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10 Minute Yoga Quickie Workout (for Energy) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

hello it’s Leslie fight master and today’s class is just a little yoga quickie for energy so if you’re feeling a bit sluggish this is a good little practice let’s bring the hands together set an intention for your practice mmm then releasing make our way onto the back take the feet hips distance apart arms by your sides on an inhale press down to the heels lift the hips and the low back in the mid-back and maybe the upper back on the exhale lower back down slowly and again inhale to lift the hips up and exhale lower one vertebra at a time keep the belly drawing in gently inhale lift this time reach the arms up and overhead as you’re in bridge and exhale bring the arms down lower but slowly down again and inhale press into the heels lift into bridge tail bones reaching toward the backs of the knees exhale arms move down as you lower all the way to the floor inhale lift reach the arms and take bridge pose up exhale lower slowly this time lift the head and shoulders up and reach the fingertips forward for a little little abdominal crunch and then inhale lift up again into bridge arms over head exhale lower the arms and the lift up and once again inhale lift the hips reach the arms exhale lower down slowly when you get all the way the bottom lift the head and shoulders reach the fingertips forward pull the belly in as you breathe here and lower down inhale again to stretch up and exhale lower down and reach the fingertips forward so either you’re going to push yourself up with your hands or take the feet off the mat and lift yourself right into a bridge pose so if you push up with a mat come to bridge or not bridge I’m sorry boat boat pose now roll forward hands in knees inhale heart forward lift the chin and tailbone exhale round the back and then take your hips back to the heels and keep your arms extending forward then come up onto the knees downward dog and bending one knee and the other just to stretch out here downward facing dog gaze between the knees of the feet arms are in line with the ears inhale ripple the spine forward into plank and then shift forward slowly lower to the floor knees can come down first inhale peel the chest up for Cobra and then come onto your elbows for Sphinx make sure your elbows are right under your shoulders and your wrists are right in front of your elbows widen across the collarbones draw the shoulder blades down toward the waist lower down inhale again to Cobra maybe a higher Cobra keep the belly drawn in and then exhale lift the hips downward dog inhale right leg up and exhale step it through take the left knee to the floor and pull your right hip back as you sink your hips forward stretch up through the arms inhale as you exhale sweep the arms back and make a circle all the way around on your inhale reach up tall exhale open up the chest sweep the arms all the way around again inhale reach exhale open up the chest sweep the arms and then take the hands down step back chaturanga inhaling up dog or Cobra then exhaling back into down dog inhale the left leg back and up exhale step it through knee over the ankle right knees on the floor pad up the knee if it needs any padding pull the left hip back reach the arms as you sink your hips forward pull in the ribs in the belly and then exhale reach the arms back big circle around inhale stretch ups and the triceps forward exhale big circle all the way around and again inhale to reach up exhale and a big circle all the way around bring the hands to the floor step back into plank and lower down through chaturanga all the way to the floor bring your arms by your sides for shalabhasana inhale pick everything up lift the chest lift the inner thighs up keep the back of the neck lengthening either stay with that or bend the knees reach for the pinky toe size of the feet lift into dhanurasana so feet lift up and press back breathing into the chest and then lower down to rest your heart’s probably beating a little bit faster you can feel that energizing feeling we get from our back bends and same thing bend the knees pinky toe sides the feet lift up if this doesn’t work stay with shell Abbas and locust pose lifting the feet up and pressing them back keep the belly lifted to protect your lower back and then release it down and rest a moment healing that nice open heart energy inhale into upward facing dog exhale lift the hips downward facing dog and then hopping through to seated or stepping through to seated cross the right shin in front of your left shin bring your fingertips forward lengthen as you inhale exhale and just fold over the legs walking forward any amount if that doesn’t work for you you can stay sitting up tall and then inhale to come up switch the cross of the legs left shin in front and lengthen and exhale walk yourself forward stretching out the spine walk it up and then lie on to your back soles of feet together knees apart and we’re going to rest here if this isn’t comfortable for you just extend the legs out so just resting here for about a minute or less and while you’re here I will read our quote for today this is from Carl Rogers the psychologist might be psychiatrist the curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am then I can change let’s draw the knees into the chest Rock a little bit and then rock yourself up going to do a little pranayama called skull shining breath you can’t think the sun’s good at the moment but just take a nice long breath in through the nose exhale so it’s a passive inhale and the exhale is forced out through the nose inhale and exhale and inhale we’ll begin exhale through the nose quickly inhale and hold the breath drop the chin down lift the belly and sit for a moment and then release it out and then again inhale and exhale another breath in and exhale and then inhale here one more round and go inhale and hold under all that belly and again lift up through all the pelvic floor muscles as you hold here mmm release exhale hands together in front of the heart hopefully you’re feeling energized close your eyes bring our hands to the forehead reminding us to have clear and loving thoughts our hands to the heart reminding us to have clear and loving intentions our hands to the mouth reminding us to help clear and loving communications namaste sending out this beautiful energy we created all beings everywhere thank you so much for joining me today please visit fight master yoga calm we’re doing our website over and if you can afford a donation there is a link below to donate through PayPal if you liked our class please push the like button and subscribe bye
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