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10 Minute Abs Workout: At Home Pilates Abs Workout For A Healthy Back

you hey guys I’m Kelly from fitness blender comm and today I have a 10 minute core workout for you we’re going to be targeting our abs or obliques and our lower back so you don’t need any equipment at all for this I haven’t included a warm up or cool down so if you have not done either of those make sure you get them in on your own otherwise let’s go ahead and jump right in so we’re going to start off with a Pilates imprint a lot of these exercises are from plies and some of them were kind of a blend so we really starting off flat on your back feet on the ground and you’re pulling your back up off the mat your hip bone and your ribcage away from another and then you’re pulling them back in tilting your pelvis so that those are now closer so you’re going to inhale stretch away bring your back up back up off the mat exhale as you bring those two closer together so just keep this going nice and slow this is really fantastic for your back and for building a good strong core core strength inhale arch up away from the mat exhale as you press your back flat on that mat again I’ve got 10 seconds rest before we switch into that next 50 second interval and we’re going to be doing tabletops I mean bringing up one leg at a time right over that hip joint I know it’s hard but try to not bring it in any closer than that and or any further out than that if you have mirror for feedback that is going to be very helpful but you’re just bringing up one foot at a time inhales you bring that foot up exhales you set it back down feel free to go at your own pace you’re trying to keep your back flat to the mat your belly button sucked in the entire time throughout the entire range of motion and we’re gonna be building on this in difficulty so if you need to you can always stay right here until you feel strong enough to try that harder version just keep going back and forth you are more than welcome to put me on mute once you catch all the cues here once you know what you’re doing inhale bring your foot in exhale drop it back down all right next up we’re going to be doing a variation of this so we’re me chasing toe taps the step this time so you bring one foot up falling with the other so you can try to lock it in right over hip joint keep your back flat keep that breathing pattern going down and down and then switch lead with the other foot then next time so if you want to make this harder you can always just hover over the ground and not actually set your feet down just make sure that you are keeping that back pinned to the mat these are the kinds of exercises the sneak up on you you’re definitely sleepers those muscles will start to burn especially if you are focusing on form alright so next up we are going to be bringing same idea but blocking those feet in at table top and then just dropping down one at a time so we’re holding that position the whole time so for as long as you can keep your legs in your arms sorry your core engaged strop down one at a time like I said try it if you have a mirror it’s really helpful to keep that feedback because you’re going to feel it is harder when you have your legs in the right spot trying to keep a 90 at the knee and just hover right over that hip joint don’t bring it any further it will take away the benefit of the exercise remember try to keep that belly pulled in flat to the mat with the back make sure you’re not holding your breath my muscles are definitely shaking already alright so next up we are going to switch it up a little bit it would be flipping over we’re going to do a back post or a combination so like flat in the stomach so we’re going to be lifting up opposite hand and foot and then switching to the other side and then we’re bringing both up off the mat so we’re doing that in the office over this time start with the opposite leg opposite hand and leg and then you’re back bow so go whatever pace you need to if you want to make it harder make sure that you’re never resting on the mat do at least a slight hover over that ground and keep those muscles engaged hoop is a coordination challenge as well oops I’m having a lot of trouble here there we go so you should feel this in your back in the backs of your thighs and your upper body all right next up I’m gonna be doing plank Plus Oh each sorry side plank Plus of each so we’re going to come right here and you can press up into your feet and your arms if you like otherwise easier versions right here up over your head and you’re pulling your leg in extend back out point your toes for extra credit and pull back in so you’re getting a good stretch here while you’re working your core while you’re working your obliques and then you’re working your legs as well when you pull them up so inhales you reach up overhead exhale as you come back up for that crunch over half way keep your shoulder joint your elbow right under shoulder joint in order to help prevent any discomfort here about 10 seconds left three two and one alright next we’re going to switch sides see same thing on the other side here remember that harder vacation with the feet stacked otherwise keep going as long as you can so nice long intervals so feel free to take a break if you need one otherwise push yourself as hard as you can focus on squeezing all of your muscles contracting everything [Music] there’s our halfway point you’re going to feel this burning in your thighs too so don’t feel like that strange ends up being really kind of a total body exercise three seconds left all right so next up we’re going to be doing a flank plus a side star so going to be rotating you can do a tall plank or a low plank it’s up to you forearms or your hands and you can also drop to your knees but otherwise like I said a tall plank is good too I prefer this way me stretching up then tuck your hand back down and then open up on the other side so try to do this to think of being strong through this motion pull your core in nice and tight keep your body a straight line if you get tired like I said just drop your knees all the rules are the same try to keep your body a straight line until those knees 15 seconds left keep slight bend in your elbows so that your arms also get a workout try not to walk out those elbows alright so we have just a few left already so next up we’re gonna be doing a bird dog so this is another one that’s really great for your back house so you can do this in a couple different ways which are on all fours you can do one limb at a time just rotating all the way around and then out to those legs or you do opposite hand an opposite leg so take your time with this it might require a little bit of balance to find out what you’re comfortable with otherwise you’re just slowly bring it up squeeze try to keep your body in a straight line alternating back and forth about ten seconds left all right so we’re already at our last interval next up we’re going to doing a push up to a child’s Co so this ends up being a little bit of work a little bit of stretch but the whole way through you need to keep your core nice and tight especially through this push up helps protect your back but you’re going to push up and then instantly stretch back into this Charles pose so enjoy that stretch for just a second before you come back up transfer your way to your arms and do your push up so if you are planning on doing another workout after this you might want to keep the pace on this pretty quick so that you don’t end up stretching too much and accidentally winding yourself down your core nice and tight you neck and a healthy alignment try not to ah start caving in right around ten seconds left all right and that’s our ten minutes already so good job if you’re not going on to another workout make sure that you do a quick pull and stretch otherwise good job guys this workout is complete you
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