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everybody wants to work their backsides and Pilates is a great way to do it today we have Heather Doric who works with Ali Larter and hayden Panettiere here to take us through a 10-minute circuit to work those glutes and hamstrings [Music] okay so let’s get started we’re going to roll down and we’re going to start with bridge position lift that right leg up and we’re going to lift up and down squeezing your left glute big exhale as you lift up and squeeze that peel you guys oh yeah this is one of the classic glute moves waking it up keep squeezing lift up and down another five four three two hold it up and pulse pulse pulse oh my goodness please autumn you doing okay over there yes feeling the burn Heather feel the burn of course we’re just getting started keep breathing remember bellies in and lift lift lift lift four three two one now hold it up you guys and lift your right leg up and down so really push into that left heel yeah to keep those hips elevated from the floor exactly bellies in exhale as you lift up inhale as you go down and if at any point it’s too much just lower your bottom and then lift back up exhale as you lift this isometric work is killer oh yeah it really does that’s right get into that burn yeah remember to breathe autumn yes be on it over there keep that breath flowing three two one good job you guys come on up Oh going next in a prisoner circle so left legs extended out and we’re gonna do little circles I’m gonna breathe you guys belly is in [Music] keep breathing I really like these small movements do they really get that joint integrity in the in the hips oh yes and there they took you the big one the big moves always make you feel like you’re doing one those little lines leave you breathless and this is the foundation of the strength in your hips you know oh yeah remember to breathe everybody keep those abs tight switch directions my goodness my legs shaking I hope your vid lecture to drop a little bit it’s okay right yep and then I like a cheers it makes me lift it right back up oh alright almost there and I like how I’m feeling it on my supportive hip as well oh yeah and your right oblique oh my goodness three two one good job you guys okay so that’s about 40-50 on there goodness yes okay we’re gonna put the dumbbell right behind our left me okay come down to your forearms and then we’re gonna lift up and down I’m gonna breathe bellies in shoulders down exhales you lift and if the dumbbell is too much you can always drop the dumbbell right okay really really gotta activate that hamstring to hold that dumbbell in oh yeah hamstring and glute right here remember to breathe exhale lift up shoulders down I’m you okay over there good yeah bikini work here it is summertime that’s right okay now hold it up you guys and squeeze left well I knew you had something you got a plant head I know always always surprises I smell ooh I got it lift love lift shoulders down oh I’m thinking about is my bikini okay it’s going oh yeah keep that in mind man keep that in mind bikini season is here remember to breathe okay five four I promise there’s only one thing left oh three two one fire hydrant okay so if you need to drop that dumbbell feel free to drop it we’re gonna go up and down [Music] south to the top what it really we yeah makes you work your hamstring a lot more absolutely I love that we don’t work our backside our hamstrings enough no not at all Ashley as runners runners use a lot of quads quad heavy yep you got it whoo debris out to the side exhale lift we’re getting our tight tissues today aren’t we all right four three two one good job oh wow whoa we have the left side that last wow okay all right yeah other side let’s do it okay so lay down extend that left leg out and pulls up and yeah sorry we’re gonna lift all the way up all the way down you guys I’m gonna really squeeze your right butt and I may be feeling that side has been worked from stabilizing already oh yeah I’m holding it up in the air we’re still we’re still working everything okay now hold it up and squeeze little lifts and pulse I’m gonna breathe Ellie’s in really flex that left foot lengthen that leg that’s a great tip lengthening that heel away from the body oh yeah always trying to lengthen in town okay next one we’re gonna hold it up and left leg goes down and up you got it good autumn are feeling good yes feeling burning I’m gonna breathe exhale lift this gets that low back to stabilize as well which I love integrating a little bit of that and it’s always good when you’re laying on your back really use those arms to hold yourself yeah push down last five exhale lift everybody lift your gluts a little bit higher three two one good job you guys come on up whoo again a good stretch either you’re killing me prisoner circles the other side so now right leg is out okay we’re going to start little circles remember to breathe and really flex that foot reach it towards the front shoulders are down good job you guys keep breathing love it circle it circle how are we doing about 30 on Easter exactly 30 second siege direction 32nd other direction let’s go hmm I know 30 seconds never seem so long keep breathing it’s because you can see what side might be stronger or weaker oh yeah here you know working each side individually is great keep that balance in the body know about balance oh my goodness gracious this is really glad for me 5 4 3 2 1 good job oh my goodness okay grab that door guy I’m sweating I hope you are okay – come on – those forearm okay squeeze at them Bell you’re going all the way up all the way down remember to breathe really squeeze [Music] exhales you left and really pulling those abs tendency here is arch our back no need to arch yeah abs engaged like that really squeeze as you left okay next one we’re gonna hold it up and pulse pulse pulse and you’ve got your heel pointing up towards the ice so that’s a good tip – that turns on that hamstring yep right that little crease in between your gluts and your hamstring yeah where your bikini is last five you gotta keep lifting remember to breathe keep going on them we can do it got it all right you guys come all the way down fire hydrant last one you can do it remember if you need to drop that dumbbell you can I gotta you finish the whole sequence right all the way up all the way down and that’s the good thing about the dumbbell it’s something that you can always add you know if you can’t use it don’t worry about it you’ll work up to it and then you can see the strength that you’re building yes good progression and with a breathe lifting up you got it everybody one more seconds bye this is the bone burner Heather three two one Oh Bob ladies we’ve completed our little oh my booty blaster that was awesome never called up before – I love everybody whoo that is our booty blaster how do you thank you so much that was an awesome workout you’re welcome Anna and please come check out Pilates platinum when you’re in LA will do thanks for watching PopSugar fitness [Music]
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