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10 Minute Yoga (Relieve Stress In Your Shoulders And Neck)

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to deepen your practice, go to I have multiple 90 day programs, meditations, a community to support you, and really everything you need to get the results that you want, but you have to go now, because on Friday the price is going up. So hurry up and go. This 10 minute yoga flow is a
great way to relieve stress, and tension in your
shoulders, and in your neck. Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, the place to deepen your practice, and change your world. Hi, I’m Leslie Fightmaster. Begin sitting up tall
with your shins crossed, connecting to your Ooh jai breathing. Remember, commit to your practice, and begin to see beauty in
every aspect of your life. Bring your hands together. May you always be kind to yourself, embracing your quirks, and imperfections. They make you, you, so be confident. You are amazing just the way you are. Releasing the hand, and reel yourself forward, and make your way into child’s pose. Extend the arms forward. Take your hips back towards your heels, and then spreading your fingers, press down onto the base of the fingers. Lift up through your forearms, stretching out through your spine. On your next exhale, walk your hands over to your right, and shift your hips to your left. Take a couple long
breaths through the side, all the way from your
hips to your shoulders, and your arms, inhale, walk the hands to center. Exhale, sweep them to the low back, hook your thumbs or interlaced fingers. Exhale to reach the arms up any amount, but soften through your elbow joints. Let your shoulders stretch
without locking the elbows. Releasing the hands,
reach forward, inhale. As you exhale, start to
walk the hands to the left, shifting hips to the right, stretching all through the
right side of your body. Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw. Keep the breath nice, and steady. Come back to center. Inhale, exhale here. And then once again,
inhale to sweep the arms, hooking the other thumb,
or the other pinkie on top. Exhale, start to lift the arms. Just gently moving into the shoulders. This is a great practice
for your shoulders, your neck, your upper body. Releasing that, come
on up onto your knees, and just sitting back onto the heels. Take your right ear toward right shoulder, and then take your right
hand on top of your head without pulling, extend your
left arm out to the left, and your right hand is just
giving a little extra weight. Now, if it’s not comfortable
for you to sit on your heels than sit up on a block. Inhale through center, exhale left, ear toward left shoulder. Take the left hand on the head, reaching right arm over. And if you don’t have a block, you can sit on anything, and sit any way that’s comfortable. Just stretch through your neck. Inhale back through center. Sit up on your knees. Pad them up if you need to. Exhale, take the arms out
to a T, right arm back, left arm forward, but then
take your right hip forward. Look back towards your right fingertips. Inhale through center. Keep the ribs, and belly in. Exhale, arms out to shoulder height, left arm back, right arm forward, but then turn your left hip
toward the front of the mat, so hips are level. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, sit back onto your heels. And then taking your right
arm on top of the left for guard us in the arms, or touch your shoulders
with your opposite hands. Lift your chest. If you have guard Asuna,
reach your fingertips up. Inhale, release it. Arms to shoulder height. Exhale left arm on top of
right, touching the palms, or just take your palms to your shoulders. Breathe here, lift your chest,
soften around your neck. Inhale, release that coming back to table. Wrists in front of the shoulders, and stretch back for
a downward facing dog. Arms, shoulders, distance
in feet, hips width. Try to turn your outer upper arms back, and bicycle your legs. Make sure the fingers are spread. Press into the base of the
fingers as the forms lift. Look forward, and step your right foot up, and take your left knee down. Pad up that left knee if you need to. Reach up, turn your right
arm back, and bend the elbow. Spin that tricep in, left
hand on top of the elbow, or take the left hand behind you, and hold onto your shirt,
or your right hand. Pull your right hip back. Draw your ribs, and your belly in. Remember, it never matters
how deep you get into a pose. Do what you can. Release that. Pick up your back knee, and come to plank, and slowly knees up, or down. Come to your belly. Bring your hands by the low ribs. Peel the chest up for baby
Cobra, and then lower. Press up to plank. Knees can be up, or down,
and back to down dog. Inhale, floating the left leg up. Level, hips, exhale, step it up. Take the right knee down. Inhale, both arms up, sinking
forward, knee over ankle, bending your left arm. Spin that tricep in towards your face. Right hand can stay on
elbow, or sweep it behind. Roll the right shoulder back, but keep your front ribs drawing down. Lift your hip points up. Breathe here. Sink in as much as you can comfortably, but focus on your breath. Releasing that, hands
down, come back to plank. Shifting forward, slowly
Chaturanga all the way down. Inhale for little Cobra, and then turn your head to the right, or come to high cobra. Either way, again, never
matters how deep you come in. Do what works for you. Pull your belly in, release, and lower. Belly in, inhale, come up, looking over the left shoulder. Lengthen your sitting
bones towards your heels. Pin Your outer hips in, but don’t clench your full booty. Don’t want an angry butt. Come back to center, and release. Tuck the toes. Come to upward dog thighs,
and knees off the floor, or stay with cobra, and then exhale back into down dog. Stretching back, arms, and ears in line. Look forward. Bend the knees. Step your feet up, and come
halfway up length and inhale. Take your feet, hips width
apart, and then fold, and release your fingers right
at the base of your skull. And then let your elbows hang down so your hands are interlaced
right at the top of your neck so that your neck can link them. Release the hands, slightly nod your head
yes, and turn it no. And then keeping left hand down, inhale right arm up, bend your left knee, and see if you can do this
while keeping your hips level. You can also place your
left hand on your leg. Come to center, and fold. Come halfway up. Left arm is up, right
arm down to the floor, or on your leg. And again, try to twist
from above your waist, and keep your hips level. The right knee can stay bent. Come back to center. Inhale halfway lift. Exhale, step to plank. Take the knees to the floor. Walk your knees back a little, and keep your hips above the knees as you walk your hands forward. Now turn your thumbs
up toward the ceiling, notice your palms will face in. That is how you want your arms to be. So the triceps, the outer of arms spin down, as you bring your chest toward the floor. Your head may, or may not touch. It doesn’t matter, just you get a little
opening in the upper back. Walk your hands back to come up, and then sit your hips down, and swing your legs in front of you, and start to come on to your elbows. Palms are down. Hands under the hips. Lift your chest, let your head go back. Matsyasana fish pose. Your head may, or may not touch the floor, but again, it’s opening the chest, and the upper back, and getting some movement in the neck. So much of our time is spent
on our little smartphones. So these poses are great to counter that. Bring your chin in, and then release, and hug your knees into your chest, and just rock a little side to side. Take your feet to the floor, and start to lengthen out
into your final resting pose, shoulders away from ears, lengthen through the lower back. Our quote today is from an unknown author. “Take time to do what
makes your soul happy.” And now rest, quiet mind,
quiet body, Shavasana. Begin deepening your breath, and start to circle your
wrists, and your ankles, and stretch your arms overhead, and then bend your knees. Roll onto your right side, and take a moment to thank
yourself for showing up today, and taking your practice. You did some really
great work for your neck, and your upper back, and your shoulders. Come on up to seated. Bring your hands together. Bring your hands to the forehead, reminding you to have
clear, and loving thoughts, hands to heart, reminding
you to have clear, and loving intention, and hands to your mouth.
Reminding you to have clear, and loving communication, sending positive energy to all
beings everywhere, namaste. Did you know that 55%
of Yogis don’t do this? Click on this video right
here, and let’s talk about it.
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