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10 Minute Morning Yoga For Everyone

hi everyone it’s kino here i’m in beautiful sunny scandinavia in norway and i just want to welcome you to this morning yoga session let’s get started come to a comfortable seated position close your eyes bring your hands together a nice long deep inhale and as you exhale rest your hands down to any comfortable position be aware of the quality of your breath notice your breath as it moves in and out notice the feeling in the body bring the attention to the quality of your emotions your mind and your emotions establishing a beginning point of mindfulness and then allow yourself a long deep breath in and as you exhale let’s softly open the eyes and we’re ready to begin inhale long deep breath in exhale easy twist over to the right just begin warming up the spine with a nice gentle spinal twist keeping it nice and easy stay for a few breaths and inhale come on back into the center long deep breath in and we’ll try the other side exhale easy move on over to the other side keeping the breath nice and steady feel your breath your body and your mind all coming into unity inhale come on back into the center just easy shake that out let’s give the neck just a little bit of release inhale and as you exhale drop your head over to the left taking the right hand towards the ground you can add in a very gentle stretch using the left hand for a little bit of extra weight rolling a little forward and back nice and easy and back to the center shake that out now let’s try the other side exhale as you bring your head over to the right and you can add a little bit of weight down in there and then dropping the left hand down moving head a little forward head a little back keep it nice and easy steady breathing almost there and release so shake it gently out then let’s come over to your hands and knees i’m going to put my hair up now too as you come over onto your hands and knees let’s just kind of roll your weight from side to side so you can kind of feel your weight being pressed into the hands and then after you get comfortable there let’s roll through a nice easy cat and cow inhale extend the spine take a moment feel your breath in your body exhale round the back let’s tuck it under inhale extend long deep breath in exhale round and tuck it under and extend long deep breath in exhale round tuck it under back to neutral let’s curl your toes under and inhale send the hips back and up to downward facing dog five deep breaths and downward dog one nice and easy if you need to bend the knees a little bit if that feels better for you if you’re welcome to do that then just try to straighten the legs as much as you can two nice and easy drawing the navel more and more in three stay with your breath for take a moment and just appreciate the beauty of this moment and five let’s walk your feet about half the distance in soft bend in the knees layer your arms over each other and let’s hang the forward fold inhale as you send the hips back and up and just sway gently from side to side coax your body and mind into a nice deep state of relaxation get your day started off right let all the worries and tension just melt away from the body and allow that good vibration of healing of peace and of harmony to just circulate around each cell each muscle each joint and then dangle your arms down good bend the knees hold on to your big toes inhale let’s straighten the arms and legs exhale fold stay here for a few breaths and just soften the neck nice and easy drawing the navel a little bit in long deep breath in long deep breath out we’ll stay for one more breath then inhale lift the head up exhales take your hands down let’s step it on back to plank pose and how about we hold plank for five breaths one draw the navel in enjoy it two squeeze your glutes a little bit let’s get it fired up three nice and easy four almost there five let’s sink the knees down exhale chaturanga come on all the way down let’s point the feet come on up to cobra pose long deep breath in lift the spine and we’ll stay for five reps how you feeling i hope your day is gonna be off to a beautiful peaceful harmonious start as you feel health returning to the body peace coming into the mind long deep breath in long deep breath out we’re almost there good relax walk your hands back come back to your tabletop position walk the knees a little bit forward cross the feet and exhale straighten the legs draw the right knee a little bit up into the chest to cross it over a nice easy spinal twist hug that knee into your chest and inhale lift the spine gaze over the right shoulder hold for five one you could close your eyes or gaze gently to the right let a soft smile seem to come from your heart and fill your whole body steady breathing breath moves in and out strengthen the left leg and draw the navel in and feel this twist through the spinal axis very good inhale back to the center give yourself a little squeeze exhale straight legs straight arms pause for a moment inhale long deep breath in as the left leg raises up cross it over lining up the foot with the outer edge of the right knee draw the navel in hugging the left knee with the right arm stabilize your right leg left fingertips reach behind you inhale lift the spine up out of the pelvis and spiral through a deep and easy spinal twist feel energy rising up from the pelvis moving through each joint of the spine rising up to the top of the head feel your energy returning to your body keep it nice and easy fill yourself in harmony with the cycles of the earth in harmony with the rhythms of nature long steady breaths in and out inhale gently come back to the center exhale staff position dandasana five breaths here point your fingertips towards the ground and lift the chest up flatten the palms as much as possible long steady deep breaths almost there keep lifting the spine up then pivoting forward from the hip joints a nice forward fold holding on to your big toes or holding onto the shins keeping the spine kind of is one unit from the top of the head to the pubic bone inhale long deep breath in exhale pivot forward keeping the navel in until you reach a point where the pivot stops and then allow your spine to relax as you bend forward and you could change your grip to the toes if that’s more comfortable relax the head down and close the eyes five breaths one long deep breath in long deep breath out two almost there three relax the spine turn your attention inwards you can really feel yourself coming back to yourself we’re all as well four almost there steady breathing five inhale let’s lift the head up exhale there for a moment walk your hands back behind you bend the knees a little bit we’re gonna go for reverse the tabletop position so squeeze the knees little together rotate the shoulder joints forward and then nice and easy inhale send the hips up and forward and the head back hold it for five one relax the mind two we’re almost there three four and five exhale let’s sink it down now easy cross your feet bringing your heels a little bit close together we’re gonna open the feet now butter konasana so you want to bring the heels kind of close together and draw that in towards the pubic bone send the chest gently up couple breaths long deep breath in long deep breath out gently allow yourself to pivot a little bit forward so you can feel your chest leading you forward you could close the eyes or gaze towards the tip of the nose whatever is more comfortable for you right now let’s stay for a few deep breaths nice and easy as you lean more and more forward more and more forward more and more forward enjoy your breath enjoy the feeling and the hips and the back as everything releases and inhale gently come all the way up now cross the feet again turn the palms open tips of the index fingers together deep steady breathing long deep breath in long deep breath out keep the minds a quiet introspective state feeling again your breath your body and the quality of your mind and your emotions notice the shift and as you’re here in the quiet space of practice plant the seeds of gratitude think of one thing in your life that you’re grateful for right now perhaps this space to practice together perhaps the feeling in your body after a deep yoga practice perhaps the love that’s in your life and now think of one thing that you’re thankful for about yourself one thing that you can thank yourself for maybe making time for this practice and now to the whole world from your heart center feel the vibration of gratitude emanating forth from you thank you thank you thank you handsome prayer position long deep breath in softly as you exhale open the eyes thank you so much for joining me on this practice maybe happy maybe peaceful maybe filled with love namaste
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