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10-Minute Build A Better Butt Workout | Class FitSugar

get ready to tighten and tone your glutes in this 10 minute workout let’s do this alright it starts with this warm up the bridge but it’s not your everyday bridge okay I want you guys to learn exactly how to really add good variety and really start to really work those big glute muscles okay so here press through your heels and just start with a double legged bridge lift when you lift you got to squeeze okay that’s the key otherwise you’re gonna feel it all in your hamstrings right so if you are feeling it in your hamstrings think about pushing more through your heel and think about more squeeze through the glue we’re gonna go up for two more cuz this is just a nice little warm-up this is a teaser for those big glute muscles the Maximus alright lift and squeeze then we’re gonna do a little hole doing an isometric hold allows those muscles to really fire to really start to work push through your heels lift your hips squeeze your glutes together you’re doing great almost there we’re gonna go into a single legged now now here’s the key I’m gonna drop and I’m gonna bring one knee into my chest I’m gonna push through the leg I’m locking my pelvis in place so now I cannot cheat with my back a lot of people arch their back and then they don’t use the actual glute muscle right so here we’re lacking our pelvis in place by pulling that knee into the chest you’re gonna pivot up squeeze the glutes at the top and then come down you’re gonna really start to feel the isolation here this is what we do with the professional athletes who really need to fire the glute muscle in order to protect the back and keep that body strong right so those hips really get powerful good now hold keep that leg up as much as you can keep the hips up it’s only gonna be a couple inches because you’re not using your back you’re not arching that back you’re powering up with just the glute and come down let’s switch so the other foots down make sure that foots underneath the knee push through the heel lift the hips keep that knee pulled in tight don’t let it come out here alright if your legs or arms are extended not good pull it in hold it in tight isolate the glue breathe exhale and lower it’s not gonna feel like a big range of motion which is a good thing because you’re really just maximizing the movement and the activation of the glutes good couple more breathe exhale on the way up you’re doing great this should be really warming up that whole lower body I’m gonna hold it here hold squeeze you’re doing great hold three two yeah challenge and one could come down grab those knees to the chest awesome job now we’re gonna go right into the wild thing okay cuz this really allows you now to get a full range of motion hands behind the shoulders here right underneath the shoulders you’re gonna come up and you’re gonna reach up and over now here’s where you want to press those hips up reach over you’re using a little bit of back and oblique come down and then right back up right so we’re gonna isolate that side come up and over squeeze and back down make sure that those heels stay underneath your knee okay so they’re not too far over maybe I’m a little far forward I almost might be coming down it up really up squeeze the butt at the top you’re doing great this is kind of a full-body move just to give the glutes a little rest before we get into some other things you’re doing great lift up and down squeeze I’m gonna switch sides BAM all the way come up and over and squeeze you got to love that stretch too right that stretch is so awesome get those obliques working a little bit you also get that nice stretch through the shoulders and the arms and the back good when you come up remember squeeze the gluts we don’t want to lose concentration there good last one Oh awesome now what I want you to do here is come down on all fours and you’re gonna do a hip abduction okay so you’re gonna get those glute medius muscles you have a lot of different muscles there that isolate if you can go into a plank position great it’s going to be a very small hip abduction there if you need to modify you go into a modified plank you’re still kind of straight but you’re lengthening that leg out about in about a foot you know maybe half a foot and you’re squeezing the outside we’re trying not to isolate the hip muscle the piriformis we’re trying to really work the glutes here so this move here really want you to squeeze only go certain distance really feel that burn good and then switch so if you can come up all the way into that plank position you can maximize this move right you work a little abs get your shoulders working your hips everything is engaging right now pull your belly button in tight if you’re in the full plank position and if you’re on that modified plank position still keep your abs tight keep your back nice and straight don’t let your belly drop like this make sure your abs are pulled in tight and you’re really getting into the hips keep breathing through it three two ah and one all right we’re gonna come up on to the feet and we’re gonna go into some standing moves now okay so the reverse lunge hold and pulse this is a killer move alright so you’re gonna take a step back into that reverse lunge make sure that knees stay safe you’re gonna pulse here most of my weight is on the front leg that’s the key here oh I’m gonna fall over but right here most of my weight is on the front leg and he’ll come up give it a balance give it a pose come right back down so here you’re pulsing it’s a very small pulse because when you do that you’re fighting gravity but it’s like an isometric hold but you’re fighting gravity at the same time it’s kind of a double whammy I love it so I’m feeling the burn feeling it through my glutes because I’ve got most of the weight on the front leg and it’s all pressing through my heel and front foot good come up one more time back hold pulse you can do it come on don’t give up on me right now go on you got this a sexy booty is worth it three two and up amazing now let’s switch sides alright so we’re gonna take that nice step back we’re gonna feel that pulse really feeling it right here so I’m pushing through my heel the front of my foot is on the ground but most of the weight is coming through the heel and I’m just pulsing here the hold is what matters come up give it a whole room my balance is not as good sighs good now remember of light weight on the back foot most of the weights on the front foot so you might have a slight anterior tilt here in the in the hips that’s okay just don’t hunch forward keep your back string come up Oh squeeze come back you’re doing amazing hold it does your last one I know it’s burning you’re feeling your balance challenge you’re holding it your pulse is the smaller they are the harder it is is the more pulse than an easier break you got come up and relax amazing job okay next we’re gonna go into a single legged box squat and if you don’t have a box you can do this on the floor I’m gonna show you both ways okay so right here I’m gonna stand up here I’m gonna have one foot on the box you want something stable you’re gonna stand up nice and tall stick your booty out touch your heel and then come on up nice and straight squeeze the booty so hips back almost like you’re mooning the person behind you I’m telling ya you got to get that big bend cuz you want to fire up the glutes all right so get that bend you shouldn’t feel it as much in your quads as your butt but you’ll feel it in both so you’ll feel it in the front of your thigh and you’ll feel it in your booty okay if you’re not doing this on the box you’re doing it right here I’ll switch sides so you can get a get a little get a little taste here so I’m that in the box but I’m still sticking my booty out really getting that nice bend in the knee but all the weights on the heel a moon and the person behind me oops hopefully no one’s there right down and up and so it protects your knees you want to protect those knees right so you’ve got to get the hips back as though you’re sticking your booty out nice booty shot and the heel if you have a step it’s gonna work your hips even more it’s gonna work your glutes even more all right amazing all right so that move is done next I want you to go into the tap okay you’re gonna go into a squat and tap your right here you’re holding it you’re going to tap with the heel tap with the toe tap back alright so you got that so you’re holding it tap tap tap oh this leg is where all the work is happening right so it’s tap tap tap one more hold that squat tap and tap and come up oh man if you’re not on fire right now you’re crazy okay come into that squat hold it tap it’s a tap it’s not a light it’s very light no wait it’s going on that foot hold tap good you can go heel it’s even harder toe toe let’s go one more hole that come on heel I’ll do the harder toe and toe now you see my legs wobbling because it’s very challenging okay that’s okay gonna get better and better all right a last move going into a curtsy pulse and squat okay so I’m gonna take it into a curtsy lunge here coming back down I’m gonna pulse notice how I’ve got this alignment here these are big booty moves okay I choke it around here you’re pulsing very small cuz it’s another hole working more of the lateral side of the booty coming up you’re gonna come up and then back down and come up right so you come in here pulse oh you’re doing good do it good come up and squat oh you almost get that stretch right come down pulse pulse pulse up and squat you got your last side here we go take it back pulse pulse God keep that alignment you got to be feeling here looks like you’re sticking your booty out to the side come up Oh down for the hole you doing good come on two more hold it steady breathe work through it come on no pain of gain right that’s what they say you got to work through the burn come up come down for that squat you’re doing great one more remember pulse it out here I think about pressing through your heel on that front heel right yep use the booty come up boom down done way to work it out girls
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