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10-Minute Workout: Legs And Arms With Sadie Lincoln

we’re here at the yoga collected with celebrity trainer Sadie Lincoln who’s going to show us a few simple moves to get gorgeous legs and arms with just handheld light weights as a prop join us in our class with sugar ten-minute workout okay are you ready for your arm and lower body workout let’s start with our feet hip distance apart lift up nice and tall you’ll want those light handheld weights in your hands we’re going to start with a Pilates roll so drop your chin roll your shoulders draw the waist in then the knees and just draw down like a rag doll be heavy over your legs push your feet and your knees and roll right back up stacking that spine training our body tall again drop your chin roll your shoulders draw the waist in round the back bend the knees push your feet draw it up through the core and roll up one vertebra at a time let’s do a couple shoulder rolls so lift your shoulders up and roll back up and roll back and we’ll take a big step out for a turnout so this is called horse pose you bring your toes at two and ten o’clock bend your knees draw your tailbone down squeeze your belly in just cold care and we’ll do some pleeeease so we’re going to drop this back down an imaginary wall and then lift up here we go little faster drop and lift drop and lift that’s it now Sadie how far down do we have to go in these pleeeease that’s such a good question see so you can just go even an inch it doesn’t matter it’s never about how far or low you go it’s about doing it with an upright spine so long spine first that’s it okay are you ready for dancers arms let’s hold it down draw the waist in and reach the arms above your head with soft elbows so think about that long dancers neck and try to keep it there squeeze the belly in and we’ll pull the elbows just halfway down and lift pull halfway down and lift now as we pull the elbows we’re going to lift up and down lift up and down literally like you’re pulling yourself up see if you can squeeze your inner thighs drop the tailbone down and lift up through the crown of the head beautiful keep the knees tracking over those toes do we need weights for this or is this a good workout on its own you don’t need weights in fact you can do this whole thing without weights and get amazing sculpted arms if you feel out of control at all please set the weights down many of my clients do including me alright two more okay let’s hold it down hold here reset push those feet drop the tail down squeeze the belly and wing those elbows halfway down and reach the arms straight okay we’re going to work the chest so squeeze the arms in and then open out faster in and out in and out so really squeeze the chest so you’re working your pecs here it’s a nice way to strengthen the front line of the body who are you oh I can really feel it in my entire arm – yeah if you can feel it your entire arm really your entire body so we’re big on multitasking you’re working all different muscles at once for great efficiency okay are we ready to hold it out hold right here now flip your pinkies up and just bring your arms forward a lilz me yep that’s it so you’re kind of going to be here draw the waist in and we’ll lift up and back up and back we’re doing a bee pose for Zee Beansie okay four more three two and we’ll hold hold right there draw the waist in and let’s stuff the heels together okay this is called narrow B it’s Lodi Park inspired so you’re going to bring your toes about four inches apart you’ve got a little slice of pizza between your feet we’re going to bend the knees come down a little bit lower and just hold right here and lift the heels just a little bit off the floor so this is a bar three twists I want you to push your heels as much as you possibly can so we want to go in the back line of the body more than the quads squeeze the belly in tail them down and come down a little lower let’s work the biceps so you guys ready okay let’s pull in and reach it and reach keep your carriage nice and upright and the shoulders out of the ears so drop your shoulders down so this takes a little bit of balance if you haven’t already noticed that’s good so finding balance in your body is a big core principle in bar 3 so we’re always working the body in balance so we’re perfectly proportioned and we have nice strong stable splines and upright posture our whole life okay let’s add the legs so we’re going to bend and lift Bend and lift so I like to think of myself like a puppet here someone’s pulling me up from the crown of the head with this string see if you can zip your inner thighs together as you lift up and find those good strong inner thighs leading up to the core right through the crown of the head now squeezing our heels together when we’re lifted that’s a really great tip yeah so if you squeeze your heels together do you feel the bacteria like I do I really do it up and I’m big on working the hamstring and glutes more than the quads because we tend to be bulkier in the quadricep is less developed in the hamstrings so we’re balancing it out here okay two more and then we’ll move on last one nice work sink the heels down let’s go into sumo wrestler so bring your feet a little wider than your hips whoo okay push the heels and draw the hips back squeeze the belly in and dig those heels so it’s all about the actions on the body here you want to lift your toes really hollow out the belly and reach those arms into a beef okay now we’re going to pull and squeeze the elbows together and reach a little faster pull and reach pull and reach look at my toes they’re slightly elevated you’re should be to see if you can really weight the heels here and drop your hips back like you’re sitting your butt in a bucket okay so it’s almost like a squat it is it’s a lot like a squat exactly and we call it sumo wrestler cuz I don’t know why it reminded me of a sumo wrestler because we all as women want to look like sumo wrestlers right right absolutely yeah that’s just a long ago more today okay so but it is it’s an earthy grounded posture here we go press that lift back lift more more lift three lift – okay let’s get down and sumo and pull the elbows back little pulses squeeze back squeeze squeeze squeeze that’s it good and this is really all about the back here – it is it’s all about your laps and between your rhomboids the serrated switch connect to the core it’s about having a flat tummy and a strong back so we want uh huh okay let’s stand tall and we’ll turn to the side for carousel horse let’s start in primary posture our feet are under the hips soften the knees your hips are level and square and your shoulders stack over the hips go ahead and take your right leg back bend your knee right under your hip and hold so you want to make that knee kind of go to the hip but if that aggravates your knee just take a step back okay squeeze your belly in pull the elbows back behind you and hold now extend the arms straight and then then halfway extend the arms straight and Bend and then we’ll reach bend down and reach yeah so we’re just going to add some movement here in our lower body now say D I’ve seen when people do this move they think that they have to lean their body over their leg to really get into the tricep we’re very upright here right we are very upright and I’m big on training the body tall training that body with a good tall upright posture none of us want to shrink as we age we all want to stand nice and tall let’s just do four more and reach three like beautiful you guys too and we’ll hold it down extend the arms straight hug the muscles into the bone here and lift that front heel see if you can hold here in relevé big challenge challenge okay huh so see if you can hold it and then just lift the arms straight back straight back oh my gosh here we go four more and what is this shaking this shaking is your body fatiguing and we call this bar three earthquake so let’s take that heel down and lift up into our warrior three and with this warrior three pose you want your hips to be focused downward right that’s right right hip point down wait the belly in and we’ll lift up tall and bring the feet together COO for the other side okay so let’s bring that left foot back then the right knee over the ankle drop down squeeze the belly in and lift up tall so you’ll kind of wobble around that’s okay you can always use a chair for balance or follow us and wing your elbows behind you and we’ll do the same thing we’re going to reach those arms straight and then drop down and lift you got it Ben and left going right into it this side so see if you can stabilize your elbows behind you control the arms no swinging nice and you really want to make sure your knee doesn’t go beyond your toes right that’s right so you want to make sure your knees stays right over that front ankle that’s great alignment good for knee health and a way to make this whole posture more efficient okay two more let’s hold it down hold it here and extend the arm straight and lift that right heel up see if you can balance I know it’s a challenge draw the waist in and maybe lift the arms up an inch up little pulses back behind you that’s it that’s an option you don’t have to firm the belly in just four three two and we’ll hold hold right there now Press that front heel down and lift the back leg up drop your hip point try to square off and reach the arms behind you power through the right leg you want to look forward to stabilize right and that’s a good tip that I use I love that tip look forward to stabilize and pull the shoulders out of the ears and we’ll all stand nice and tall let’s face the center and do one shoulder roll lift up and exhale back good job great job see thank you what a workout try out these moves and let us know what you think see you next time on fit sugar TV you
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