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10 Minute Yoga — Nice And Easy For All Levels

hi everyone its keno here hi I’m gonna do a little quick good 10 minute live class for you this is just a little extra so here we are at Miami Life Center and I know that so many of you are trapped in your homes right now and I hope this little yoga class brings you just a little bit of ease and flow today come to a comfortable seated position close your eyes [Music] quietly and calmly let your hands drop down to any comfortable position keeping the mind calm any quantum is then slow they open the eyes and let’s roll over on see your hands and knees hold it here for a couple of breaths keep it nice and easy hands and knees then slowly roll back through the hip joints and then inhale come back up back to your tabletop position let’s do that two more times ah exhale sink in through the hip joints inhale come back up last one exhale sink in through the hip joints keeping the toes curled under stay there opening the shoulders and inhale up to downward facing dog we’ll stay here for five breaths one keep it nice and easy two three check in with your breath and your body for and walk your feet half the distance towards your hand soft bend in the knees drape your head down and then inhale straighten the legs stay here breathing for five breaths one maybe it’s more comfortable for you to hold on to your big toes two deep steady breaths three just taking these few moments to tune into breath and body for nice and easy five inhale send your chest up and forward exhale there take the hands on the ground let’s step back to plank position give me plank for five breaths all right here we go one two nice and easy three four keep the belly drawn in activate your glutes just a little bit five bend the elbows chaturanga inhale upward facing it’s an easy exhale downward-facing stay and downward facing for a moment then that’s inhale step your left foot forward planting the right heel down and inhale trikonasana the triangle pose you can let your left fingertips rest on the ground or you can hold your toe or rest the hands on a block really just find the way for you to stack your shoulders in line with each other we’ll stay here for five breaths one nice and easy two even closing the eyes for a moment three just feel the body feel the breath for almost there five inhale come all the way up let’s pivot around exhale drop down to the right side one draw the navel in stack the shoulders to keep it nice and easy three four almost there and five exhale spin your left hand down let’s step forward come back to plank position again find your plank and let’s hold it hold it nice and steady nice and study and exhale all the way down to the floor inhale upward-facing exhale downward-facing bend your knees and sink them to the ground cross your feet and then let’s stretch the legs all the way forward hold it here for a few breaths straightening the legs lifting up the kneecaps hands rest on the ground calm the mind to turn your attention inward then let’s bend the right knee bring it up slide it over and we’ll go for a nice easy twist draw the navel in towards the spine taking the right hand around the back keep the navel deeply in 1 soften the neck no force – steady deep breaths 3 almost there 4 and 5 inhale back to the center exhale straighten the left leg try the other side bend the left knee cross it over hugging into the body lift the centre of the chest and easy look over to the left one just take the moment to feel breath and body no force no rush nowhere to go nothing to do and isn’t that true today gently drawing the navel in feeling the breath and body and let’s stay for one more breath inhale back to the center then slowly bend the knees draw them into the chest give yourself a little hug and inhale navasana if you want to modify enough asana with bent knees go ahead there otherwise let’s do straight legs five breaths one two three steady feel your breath for don’t fight it just work with it keep working five cross your feet hiding the feet underneath your thighs roll over let’s step back again plank position chaturanga inhale upward-facing exhale downward-facing stay downward-facing just for a moment clear your mind clear your whole minds of anything but breath and body let it all just be right here then exhale sink the knees down cross your feet slowly sink the hips down and quietly open the legs pivot a little bit forward right from the hip joints stay there engaging your thigh muscles draw the navel in you can place hands on the ground or if it’s comfortable for you you can think about coming down on to the elbows stay here breathing one two nice and easy three four and five roll onto your right elbow inhale lift the arm grounding through the pelvis find that side body lean stay there for a moment feel the spine just realigning itself tension leaving the body mind coming into a deep place of balance inhale back to the center drop the left elbow down inhale reach the right arm many people think you need to hit it really hard for yoga to be effective but actually you just need to breathe and find connection between breath and body that brings you into the deep space of unity we’re almost there calm the mind feel the body soft neck inhale back to the center let’s cross the feet then after the feet are crossed to check in with yourself figure out do I feel comfortable is all good then let’s practice the fire log position stacking your shin bones one over the other hold it here for a couple breaths with the spines straight supporting the knees if your knees feel elevated but if you feel alright then slowly fold a little forward taking the hands towards the ground potentially coming again all the way down hold it here nice and easy two three four let’s give it one more breath five inhale come all the way back up let’s switch the sides stack now the left shinbone on top hold it up here with the spine straight the navel in then pivot gently forward maybe the hands come down don’t push it too hard just feel wherever you are let it be good enough no stress no fight no force it’s all good then exhale sink down keep the mind calm and steady turn your attention inward then slowly inhale let’s come all the way up now keeping the feet nice and crossed turn the palms open tips of the index fingers together and deep breathing with sounds will allow deep breaths to move in and out of the body lengthening the process as you inhale lengthening the breath as you exhale keep it nice and steady – calm deep inner focus we’re almost there long deep study breaths let the deep breaths calm your nervous system [Music] cross your feet now for our last little lift up cross your feet take the hands in front of the pelvis hips back it up and maybe your feet off the ground one steady breaths – keep breathing three four remember you can be here just lending the hips up it’s all good five exhale let’s lie all the way down close your eyes come to rest just a few moments of interconnection to keep the mind body and spirit and unity release surrender drop down and then allow yourself a long deep breath in and as you exhale hands and feet bend your knees and your elbows feel the body restored the mind reset from just these few precious moments of mind body coordination that is the yoga practice knees into the chest roll over to whichever side is more comfortable for you come on back up keeping the feet crossed eyes closed for a moment hands in prayer feel the heart center quiet calm deeply connected and allow yourself a long deep inhale [Music] long deep inhale again and as you exhale open the eyes thanks so much for tuning in to this quick ten minute yoga practice I hope you feel a little bit more peaceful a little bit more happy and that your life is filled it’s just that little bit more joy today remember keep the inspiration to practice yoga every day namaste I forgot to say but you all should remember that you get a free month of ohm stars when you sign on to my online channel so you should all go check it out it’s om SARS calm okay bye
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