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10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout, Full Body Exercise, Class FitSugar

we love a workout that you can do anywhere with no equipment necessary so i’ve come up with a 10 minute workout just for you so no matter where you are you can get that full body burn all right guys i got heather and danny here we’re gonna go through the anywhere workout don’t need any equipment let’s get started with an upper body shoulder circle warm up so you’re gonna bring those arms up nice and long around in a circle really loosening up the shoulder girdle make sure that you alternate which arm crosses closest to the body so that you’re alternating getting a nice stretch through the shoulder blades awesome getting a nice extension through the arms and then switch directions so going around other way all right you guys feeling good nice easy way to warm up that whole upper body okay easing into a lot of upper body exercises and it’s great to get the shoulders going to start it up awesome you want to get about five to ten on each side we’re not really worried about it good warm up awesome next we’re coming down to the floor for some lateral plank walks so coming down onto your hands and toes all right you’re going to step out you’re going to go over to the right first so we’re going to come to the side couple here and then we’re going to go back so we’re just planking walking side to side warming up the core warming up the shoulders you ladies all right i love this good it’s just a great way to get the core engaged get the shoulder girdle going awesome you guys good engage those abdominals pull that belly button in tight all right side to side work with what space you have all right side to side you can go further or shorter depending on the distance back and forth good and then let’s finish right here in the middle we’re going to go down to the elbows and work on a little bit of core and oblique called the rainbow plank so you’re on your toes on those elbows we’re going to let our hips drop over to the left we’re going to drop and we’re going to lift those hips in a nice rainbow arch those hips lift and then lower so then we’re going back and forth good keep pulling those toes underneath those feet good you guys all right feeling this one yeah oh yeah you’re stabilizing that trunk and then you’re using those obliques to pull up and those rectus abdominals good breathe make sure to exhale as you pull up exhale good back and forth awesome we want to get about 30 seconds here side to side you guys look great so this is core this is shoulders you guys feeling the burn to your shoulders also nice job out there last one all right and relax now let’s go to the side switching right on to our elbow we’re gonna do an oblique plank now with a reach okay with a rotation lift those hips okay you’re up you’re gonna rotate bring that hand down to the ground rotate the shoulder and then open that chest keep those hips up high from the ground you guys don’t let those hips drop yeah daddy good job keep those hips up rotate and you’re stabilizing you’re working that shoulder you’re working your lats as you rotate your back has to do so much stability here you guys feel your back and shoulders really supporting you all the way down yep oh yeah good keep it up you guys you’re almost there we’re gonna switch here we’re getting about 10 on each side rotate last two good open last one excellent and then drop it down flip it over nice quick transition you guys nice work shoulders lift those hips good arms extended up towards the sky rotate touch down to the ground shoulder rotates also towards the floor rotate that shoulder toward the floor open it up we’re working a lot of stability muscles here so not a lot of movement not a lot of jarring but a lot of stability it’s incredible you can get your whole body we haven’t even moved that’s right you guys small movements isolating those muscle groups of the core stabilizing with our shoulder awesome job don’t let those hips drop oh yeah oh this time good job out there you guys way to follow with us last one good drop it and lift awesome getting those obliques and everything now we’re coming up onto our feet we’re going to go right into a reverse lunge get a little bit of that lower body involved going to take a step back drop that back knee towards the ground keep your weight through that front heel drive up and then switch okay the opposite arm is going to come up and that back leg comes down just very athletic you keep your balance you keep your core engaged good and as you step back really drop that back knee and really keep that front knee behind the toe so that you’re very safe on that knee and all your weights through that heel press up through that heel fire it up nice job you could add an explosive move here if you wanted to add a plyometric you could try to switch your feet quickly and little hop in the middle you guys want to try that one good if you out there are just feeling good with that nice walk great keep that up or you can add that hop good either way good challenge on the glutes and relax good shake it out right into burpees so we’re going to be working those legs abs and upper body for this one you want to slowly come down to the ground squatting it down you can step or hop your feet back you want to add that push-up extend it bring those feet in with a jump or a step and then add the jump at the top here we go drop it down extend push up bring it in and jump now everybody is going to be at their own pace on this you don’t have to go too fast you can go nice and slow you can also walk it in walk it out but that push-up is a good extra upper body exercise here and that’s going to take a little while good push it out keep it going i know this is one of those total body exercises and remember you can walk your feet in or you can walk your feet and pop your feet okay all right we’re gonna finish down on the ground coming on down bring it into a reverse flash now we’re gonna work the back we just worked the chest now we’re gonna work the back with a reverse flat so i want your thumbs up towards the sky i want you to just gently lift your chest a little bit looking towards the floor so your neck is neutral you’re going to bring those thumbs up towards the sky like you’re giving a high five and then bring it back down okay so squeeze those shoulder blades retract let’s get in the middle of the back the back of the shoulders squeeze and then release thumbs are pointing up towards the sky it’s really important for that form keep your face pointing towards the floor and squeeze get that back and shoulders you guys this is great for posture this improves your body and how you stand upright good and it creates that balance from that push in that pull all right you got to work your backside if you work your chest squeeze good bring it down last two you guys good squeeze last one squeeze and relax awesome now let’s flip it over for some abs all right guys so we’re gonna get into the runner’s crunch this works the entire abdominal wall so we’re going to start by laying flat on our backs you want your elbows bent at 90 degrees all right we’re going to slowly roll up off the floor and we’re going to bring that knee up to meet that opposite elbow slowly peel and roll back down you can modify this by just rolling halfway up and then all the way down all right or you can continue to roll all the way up pause and then slowly roll back down you want to make sure that you’re giving it that pause and you’re moving slowly to peel that spine all the way up squeeze and all the way down good danny’s going to show the modification so you can see you’re working your way up to being able to engage that entire abdominal wall peeling that back up slowly rolling down good nice control good job heather you guys feeling okay i feel like i’m a real sprinter awesome good lifting those shoulders and then lowering it down good all right now let’s roll up everybody we’re coming up into a dip and bridge all right so abs are fired up we’re going to open those hips up a little bit now work the triceps hands are facing forward all right heels into the ground i want you to lift those hips up into a bridge now coming down bend those elbows drop that butt then extend those elbows lift those hips all right so we’re working those hamstrings those glutes triceps and shoulders and you can do this anywhere guys all right working the whole upper body back of the arms glutes and hamstrings press through those heels and lift good drop it up good really feel it in the hamstring i know you are and if you’re feeling too much in the hamstrings you guys bring your heels in a little closer to your butt so that you can get a little less pressure on those hamstrings you don’t cramp up good really squeeze those glutes lift good last two here drop extend last one bend those elbows extend squeeze and relax all right flip it over last one we got the creepy crawler so this gets that upper body again to stabilize abs are working obliques we’re gonna bring that knee to the outside of the elbow squeeze those obliques bring it back outside squeeze you want to keep your hips pretty stable but you want to give it that nice little squeeze through those sides back and forth wow squeeze obliques oh yeah good job you guys and you’re feeling it you’re stabilizing with the chest back shoulders in that push-up position you could do this one from the elbows as well if your wrists were starting to feel sensitive back and forth bringing that knee out wide you feel the hips too as you rotate that knee out wide feel it through the hips and relax good job out there guys [Music] thank you so much for joining me for that workout guys be sure to check out our other class fit sugars on fit sugar tv we’ll see you next time [Music]
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