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10-Minute Bikini Workout | Arms And Shoulders | Class FitSugar

time for strong lean and powerful arms and shoulders join us for this ten minute upper body workout all right you guys we’re so excited to get this upper body workout in we have Suzy in Z here to join us for the workout we’re just going to start with a nice easy shoulder circle so you want to get as full range of motion as you can here ladies good really opening up the shoulders the chest get a nice rotation we’re doing a lot of upper body movements so this is a great way to just build that fluidity in the joint and get that nice extension through the shoulders let’s flip directions so we go now coming forward think about doing that nice forward rotation if you feel a little crunchy going on it’s always a good thing loosen it up nice job and then this next one it’s kind of like a clockwork you’re just going to bring your hands in front of your body okay instead of forward and back we’re now going around in a nice clock circle try to alternate which arm goes closest to the body so that’s a good way to kind of alternate and now pretend as if you’re going the opposite direction opening it up you guys spinning our shoulders warming over what good nice you’re gonna feel a good burn here in your shoulders and you should you’re doing it right you’re going all the way keeping those arms nice and long beautiful awesome ladies okay you should feel good getting the blood pumping now grab your free weights we’re gonna be using a pair of five pound dumbbells here okay so if you’ve got something a little bit lighter that’s okay too don’t go too heavy on these exercises okay because we’re working some small muscle groups so starting with the Scarecrow you can go on one foot or two feet okay you’re just gonna drop those hands showing those knuckles keep the elbows high and then pull those palms up good nice so this is a rotator cuff exercise you guys you want to have a sexy back sexy shoulders got to work the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder and they’re good stabilizing muscle groups beautiful one-legged airs a little bit harder you guys try it out burns all right are you feeling it good keep those elbows high to it you rotate and then pulling up if you get too tired here you can always drop the free weight and keep working on that range of motion good make sure you also switch feet here every once in a while let’s just get like three more cuz I’m feeling the burn here you should be too – one more pull it up and three awesome good shoulders are burning a little bit come on down to the floor we’re doing a little combo here little push up shoulder press combo so you can want to leave those free weights right at the knees here alright you’re gonna walk out into a push-up position we’re gonna do five push-ups alright dropping it down you can go modified or go from the toes good three goat your own pace nice one more and then I want you to walk back in you’re gonna grab those free weights at your knees go up four five shoulder press press it up one good two three four one more five now guys let’s speed up the tempo here we go walk it out go regular modify whatever you want to do go for five even if you can’t go our pace try to get five walk it in bring it up for five let’s go good you should feel those shoulders really burn in that chest getting those push-ups in good with that five or six sorry good job good dropping it down press two three four oh good move I walk it in one more time with the shoulder press and we’re gonna switch up the drill good two three awesome four and five beautiful now keep the weights in hand come on back up to the feet working on some of the back and shoulders now we’re gonna do a reverse fly or row depending on at your strength is alright now a reverse fly you’re gonna have those palms together you’re gonna open up the chest squeeze the shoulder blades lower it down slow open up squeeze and lower it down slow so these weights are not light okay for the back muscles back muscles a really tough especially when you got them nice and long away from your body good keeping that back nice and flat good job Zee nice Suzy you got to keep that back flat so keep that chest up squeeze that felt too tough you could always wide elbow row and just bend those elbows back pinch those shoulder blades just like that okay you modify that one last one here squeeze and bring it down beautiful okay my upper body is burning so now triceps we’re just gonna kick it back up isolate in the back of the arms so now kick that arm up straighten it out and squeeze really squeeze at the top here alright you want to squeeze nice job that’s it really pitch keep that chest up high knees are bent so your back is nice and safe we’s nice exhale nice good breathe awesome last couple here you guys you’re looking good this upper-body workout is no joke really isolating keep it going couple more last one Ruth and relax good okay so we just got these little five pound weights but it adds up okay these movements are really tough let’s go back into the scarecrow all right so one more round I’m gonna go single leg it to challenge my balance a little bit we’re going up and down that’s it really keeping those elbows high this is a challenging move for me yeah most people don’t do this move but guys it’s key whoa mm-hmm that’s an earn it you want to have those shredded and lean looking shoulders you got to get the rotator cuff switch legs if you switch legs huh or you guys I am going up both either way keep moving through it doing great we’re almost there breathe it out that’s it elbows are staying high great job okay last one oh and then let’s bring it back down to the floor we got our shoulder press push up combo all right we’re gonna go three and three this time you guys ready here we go walk it out you got your push up skip the three nice walk it in grandiose way press it up 1 2 3 sore getting it moving just a little bit more and I’ll walk it out push it for 3 walk it in nice job guess what though we’re doing four rounds since we’re only doing three and three that’s right walk it out you got three I know I took jet you’re like awesome three three good press it up one two three last round you guys come on good Oh I might not get like 3 1 or a bear I did it unfairly how are you guys doing you’re doing good feeling it awesome nice job ok bring it up to the feet going into those reverse flies now remember if you’re feeling really tighten your shoulders on this one do me a favor open your palms up then and do the road this way so you’ve got your palms open squeeze your gonna keep those weights a little lower that way ok but you could also just add a row in order to take some of the strain off that upper back this is an exercise that’s really meant to help improve your posture and the strength in your back you don’t want to try to jack your shoulders up on this one good squeeze two and one wow that one gets me every time Wow let’s go into those triceps so bend those knees elbows up high kick it up good breathe it out that’s it keep that back nice and straight this one’s not as much cardio but you guys can certainly feel the burning going through that whole upper body yeah and that’s what we want to do really sculpt the arms lean and tone them out good last couple seconds breathe it out good five four come on three two and oh my goodness gracious off now if you guys wanted to do one more round at home feel free but I also want you to get in these few stretches okay so really important we’re gonna come down and stretch the shoulders alright so coming on down to the mat you want to turn your hands all the way back if possible okay if not you can turn them out to the side but you’re going to give yourself a shoulder and chest stretch here now sometimes we do this to work the hips and the glutes but right now I want you to emphasize the chest popping up towards the ceiling and you’re opening up those shoulders that rotation in your hand opening up the shoulder getting that good stretch great job beautiful and breathe this is not an easy one if you want to keep your head tilted like this too it’s okay like I keep my head up usually good and then coming on back down good I just cross those feet and this last ones a rotator cuff stretch so we’re gonna get all those muscles in the back and shoulder put your hand on your hip kind of like you’re Saffy all right then you’re gonna grab that elbow and draw it forward so you want that shoulder blade to feel like it’s pulling away from your spine and you’re getting all those muscles to stretch beautiful yeah take a nice deep breath in and this is a great stretch too to give you good posture go ahead and switch you might feel like one side tighter than the other cuz most likely you use one arm more than the other so create that balance by stretching both sides and try to create a balance in your body this way when you’re doing upper body exercises it’s so key to stretch so that you don’t get those tendonitis feelings in your shoulders and that you keep your posture looking good so you don’t get that forward crunch it’s like a like a body builder when you get you know your forward tilt good awesome job you guys great job with the work ah
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