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10-Minute Hot For Holidays Workout | Class FitSugar

ten minutes is all you need to burn major calories and today we have celebrity trainer Holly Perkins here to take us through a ten-minute sweat session all you need is a pair of five pound dumbbells okay we’re gonna jump right in are you guys ready let’s do it thirty our very first exercise is a jump rope so just if you have a real jump rope you can use it but this works just great the most important thing is that I want you really using your arms make them active don’t just let them circle out what’s those bicep right pretend you got a heavy jump rope with you and we’re just alternating feet side to side if you’re new to this maybe your foot works not so fancy you can do a two foot hop if you want but for now let’s try to keep it single foot side to side yeah all of our exercises today are for thirty seconds so no counting okay couple of seconds and relax let’s move on pick up one dumbbell and I want you to take your feet super wide into a side lunge position you’re gonna drop down deep towards the floor come up pull through your back now we’re working with five pounds today so I want to make sure at the top you really activate through your back pull your shoulder back allow your chest to open and squeeze all of the muscles around the upper back and through your shoulder blade at the bottom I want you to sit heavy into this heel push off that heel to get you up off the ground what tell me that knee yeah I like pounds let me drive into the hill and you’re gonna get more of a glute workout here let’s do two more one more and relax you’re gonna keep that dumbbell you take it up over your head super tall get those abs in nice and tight bring your feet together soften into your knees we’re gonna step back into a reverse lunge alternating sides so step back come together other side so here we are that’s it that creates a lot of core work would they have now a tie and that dumbbell over your head is really great because it brings an awareness to you keeping your posture mm-hmm soon as your arms are over your head you really do activate through your core automatically now I want you to think about your front leg here technically this is a front leg exercise your front leg is allowing you to go back and bringing you forward time let’s do one more and relax keep that dumbbell open your feet out into a big lunge we’re gonna do that side pull on the other side pull back okay sit deeply into that leg bending keep the chest open posture nice and tall and remember really let this leg Bend so that the bottom half of the movement is a leg exercise the top half of the movement is your upper body exercise how you guys doing I love the extra squeeze you said to give it at the top of that shoulder play that’s really key and going back difference it really does you want to get the most out of your workout let’s see one more and relax okay put your dumbbell down we got round two of bringing the heart rate up we’re back into a jump rope this time we’re gonna take our heels super high so bring your heels up like you’re trying to hit yourself in the tush really pump those arms this so this is a ten-minute sweat workout we want you to get your heart rate up this is really about getting a little bit of a sweat on in a short period of time ten minutes we’re gonna be awesome get those hamstrings work is you know those heels up yeah everybody like pull those feels super high we have a few more seconds all over there and relax great job hook them bells we’re gonna take our feet out knees open toes open okay then what I want you to do stand nice and tall joined your abs drop down about halfway and we are gonna hold it dumbbells at your shoulders I want you to punch straight up over your head then alternate specifically I want you going Center it up over your head but let your shoulders tilt side to side and you’re gonna feel the core involvement do you guys feel that yeah so keeping the legs no Roboto so much going on here huh how you doing doing good not really getting the size so if you lean but push overhead it’s really where you get the core workout let’s do two more one more and relax okay go ahead and drop those dumbbells down I have the Hollie special for you guys and you are gonna love me for this exercise you’re gonna hate me take your feet separated give a little space left to right we’re gonna do split squat jumps for 20 seconds you ready yeah all right here we go take it up a little bit of plyometric action here now this is up to you this is a challenging exercise you can make it smaller if you want if you want a bigger workout are you eight the holidays make it a bigger jump okay I want you jumping as explosively and as high as you can or bring it down perfect couple of seconds and let’s do two more one more and realize okay feeling learner you feel your quads on that way yeah oh yeah the good news is we get to go down to the floor sorry have a seat I want you to grab both of your dumbbells keep your knees bent you’re gonna lay back dumbbells up over your chest shoulders away from your ears actively depress your shoulders to your hips slight bend in your elbows we’re gonna open out and close so here’s the key you may not be watching me so just listen if you keep a little bit of bending your elbows but you let the upper arm come ball all the way down and touch the floor oh yeah don’t let the dumbbells touch the floor just the upper arms squeeze through your chest bringing those dumbbells right over the middle of your chest don’t let this dumb boat migrate towards your chin or your face right keep them centered up right over the middle your chest oh great stretch it was really good and it also makes your biceps look awesome I love this nice no thanks two more and one more and relax okay let’s sit up put your dumbbells to the side but then we’re gonna go right back down bring a hands to your jaw like a boxer would to protect crunch up through your shoulders bring your knees into your chest so you’re like a crunch little position let’s go into alternating bicycles crossing one shoulder over to the other knee so what you got to think about here just keep your shoulders off the ground stay up contracted super high oh yeah and then I want you really thinking about taking the opposite shoulder over to the knee you would normally see this exercise with the hands behind the head I’ll take up away from the head so that you’re not tugging with their arms but you’re actually thinking you’re about rotating with your shoulders you feel it yeah and lifting those shoulder blades up having that nice tough position yep let’s do two more one more and relax it down okay sit up for a moment take your time and we have you come back up onto your feet as soon as you get to your feet I need you to go into a jumping jack okay because we’re coming off the floor there’s a tendency for your blood pressure to drop a little bit so as soon as you stand up I want you to get right into this movement okay pump those on getting that heart rate that way yeah how we doing feels good good use those arms we’re almost there few more seconds nice big jumping jack feet so close and a couple seconds and relax it down let’s pick up both of our dumbbells we’re gonna put 90-degree bend at the elbows okay keep that angle it’s your elbows bring your elbows straight up to your shoulders and down okay the important thing here watch me for one second people have a tendency to bring their dumbbells towards the keep that 90-degree bend at your elbows so they’re putting the emphasis on the deltoids this exercise is really important for women rather than doing it with a straight arm you should change the lever length of the arm to put more of the work onto the deltoids I really think leaving with the elbows yes exactly with the elbows that helps me do that it does see the shuttle is a great way to think about it two more and let’s do one more run and relax it down okay awesome we’re gonna go down onto the ground you’re gonna put your dumbbells down on an angle they keep your hands there we’re gonna come into a plank position take your feet back and we’re going to come into a tuck ab exercise so from here I want you to round up your back bring your knee up towards the center bring it back and switch we’re just gonna alternate from side to side make sure you really get that little bit of rounding through your back at the top of the motion again this is an exercise where you don’t want to just go through the motion I want you to really think about it really use those right good back lift through the hips round through the spine great let’s do two more one more and relax it down perfect so from here we’re gonna go ahead and put one come bail off to the side and we’re gonna lay it down we’re gonna take one come out front of the chest bring the feet on top of each other we’re gonna lift the feet up to the side I’m gonna bring it up and down good so just lift those feet I want you to really activate through the sides and the core great now we’re only gonna do a few repetitions because this is a very challenging exercise let’s do two more obliques and let’s hit the other side they just flip over dumbbell straight out in front of the chest and we’re gonna lift those feet up and squeeze so really think about activating and squeezing through that hip working on those obliques we’re almost done with our workout here last few I want you to really focus in on those ABS okay give me two more reps there’s one one more and relax and you are done Oh Holly high five that was a good burn sweated it out [Music] Holly that was an awesome sweat session thank you so much you are so welcome you know it’s really important to stay consistent with your workouts this workout is great because it’s only ten minutes you can do it anytime anywhere throw it into your week and you’re gonna be good to go you’re the best thanks guys see you next time on PopSugar fitness [Music]
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