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10 Min Six-Pack Abs! How To At Home Workout For Beginners For Women & Men – Cindie Corbin Yoga

new videos everyday life wisdom hi guys my name is Cindy I am a yoga instructor here in Austin Texas and this is a yoga routine to tighten and tone your abdominals so we’re actually going to start doing some Mason twists so to do Mason twists what we’re going to do is bend the feet and walk them in towards the glute so the knees are pointing up and then I’m just to find your your stability points I’m going to tuck my fingertips in towards my glutes and lean back lift my feet and then see if I can hold myself up here extending my arms out in front of me so I’m not curving the back or sinking in I’m elongated through the spine and transferring the weight forward like this not that forward okay so keeping the arms extended just go ahead and take a minute to really come into your space to feel your abdominals if you’d like you can actually place your hands onto your abdominals and feel this energizing squeezing action so from here we’re going to take the palms press them together interlace the fingers we’re going to twist from side to side we’re going to do this ten times on each side so 20 times total so twist to the right lower the wrist and up and left one two three four five six seven eight nine ten go ahead and really sat down take a moment maybe lean forward and come back up then we’re just going to wrap ourselves onto our backs place our palms beneath the back of the knees and then using the momentum of the legs and the abdominals we’re going to begin to push ourselves back up until we find ourselves with our legs lifted coming into navasana boat pose so the shoulders roll down the back and we’re going to extend the palm so that they’re next to the knee so we don’t want it down here curling in we want everything reaching opening finding our power center so here it’s okay if your legs start to shake that means that you’re building muscle memory you’re building strength in your thighs but we really want to make sure that we’re not putting all of the weight into the thighs and into the abdominals so go ahead and consciously squeeze the abdominals lift your chest up a little more extend the palms out if you’d like extend the legs all the way I’m shaking is perfectly okay I’m going to stay here for ten breath so inhaling and exhaling really focusing on the breath coming to your power center creating a sharp V with your body so we don’t want to be dumping the way too far back or too far forward we want to be balancing squeezing the abdominals this might start to hurt a little bit if that’s the case go ahead and lower the feet down and then lift them back up I’m going to place my hands in prayer hands because to me this gives me a sense of street so if you’d like to do that press your palms together and release you’re just going to come lying back on the back and from here we’re going to extend the legs up we’re going to do a few abdominal crunches here so what I’m doing I’m just massaging my legs warming up my body saying hello body thank you for all that you do for me every day all right so I’m going to take my palms and place them behind the back of my head so I’m interlacing my fingertips and I’m going to place my thumb’s on on just just below my ears and pull up pull up on those and muscles and in this way I can truly support my head then I’m not hurting my neck this way I’m not bending or using my neck to do the lifting I’m using the muscles in my abdominals instead so it’s kind of like creating a little cradle so use the thumbs to pull up and then keep the elbows wide and tuck the chin in so extend the legs up as straight as you can and then squeezing the lower abdominals we want to lift up and lower we don’t want to be like this that’s not what we’re going for we want to be up and lower up and lower look at your toes try to bring your nose to your toes and lower bring your nose to your toes and lower one more time and lower spread those arms out and lift and lower so you can make your legs a little straighter and lift and lower and this time we’re going to hold for five breaths so lift remembering to use your thumbs to cradle the sides of your neck maybe see if you can lift a little bit higher and lower release once again we’re going to take the palms to the back of the legs beneath the knees and pull ourselves forward with our legs until we come back into our navasana extend your arms out and this time we’re going to do what I like to call pin-up girl kicks we’re going to lower one toe switch the other toe one toe and the other toe and here you can even take your palms behind your head this is a really hard added challenge I’m shaking that’s perfectly okay one more time place the palms behind the knees and lower send the legs up go ahead and drop your palms to the earth extending your arms out beside you we’re going to lower one leg and then the other following the breath so I really extend the left leg up try to straighten the knee if you can I’m going to extend the right leg and begin to lower it on your exhale squeeze the abdominals don’t let the heel touch the earth inhale to lift now the left side lower the left heel and lift and here the upper body is firmly rooted to the ground every corner one two three four is rooted down the four corners of the body if you like you can even place your hands on your hips keep the shoulders rooted to the earth we’re always breathing here the breath is how we’re going to be able to maintain the strength to make it through an abdominal workout lower the left leg and lift lower the right leg and lift following your breath exhale left leg and lift exhale right leg and lift good go ahead and bend the knee use your legs push forward coming into our navasana boat pose lift the arms see if you can extend the legs see my legs are shaking bend the legs extend the arms see if you can straighten and release straighten and release one more time straighten and release and go ahead and cross the legs and fold forward your cross legs bringing your head to the earth feeling how the abdominals are crunching it on themselves right now it’s all the engagement that you’ve just created it means so your abdominals are working in the way that they’re supposed to be working throughout this workout go ahead enrolling yourself back up and come back to our back scoot yourself back down on your mat if you need to we’re going to extend both legs up and this time we’re going to attempt to lower both legs at the same time so the tendency here is to do this we don’t want to do this we don’t want the back arching up we don’t want to be dumping everything into the into the glute muscles we want to really engage the core so take your palm and place them onto your abdominals and try to keep everything rooted down if this means you need to bend your knees that’s okay but do try to keep your legs as straight as possible so extend the toes towards the sky and on your exhalation on your whole exhalation go ahead and lower the legs so inhale and lower stop where you need to one day you’ll be able to make it all the way to the earth without touching and lift good one more time lower squeeze muscle to bone and lift we’re going to do this three more times and lift it helps if you actively connect with your breath that’s why I’m doing this you may look and feel the funny but it works we’re going to hold here at the bottom your next exhalation lift the heels hold the heels hovering above the ground three to lower and let the breath go just take a moment here in shavasana final resting pose come back to your breath feel all this awesome actions that you’ve created within your abdominals just be here you can hang out here as long as you need to to find your rest thank yourself for your practice today for working out your abdominals because that’s pretty tough takes a lot to get yourself to actually do an abdominal workout and now thumbs up for that right thumbs up to you for actually being here and doing this thank you so much for making your way through this abdominal workout I know that it can be really hard to do workouts like this so I would like to commend you for being here and for doing this today and go ahead and like this video give us a thumbs up favourite it so you can come back and do it again and don’t forget to subscribe to this like YouTube channel for even more wonderful fitness videos thank you so much namaste highest and brightest you
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