ahead
over the middle toes. Breathe. Take your left hand behind you. Reach your right arm up and over, reverse. Exhale here. Inhale, come up. Exhale, windmill the arms down to plank and lower Chaturanga. Then inhale, shoulders
above wrists in up dog. Exhale, use your belly muscles to transition to down dog. Inhale, lifting your left leg back and up from the inner
thigh with level hips. Exhale, draw your thigh
in towards your belly, shoulders over the wrists. Take a breath in. Exhale, take it over to the right tricep and then extend your
left leg out to the left and reach up through the right arm. Take a breath here. And then return the right hand back down, pulling the left knee to belly. Set it up by the left hand and come to crescent. Bending the back knee so you can tilt your pelvis forward and then
pull your belly in and up, stretching through the back leg. Bring hands to heart center, learning forward,
exhale, right arm across. Make sure the left knee’s over the ankle. You can stay with your
hands at heart center, or right arm down, left arm reaching up. Or, reach your left arm behind you, picking up the right arm and interlock, or holding onto anything
you can reach back there. Roll your top shoulder back on your twist but keep your hips level, twisting from above the waist. Unwind, make your way back to crescent, then take your back heel down. Line up heel to arch. Take the arms at shoulder
height for warrior two. Double check the left
knee is over the ankle and over the middle toes. Widen your collarbones, but let your shoulder blades relax. Wrap your right arm behind your back and reverse your warrior. Inhale, come back up. Exhale, windmill the arms
down through Chaturanga. Inhale, press through your
hands and feet, up dog or cobra. And exhale, pause here. And then lift back to down dog. Breathe. Stretch back. Ripple the spine forward
to plank, inhaling. Step your feet together. Rolling to the pinky-toe
side of the right foot, lift up through the left arm. You can stay with this, or pick up your top leg, step it flat for wild thing, stretching out
the whole front of the body, reach your left arm
overhead, palm facing down. Then return to side plank slowly. And then to regular plank. As you exhale, move through Chaturanga, on your inhale, come into up dog. As you exhale, transition to down dog. Pull the ribs and belly in, firm the legs, back to
plank, feet together, rolling to the pinky-toe
side of the left foot. Bring your top hip forward and you can always take
your bottom knee down. Stay here or step your
top foot over behind you flat on the ground,
stretching your right arm up and overhead, palm facing down. Lengthen the front of the body. Inhale back to side plank. And then exhale to regular plank and then shift your hips
back right into down dog. Take a breath here. Reach your right leg back
and up from the inner thigh. Exhale, bring it forward for
pigeon pose, hip opening. Now if that hurts your knee at all, roll onto your back instead, taking thread the needle,
right ankle past left knee, making sure the ankle stays flexed. If you’re in pigeon, make
sure the hips are level. You can stay up on the
hands, come to the forearms, or lengthen all the way down. Relax your shoulders. Relax your jaw. Make sure your hips are level. And your left leg is extended
straight back behind you. Even, ujjayi breaths. As you inhale, come on
up and slide the left arm underneath the right, reaching up through the right arm. You can also take it behind you. And take your toe, rolling
the right shoulder back. If that’s too intense,
take left forearm down, reach right arm up. Unwind, come back to center. Tuck the toes under. Stretch the right leg
up and then set it down. Left leg lifts, inhale. Exhale, bringing it through for pigeon. Level hips, remember, come onto your back if this knee hurts on the left side. Stay all the way up or to your forearms or all the way down. Relax your shoulders and your jaw. Keeping the hips level. If you’re rolling to the left side, pad it up with a pillow or folded blanket. Even out your breathing. Inhales and exhales equal in length. As you inhale, make your way up, sliding the right arm under the left. Keep your left arm up
or reach it behind you. You might even find your
toe back there to hold. Again, if that’s too intense, take your bottom arm forearm down and just lift up through the left arm. Unwind back to center, stretching out the left leg for a moment. And then set it down. Look forward and lightly
step or hop to seated. And then slowly roll
yourself onto your back. Hug your knees into your chest. Lengthen your sitting
bones toward the mat. And then with your knees bent, begin to make your way into
your final resting pose. Lengthening sitting
bones away from the waist and shoulder blades away from your ears. Relax. Our quote today is from Marcus Aurelius, “Dwell on the beauty of life. “Watch the stars and see
yourself running with them.” Quiet mind, quiet body. Shivasana. Begin deepening your breath, reaching out through
your arms and your legs. And then bend your
knees, roll to the right and thank yourself for
taking this time out to take care of yourself. Making your way to seated,
bring your hands together. Hands to your forehead, reminding you to have
clear and loving thoughts. Hands to the heart, reminding you to have clear
and loving intentions. And hands to your mouth to remind you to have clear
and loving communication. Sending positive energy out
to all beings everywhere. Namaste. If you liked that video,
you’re gonna love this one. It’s a 30-minute total body workout that people really, really seem to like. So click here and keep going. And if you’re still with me, the secret word today
is, of course, quickie.
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