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10 Min Butt Lift, Tone & Sculpt | Best Pilates Exercises For Glutes! Workout At Home, No Equipment

this video is made possible by our loyal patreon supporters visit slash psyche truth i its banks welcome to the banks method I’ve got a short but effective glute workout for you guys we’re gonna hit the glute medius Maximus every angle of the glute and get a nice good workout in ten minutes so let’s get started you guys the banks method is my unique combo of ballet barre and Pilates exercises designed and maximized lengthening and strengthening of the muscles with fun dancing started so we’re gonna start on all fours hands right below those shoulders knees right underneath the hips starting on the left side so send it a little bit more weight into the left hand than the right it’s in the left leg out long point through the toe from here we just tap and lift squeezing the ledge of the seat on the lift and then check out what the core is doing so when my leg goes above 90 degrees I’m working into my low back I’m putting a little bit too much pressure in my low back so think about bringing the tailbone down towards the ground and then scooping those abdominals and the light doesn’t go as high but you feel that glute squeeze even more now let’s hold it up on the next one flex the foot find a little squeeze lift lift so as you lift think about tucking the tailbone under lift squeeze whispies we got ten more here feeling that glute shaking right out of the gate we got nine eight seven six five four three two now we tap over to the left side of our map and then we come back Cinar nice and slow so you feel the hips stable we’re stabilizing with that core left and center outer part of the glute ledge of the seat inner thigh as you come Center now let’s take it to tempo tap let’s leave this in it for here we got three keep pulling that core in there too now take it over to the right side of our mat it’s right and center four more here and then we take it to that full rainbow two more now point through the toe we take it left and right squeezing in the center eight more here seven six you got it five four three two now I want you to hold it in the center walk the hands out so they’re about an inch past the shoulders from here we tap the elbows down we tap the toes down just like a seesaw rocking front triceps are working and then I want you to lift the leg so as you lift the leg that’s what’s pressing the torso down squeezing the glute the triceps elbows point it back or and more here and then we hold those triceps down we got three good last two get ready let’s hold it down flex the foot we find up in stretch finnstrom good so the accents on the stretch squeeze or F squeeze firing up through the back of the knee through the glute good now let’s add a little pulse triceps for ten nine almost there we got eight seven last six you got it five four three two one now hold those forearms down bring that left heel of the seat we tap it down lift it up it’s down and so we got one more change in the glute Maximus and then we’re gonna get into the media to the side a part of the boot here four more and then we hold it up three good to hold it up pulse it to your finish for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one nice work you guys come on to your side lay all the way down you can either use that hand cradling the head or you can use the bicep as a tool which everyone feels better on the neck from here we take the shins off the mat flex the feet that bottom knee stays on the mat we open that knee up towards the ceiling really think about that top hip staying stacked right over the bottom hip so we open and close a lot of the time that top hip wants to rotate open then we’re not working the outer side we’re just rotating that hip open right so really stabilize and then feel that femur bone rotating in the hip socket that glute medius is working to rotate that knee gives you guys four more fear finding that shake I always like to feel it a little tactile cue feeling my glute medius easy and move good now let’s hold it up on the next one we got little pulses for ten nine eight five four three two one drop those knees down take a second patty on out we’ve got one more exercise for the outer thigh take the top knee off the bottom knee stand it out straight flex the foot we find a little lift here it’s up and up so when the legs back here you’re not gonna be feeling without outer thigh as much so send it forward and then pulls from there now that top form I know we all don’t want to do it because it’s really painful but place up warm all the way down then you feel that burn right away this is where we finished this left side you guys but now let’s take a dose circle for ten counts nine eight seven six five four three two now it’s like dipped in Townsend we’ve got nine then we start to eight seven keeps pressing that forum down four four two one mmm so good you guys roll over onto that back take a quick figure four stretch crossing that right ankle over the left Pressey nuttin open who’s stretching out those glutes and then we’ll switch it to the other side make sure both feet are flexed to protect those knees and we’re gonna do a little bridging set in the center so plant the feet down we start to lift and lower the head squeezing up and then add a challenge you hover those boots over the mat don’t let them touch keep the root one inch off now now let’s reach those arms up press the scapula downs ease the heels towards the gluts gluts towards the heels but you’re trying to bring pull up but not good now let’s hold it out we take it right and ten nine eight seven six five four three two one roll all the way down bring those heels out the very edge or your nut flex the feet up to the ceiling we lift the hips up working the outer thighs so you’re letting those knees fall open finding that external rotation squeezing the gluts here you can maybe get the hips up just a little bit higher in this wide position now let’s hold it up we take it right then left squeeze in one group in there eight five four three two one a last set zip up through those inner thighs rise up onto the balls of the feet easily and lower inner thighs are zipped together the hips might not go as high here that’s okay we’re really just focusing on that inner thighs are super active eight more here and then we’re gonna hit that right side [Music] you’re three more two and we’ll one will roll it on down take a second to stretch out through both hamstrings and March it out and let’s hit that right side so flip on over pans right below those shoulders and then send the weight into that right hand a little bit more than the left spin that right leg out well quit the toe scoop the abdominals and we just tap squeeze to left sitting so much energy out through that right hamstring right glute and then add that little tuck of the tailbone under at the top of that lift to get that added traction on the ledge of the c-4 and more here and then we hold it up and find that little post last to soften into the elbows hold it up flex the foot we lift and tap with dental for ten no ain’t so good seven pull the core in six five four three two and one let’s send that right leg over to the right side of our mat and then squeeze it Center lift it up nice and high find out mind-body connection outer part of the glute inner side squeezes and zips and being really intentional about the movement here good now let’s take it quicker here we go we tap and squeeze its inner for more he enema crops it over that’s you and let’s cross it over to that left side cross the enterprise center we squeeze squeeze and simmer stabilize with the core hips take quiet for more here and then we take that full rainbow three last two you got it point the toe full rainbow it’s right and left carve it out really exaggerate it for more through E and then we hold it center to hold it center walk those hands out let’s see saw elbows and toes lift squeeze the glute at the top feel the triceps back to the arms for a month we got through you guys too you ready let’s hold that right leg up flex the foot in stretch and stretch a little edge this the glute shaking as you really stretch through that hamstring let’s add that pulse for ten nine eight seven people reaching six so I press through the pumps for four three two lower those forearms down send that right field of the season tap left dancing that footprint Ock towards the ceiling the closer you bring that right heel to see the more you lift that glute away from that hamstring creating those high and tight gluts that we want you guys now let’s hold it up ten pulses nine eight seven six five four three two one good job you guys know what come down on to that left side bring those shins off the mat heels together toes apart we open squeeze to close zip up through those inner thighs and top one let’s place it down on the ground y’all set it for the next we can lay all the way down just using that license well focusing on to the top hit right over the door and then the more you squeeze those heels together the more you don’t feel that outer thigh soreness hey guys open got four more here and then we hold it out three you got to squeeze those heels together pull that knee up towards the ceiling for ten nine eight seven six five four three two Oh Anna drop those Chin’s down take that top leg off the bottom leg extend it out front flex the heel straighten up through that leg a little less so notice how my toes slightly pointed down to Abu Brown slight internal rotation here really works the outer thigh out of quadricep good now let’s find that circle it’s ten counts right little circle the size of a temple small and controlled now let’s take that circle now let’s lift it to our finish for 10 counts 9 and then we’re done 8 7 after this we get this stretch 6 5 4 2 1 you pat it out so good you guys let’s stretch out those glutes before we end today super important to cross the right ankle over the left this is a really good stretch for the outer part of the glutes that we just worked pressing that right knee open and then we’ll switch it to the other side [Music] and then come back sooner husband even rock and roll it on up I’ll take one more stretch crossing the right shin over the last and stick up fold forward letting that hit and heavyweight flexing through those feet [Music] [Applause] walk over light Cineflex great job you guys I hope you enjoyed this workout I recommend doing it three to five times a week will I kill and see the change in those boots and I hope to see you again soon many of our subscribers don’t see our videos make sure that you click the notification valve and if you haven’t already follow us on social media for tips tutorials giveaways and daily inspiration this workout combines all my favorites Pilates bar yoga ballet with dynamic exercises that really slow I recommend doing it three to five times per week and sing it up with some my other banks method workout you can find all of my workouts on Amazon Prime video and a yoga class introducing yoga first offering a free series every month with over 300 different videos take control of your health workout anytime anywhere yoga plus download now for free [Music]
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