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10 Best Places To Visit In Colorado – Travel Video

Split down the middle by the vast Rocky 
Mountains and jam-packed with national parks   and wilderness areas, Colorado is an ideal 
travel destination for outdoor pursuits in   every season. From skiing and whitewater 
rafting to hiking, biking and camping,   outdoor activities are a way of life in the 
Centennial State. The state’s fun-loving   culture attracts visitors looking for a laidback 
vacation too. After all, Colorado produces more   beer than any other state. Here’s a look 
at the best places to visit in Colorado: Number 10. Telluride. With its history rooted in the late 
19th century mining boom in the area,   Telluride is awash with historic buildings. The 
Downtown area of the former silver mining camp   IS perfect for exploring, now filled with 
restaurants and boutiques. Telluride is also   a great jumping off point for skiing – being just 
a gondola ride away. Hiking to Bridal Veil Falls   is a great way to soak up the unreal 
landscapes around this beautiful town. Number 9. Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The breathtaking Black Canyon of the Gunnison 
National Park is set to the southeast of   Grand Junction in western Colorado. Formed over 
millions of years by the gushing Gunnison River,   the canyon plunges to a depth of 685 
meters, with sheer cliffs and rocky spires   towering above its raging waters. Looking out over 
its dizzying depths from the rugged rim really   is an awe-inspiring experience, with phenomenal 
photos and views to be had of the gigantic gorge. Number 8. Vail. With 193 marked skiing trails, Vail is not 
only one of Colorado’s most popular ski resorts   but also the the largest single-mountain ski 
resort in the country. The Tyrolean style village   is nearly as well visited during the summer. 
Nearby streams and lakes stocked with fish   make Vail an angler’s dream, and opportunities 
for river rafting abound. Horseback riding,   mountain biking, golf and hiking are 
other popular warm-weather activities. Number 7. Great Sand Dunes. Stretching endlessly into the distance, the 
sensational sea of sand that makes up Colorado’s   Great Sand Dunes is one of the state’s most 
incredible natural phenomena. Reaching up to 230   metres in height, the dramatic dunes lie within 
a national park of the same name. Exploring the   wind-sculpted sands is a fantastic experience, 
with hiking and sandboarding both popular.   You can discover magnificent views from atop of 
the massive dunes. From high, you can gaze out   over the ceaseless sands around you, with mighty 
mountains and verdant forests dotting the horizon. Number 6. Boulder. Located just a few miles to the northwest 
of Denver, Boulder is a college town nestled   against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 
Boulder Creek cuts straight through the town   and is lined with walking and biking trails. The 
four-block pedestrian-friendly Pearl Street Mall   features outdoor performers in all 
but the most inclement weather.   A drive up Baseline Road on Flagstaff Mountains 
rewards visitors with spectacular views,   and there are picnic areas and hiking 
trails to enjoy at the summit as well. Number 5. Aspen. Aspen, Colorado, is the place to go for skiing 
in the USA. Four separate skiing areas – Aspen   Highlands, Ajax Mountain, Buttermilk and Snowmass 
further down the valley – make it a frosty   playground for winter sports. Aspen exploded as 
a silver mining town in the late 19th century;   something reflected in the 
architecture from this time.   Summer is a good time for heading to the hills 
and there are hiking opportunities galore nearby. Number 4. Colorado Springs. Located at the foot of Pikes Peak, Colorado 
Springs draws visitors who come to see the view   from the mountain that inspired the writing of the 
song “America, the Beautiful.” With its sculptural   sandstone formations and balancing rocks, the 
Garden of the Gods is another popular natural   attraction. On the west side of town, you’ll 
find quaint shops and bistros in Manitou Springs   and Old Colorado City. As you head into 
the foothills, there is amazing hiking,   mountain biking, cliff dwellings and a 
trip by car to the top of Pikes Peak. Number 3. Denver. Nicknamed the “Mile-High City” because it sits 
exactly a mile high in altitude above sea level,   Denver is Colorado’s capital and largest city.   Located just east of the Rocky Mountains, 
Denver is a popular winter sport destination   that celebrates its mining and cowboy history. The 
city also boasts a lively arts and culture scene   with many distinguished museums, 
such as the Denver Art Museum,   and the Denver Performing Arts Complex, one of 
the nation’s largest performing art centers. Number 2. Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde is the perfect spot for adventures 
among nature, and to understand more about   mysterious, centuries-old cultures. This 
is the site where the ancient Puebloans   once lived in their cliff dwellings. Where 
they went or why they left, nobody knows,   but their houses built in precarious places can 
be seen to this day. Because of the important   history, walking off-trail is forbidden, as is 
entering the ancient dwellings without a ranger.   Take the Mesa Top Road Circuit that loops 
around ten of the excavated pueblos,   and you’ll be able to discover more 
about these fascinating old dwellings. Number 1. Rocky Mountain National Park. One of the most spectacular 
slices of nature in Colorado,   the Rocky Mountain National Park is 
awash with imposing granite mountains,   aqua-colored alpine lakes, and meadows that burst 
into life come summer. It’s the perfect place for   adventures amidst nature, with a selection 
of trails where you can find peace, quiet   and serenity. The wilderness of the national park 
makes the ideal host for many wild animals too,   like elk, moose, and black bear. Bear Lake 
– one of ten lakes in the park – is a famous   scenic spot for visitors, where you can soak up 
views of the glacial valleys and mountaintops.
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