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10 Minute Abs, Butt And Thigh Workout – Pilates Workout With No Equipment

hello i’m kelly with and today i have a lower body pilates workout for you so you don’t need any equipment at all for this though you can add a resistance band to make it more challenging i haven’t included your warm up or your cooldown so you’re going to make sure that you do both of those on your own otherwise let’s go ahead and get started we’re doing each of these intervals 50 seconds active with 10 seconds rest so a pretty quick transition we’re going to start off with a bent leg raise plus a hip abduction so with a bend about 90 degrees and that knee comes straight up and then out to the side for that hip abduction so throughout this you want to make sure that you’re keeping your pelvis stable and you don’t want to be opening up the hip so you want the motion to be coming from the hip joint so you can make sure that you do that by keeping your hip bones pointed towards the mat make sure you keep a nice neutral spine keep your shoulders down away from your elbows here and really focus especially at the end range of motion of just really squeezing and feeling this movement it’s a big difference to just kind of breeze through something without really thinking about what you’re doing and being very mindful of that movement or two very different things all right coming up on our first break here and we’re going to do the same thing on the opposite side going back and forth between that abduction and that bent rear leg raise so you’re going to set up nice and strong here here we go straight up like you’re poking hole in the ceiling and then out make sure you’re not holding your breath and again try to make sure that all that motion is coming from the hip not opening up not opening uh even if it makes it a smaller range of motion it’s better to do it with less range of motion right than it is to use momentum or change the dynamic of the exercise pull in your belly make sure like i said keep a nice flat back make sure you’re not either sinking or arching up through that spine all right so for this next round we’re going to do something sort of similar we’re going to start off with that hydrant or that hip abduction and then extend all the way out so instead of having a bent knee this time we’re coming up and then going all the way straight back in and down so it can help to kind of lock into each place so you really feel it and make sure that you’re really hitting each range of motion so come up for pause extend for a pause enjoy that burn come down pause and then release like i said feel free to add bands to this it can really change up the entire challenge about 15 seconds left you can always stop and take breaks if you need to keep that in mind just try to jump back in as soon as you can all right one more on the opposite side what are you sweating all right so hip abduction pause out and squeeze back in and relax and if you want to just like so many other exercises you can make a little bit harder by not fully releasing at the bottom of that range of motion so you can keep those muscles engaged the whole way through if you like otherwise feel free to just stop there for a second and let those muscles recoup keep going 15 seconds left all right so now we’re flipping over we’re doing a supine leg lift plus a reclined oblique crunch so pick a leg any leg i’m going to be doing nice slow and controlled raise with that foot flex towards yourself and on a second wrap come up and reach towards that toe again you can make this a little harder by just hovering so i’m never resting my leg or foot on the ground here or you can take a quick break if you need it so all of your movements should be slow and controlled you can definitely do this a lot faster but that doesn’t mean it’s better so just slow it down and just kind of enjoy enjoy that slow burn all right same thing on the opposite side straighten that opposite leg out all right here we go starting off with that leg lift nice and strong until it’s about parallel with that other leg and then your crunch so slow and controlled for the boring but important but oh so important those foundational exercises that keep your body strong for those harder routines don’t neglect them all right next up we’re gonna be rolling over again retargeting the backs of our bodies again this time we’re doing a back flow back bow plus a single leg lift so this one’s uncomfortable it’s it kind of is really you’re coming up for that back bow so you should feel that in the low back and now just one leg at a time raise so the reason why it’s uncomfortable you might feel your hip bones digging into the ground hopefully you have a nice soft mat helps but you want to make sure the aim here is to try to keep your um your hips level so you can feel you get the feedback of the floor when you do these on the ground so you can tell which if there’s a hip that is pushing a lot more or compensating with hip rotation you’re going to be able to feel that because of the floor so even though it’s uncomfortable it’s going to tell you stuff about your body so if you feel your body kind of torquing to get that raise out there that’s going to tell you that you need more exercises like this really in order to be able to get the same mobility on each side all right next up we’ll be taking our feet and pressing them together so for a frogger lift here we’re going to be keeping our hands kind of just um up here resting pressing those feet together so you come off off the mat with those thighs as high as you can without hurting your back or using any momentum at all so you’re both raising off the mat and pressing those feet together so you should feel this really through all of your glutes but especially here in the meads and the sides find a breathing pattern here inhaling the way down and exhaling on the way up during hard part helps 10 seconds left again remember that hover option you can make the whole thing that much more difficult by not resting on the ground in between reps all right just two more minutes left to work now we have a bridge with a three-point butterfly so this is another one that’s great if you have bands right around the knee area come up just a little ways and butterfly up a little more and butterfly and at the top do another one so basically at three points in this bridge motion you’re going to pause your descent or going to the top to do a um hip abduction slow and controlled just stopping wherever you are on that bridge at three different places in that range of motion again remember that hover option or you can rest on the ground in between sets all right last set here we’re going to be doing a single leg drop and then split our legs for a crunch so starting with those feet up overhead enjoy a nice little leg stretch before we start so i’m going to taking one down once that leg gets up split your legs and do a crunch right between bring them back together single leg drop and just go at your own pace finding a rhythm that works for you just remember to be slow and controlled about everything just no momentum here all muscle work keep going there’s three two and one all right there we go so that’s our routine already so if you’re not moving on to another workout make sure that you treat yourself to a nice cool bed and stretch otherwise good job guys workout complete you
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