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10 Minute Yoga For Stress Relief

hi everyone its keno here thanks so much for tuning in to this ten minute Yoga for stress relief session come to a comfortable seated position let’s close the eyes and dive right in [Music] keeping the eyes closed exhale drop your hands down to any comfortable position notice the quality of your breath the natural breath to begin notice the feeling inside the body just any point of sensation that your mind can be aware of in the field of the body then check in with the quality of your emotions and just notice how you’re feeling emotionally and the texture of your thoughts mentally so we established these three points of awareness to redirect the mind and to the reality of the present experience of the body the mind and the being that you are then allow gently for your eyes to open and we’ll begin with some deep and conscious breathing we’ll be inhaling through the nose and then exhaling long out through the mouth but keeping the lips sealed almost kind of micro sealed since you’re almost whistling on the way out so here we go activating the pelvic floor draw the navel in then when you breathe in let it be like you are taking a nice deep sniff of a beautiful franc spring flower exhale we like the wind blowing through the trees and then inhale a nice deep inhale until that reaches the top of the head and then exhale let’s do it one more time a nice long deep inhale through the nose and exhale let the wind of the breath let it feel like you’re releasing infinitely outward all your mind’s presence comes into this moment in the here and now let’s come on over on to the hands and knees stay here on your hands and knees for a moment we’ll go through three times with the cat and cow so in that same fluidity of the breath inhale roll through the spine lifting the center of the chest then exhale round the back and gently pull your pelvis and your head under inhale roll through the spine until you can feel the breath rising up through the top of the head then exhale round the back until you can really feel the push from under one more time inhale roll through the spine keep lifting up and exhale [Music] and walk your hands forward and then exhale top of the head down come up onto your fingertips and deep steady breaths this is the puppy pose which can be done to either target the shoulders or the upper back for now let’s work on the shoulders focus on lengthening and deepening the breath as you focus on breath and body your mind calms down the nervous system calms down and you enter into a deep space of peace tranquility and healing let’s stay for maybe just one more breath as you lift the ribs away from the hips allowing your armpits to sink towards the ground then inhale lift the hip up and exhale just gently sink on down and we’re gonna come up into the cobra pose so point your feet press into the elbows and then inhale lift the center of the chest using the spine helps bring energy up and down the central axis of the body lifting the kneecaps and giving the spine just kind of a gentle massage with a nice long Cobra hold for a few breaths taking the time to feel breath and body soften the glute muscles to give the low back some space we’re almost there then we’re gonna curl the toes under walk your hands back press back onto your knees and then inhale all the way back up to downward facing dog so we just stay now downward dog for five breaths roll the shoulders open press through the legs whatever has been happening in your day just be right here and now in this moment for five deep breaths let time stop for a moment enter that inner world of breath body and mind almost there let’s roll forward sinking the knees down cross your feet underneath you and then roll the spine gently down you can roll the spine gently down then draw the knees up into your chest and just hug them into the body hold it here a couple breaths just let your mind drop down into a deeper space calm inner awareness give yourself a little roll from side to side so you can gently feel your spine releasing placing the head on the ground in this way lying back helps your nervous system just calm down then let’s straighten the legs and we have V Purita qurani if you’ve been standing or sitting for long periods of time this a simple hold in this half inversion helps blood and circulation just return to the body give yourself a few moments here where you’re feeling breath and body where there’s no stress there’s just here there’s just what is just this moment feel your quadriceps working lightly to encourage blood and circulation to roll through the body be kept for just another breath breathe as deeply and as fluidly as possible now that we’re holding a yoga posture switch your breath to only in and out through the nose instead of in through the nose and out through the mouth just in through the nose out through the nose make your breath as evenly paced as possible then that’s soft bend in the knees open the knees a little and hold underneath the knees so your feet can start to point up I’ll just hold that there for a moment letting the feet just gently point up and this is the happy baby pose so just reach up and hold the outsides of the feet and we’ll hold this for a few breaths no force just be here breathing rest your mind just the experience of what is right [Music] nowhere else to go nothing else to do every breath you breathe in is a chance that rebirth renewal every breath that you breathe out deepening the release and surrender hold it for just another moments and then let’s bring the feet together and you can just gently hug the feet in and now we’re in kind of a half reclining version of baddha konasana the cobblers pose now you don’t work around a couple of different points press your sacrum into the ground and push the knees away and just hang out there for a moment soften the neck you can move it a little from side to side stay there breathing and feeling almost there then lift the sacrum off the ground and soften the knees and let it feel like you’re almost trying to pull your feet up we’ll hold that for another moment deep steady breaths and then exhale let’s draw the knees back into the chest give yourself a nice deep squeeze then from here let’s straighten the legs again except this time hold onto the feet if you can’t hold the feet you’re gonna hold on to the calf muscles and then just gently fold in I’m just a liar so also experience what you feel as you feel no fight no fours just breathe let it be well let’s bend the knees drop them down to the ground one time we’re gonna do the simple bridge so just let it be nice and long and inhale lift the hips up and again just nice and long releasing the gluts pressing through the thighs hands rest on the ground stay there for a moment and exhale let’s drop it down now for a very gentle twist extend the left leg right knee comes up into your chest and exhale easy reclining twists that will just look over to the right stay here for just a moment let your whole mind and body come to rest and inhale come on back to the center let’s switch the sides left knee into the chest and let’s just roll on over just nice and easy roll on over left arm out and again just wiggle around find the place where you feel comfortable and at the same time there’s a light stretch so you can feel yourself move into a space of deep calm or any stress that might be in your life any problems just melt away and then inhale come on back to the center bend your knees hands on the lower belly and we’re gonna count backwards from five deep belly breathing now in and out through the nose five in five out steady deep breaths four in four out really lengthen each breath three three out two in two outs one more one in one out and stretch out your arms and legs tuned into a space where you embody peace harmony and happiness and let that ripple through the body mind the breath as a real felt sense of your positive the consciously created emotion really tuned into that space for all as well for peace and healing happen through the body then allow yourself a long deep breath in and start to move your hands and feet and then inhale that’s reach your arms above the head give yourself a little wiggle as you point the feet and exhale pull those knees into your chest inhale roll around a little in the next Hale let’s roll on over to the side inhale come on back up finds your comfortable seated position again eyes closed for a moment is your attention just drops back into that inner space breath notice the breath how it’s changed embody and notice the body how that’s changed notice the mind and the emotions how that’s changed bring your hands together a long deep inhale [Music] [Laughter] slowly allow your eyes to open thanks so much for joining me on this short little practice to help you feel peaceful reduce stress and come to a calm balance points and your body and mind namaste
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