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10 Minute Yoga Hip Stretch Workout: How To Stretches For Hip, Butt & Leg Pain, Jen Hilman Austin Tx

new videos every day life wisdom hi i’m jenn hillman and today i’ve got a follow along video that we can work on some hip flexor stretches so this is really great for those of you that spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or spend a lot of time driving in your car or those hip flexors are constantly shortened and contracted so go ahead and get up from your chair get on your yoga mat so you can follow along with me as i show you some simple exercises to open up the front of the hips you can favorite this video so you can practice with me again and again and then we can go ahead and get started so to begin we’re going to step into a lunge position so you can bring one foot forward at the top of your mat bring your hands on either side of your foot and reaching your back leg far behind you you’ll extend through the back knee once you have a solid base you start to press the hips down towards the floor you should feel an active warm sensation through the back quadricep and you’ll start to feel that stretch that opening through the front of the hip then dropping the knee straight down to the floor so there’s a nice wide angle in the hips you can bring both hands on top of your bent front knee then keeping your torso in one piece you lunge the hips forward so this deepens the stretch in the front of the hip if this is enough stretch for you you can stay right here if you’d like to take it a little deeper you can shift your weight back bend the back knee and grab for that ankle with the ankle moving in towards the hips you lunge forward again this will deepen the stretch in the front of the hip as well as the front of the quadriceps remember to stay connected to your breath when these stretches become intense or challenging let your breath help you to relax into the opening when you’re ready you can release the back foot down and bring both hands on either side of the foot again then pressing through the back knee you can step through a plank position to bring the other knee forward if your foot doesn’t quite make it to the front of the mat it’s all right just go ahead and help that foot along you can grab your foot help walk the toes a little further forward once you’re in position you’ll lift through the back knee so you have a nice powerful lunge here and feeling that warming sensation through the quads press down through the hips so you can really connect with that stretch through the front of the hip and when you’re ready you can drop the knee straight down maintaining a wide angle and for those of you with knee sensitivities it’s helpful to fold in the edge of your mat so you have a little extra padding for the knee so if that’s useful for you you can try that and then bringing both hands on top of your front knee keeping your torso in alignment you’ll press through the hips lunging deeply here staying connected with the breath and to take this stretch a little deeper you can come up bend in through that back knee and reach back for the ankle pulling the heel in towards the buttocks you lunge forward again so this is a nice juicy stretch in the quads i’m definitely feeling it wow releasing the foot back to the floor can bring your hands down unfold the edge of your mat and kick through that back knee coming up into the lunge we started from and then finally to end this sequence we’ll come into a butterfly position or badakanasana so sitting down onto your bottom bring the soles of your feet together and the knees out wide this is going to get a little more into the groin to the inner side of the hip so as you find this position with your feet this may be enough for some of you anybody with really tight hips this is enough of a stretch so you can stay right here to take this a little deeper and to connect more with the inner side of the hips you start to fold the body forward so reaching as far forward as you can before you round the spine and drop the head if you want a little more stretch here you can bring your hands on top of your knees and actively press the knees towards the floor then coming up to a neutral position you can just stretch the legs out kind of shake the legs out a little bit move the legs around in the hip sockets and just let yourself relax through the hips so as you can see it doesn’t take very long to move through this brief sequence of lunges and they’re all extremely effective for helping to open up through the fronts of the hips and thighs so go ahead and practice these stretches two three times a week you could even do it a couple of times a day first thing in the morning and before you go to bed to really help loosen up tension through the hips thank you so much for watching and for following along with me be sure and thumbs up my video and you can leave me a comment i love to hear your feedback and don’t forget to subscribe to the psychetruth channel so you have access to my full library of stretch and massage videos thanks so much for watching come back soon you
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