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10 Minute Yoga For Flexibility

hi everyone its keno here how’s it going okay are you ready for a little quick 10 minute yoga session I hope so all right hi everyone its keno here welcome to this ten minute Yoga for flexibility session come to a comfortable seated position close your eyes we’ll initiate this face with the sound long deep breath in and as you exhale open the eyes rest your hands down to any comfortable position and then we’ll start just mobilizing the spine so inhale lean forward exhale round pull spine under give me two more like that inhale pivot forward and start to extend the spine exhale round gently go under one more inhale reach forward with the spine exhale round and pull it under then come back to a neutral position and we’ll go over on to your hands and knees almost lost my hair tie there so let’s go over onto the hands and knees and we’ll continue those little just spinal movements three times inhale roll through the spine exhale round all the way under inhale roll through the spine exhale round all the way under last one roll through this fun exhale around and pull it under draw your knees together and exhale back to Child’s Pose keeping the arms outstretched stay here for just a couple breaths rolling these shoulders away from the ears straightening the elbows long deep breaths let your back release let the shoulders release lift the head up slowly walk the knees just a little bit back and we’ll go for the puppy pose take your hands forward exhale top of the head down and reach the pawl this back come up onto the fingertips and let gravity help you open the shoulders one deep breathing two three and five inhale let’s lift the head up walk your hands just a little bit back and we’ll inhale up to downward facing dog so slow they roll through the hip joints and inhale up to downward facing dog your feet are hips width apart pivoting from the hip joints sending the hips back and up rolling the shoulders open five deep breaths one two three steady deep breathing and five walk your feet about half the distance in towards your hands then drop your arms over each other and we’ll stay here in a hanging forward fold one steady breathing to lean your pelvis just forward three keep breathing four and five take your hands forward slowly bend the knees and come down into a squat you can widen your knees just a little as drop your chest between hands and prayer we’ll stay here for five breaths one deep steady breaths two three keep the navel drawn in for the legs stay pretty active almost there five dangle your arms out in front stretch and exhale sit the hips down then straighten the legs out in front flex the feet walk your hands a little forward and this is paschimottanasana your forward fold basis of the big toes towards each other and hips back inhale lift the center of the chest away and then exhale fold steady breathing one deep resonant breaths to engage your quadriceps three [Music] four nice and easy five inhale let’s straighten the arms exhale there just shake it out for a moment then you’re gonna bend your right knee into the chest I’m just turning forward so you can see the direction and then exhale drop it out to the side keep the heel close inside the pelvis and this is called john hirsh asana a which uses an external rotation of your right hip joint then square your chest forward and inhale long deep breath in exhale gently pivot forward we’ll stay here for about five breaths one deep breathing two three remember just tune in and feel what you feel there’s no fight no force no rush just your breath in your body here in this moment for one more breath five inhale let’s straighten the arms lift the torso up exhale there inhale draw the right knee up into your chest and exhale straight legs now we’ll do the left side so also turn around so you can see from this side draw the left knee up closing the knee joint and then externally rotate so you can really feel that external rotation your heel comes up into the pelvis and then orient your torso forward so the sternum is in line with your right knee then inhale straight arms long deep breath in exhale fold forward so tie yourself to pivot and fold and stay here couple breaths one deep breathing don’t fight don’t force just feel your body for where it is for what it is to study deep breaths three oh nice and easy keep breathing keep feeling almost there five inhale straighten the arms exhale there let’s cross the feet underneath you like this roll through the hip joints and then we’ll step back to plank pose you can curl your toes under so you can really grip the floor tuck your tailbone and inhale come up to plank then bend your elbows you can come all the way down to the ground will do upward facing dog so point your feet and then press up through the arms lift the body off the ground and extend the spine as you take a nice long inhale exhale back to downward facing draw the navel in switch your gaze forward across your feet and then exhale let’s lie all the way down so you can come on all the way down on your back resting your pelvis on the ground then draw the knees up into the chest and just give them a little squeeze I can really reset the hip joint and we’ll stay here for a couple breaths and just really squeeze and hug it in steady breathing nice and easy inhale straighten the legs and we’ll hold this for a couple breaths let’s your whole body come into a still point of relaxation of calm and ease keeping the mind steady calm inwardly focused feel breath and body take a moment and just appreciate these few moments of practice then slowly bend the knees dropping the feet down to the ground and open the knees for soup Tabata konasana so the heels are pressing into each other and the basis of the little toes and the knees spread apart you know support the knees you can do that if you want to lie on a bolster you can do that as well but we’ll just be here for a little bit keep the mind calm all as well stay for a few breaths almost there nice and easy then inhale roll through the hip joints bending the knees back in to each other bring your feet towards each other cross the right knee over the left and then exhale let’s just lean the body over to the right and this will help release your back muscles just take the time to soften down we’re almost done so we’re just winding down here for a moment and inhale back to the center switch your legs squeeze your knees into each other and both knees over to the left side just let this again release the back and reset the lower portion of the spine I’ll be here for just a moment just feel what you feel no need to force inhale back to the center exhale they are let’s extend the arms and the legs and just rest for a brief moment notice the quality of the breath the quality of the body and the feelings that may arise your emotions and thoughts and then finding that point of rest and allow yourself a long deep breath in as you exhale let’s move the fingers toes hands and feet above that give me a big stretch and a wiggle almost like you’re waking up from a deep long nap and you find yourself fully restored and then exhale draw the knees into your chest roll over onto the side and inhale come on back up to seated stay in the comfortable seated position for a moment eyes closed attention at the heart center and be aware how even just a few moments of mindful movement can make a big difference in how your body your heart and your breath feel so celebrate that little change a little shifts towards more joy more peace and more happiness in your life today and every day hands in prayer [Music] long deep breath in and as you exhale softly open the eyes thanks so much for joining me on this 10 minute yoga practice I hope you feel a little bit more happy a little bit more peaceful and that you carry that seed with you into your life thanks so much for joining everyone namaste thank you thanks everyone yeah I hope everyone has a really really beautiful day awesome thank you thank you thank you thanks everyone yes oh I’m a pop on here and there to do a few of these short little check-ins and I look forward to seeing you there remember without my regular life schedule Tuesday Thursday at 1:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. for this special period of our lives and otherwise you can find me on ohm stars calm I’m doing a back bending workshop on Saturday and the details for that are on my website otherwise everyone keep practicing keep accessing keep practicing
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