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10 Best Places To Visit In Alaska – Travel Video

[Music] although it is physically separated from the rest of the united states alaska is one of the most scenic and fascinating parts of the country its seclusion only adds to the beauty and mystery of the 49th state making it an appealing getaway spot for intrepid travelers and nature lovers along with the major cities like anchorage it is important to get out and experience the natural wonders and attractions that make alaska so beloved here’s a look at the best places to visit in alaska [Music] [Applause] [Music] number 10 wrangle saint elias national park combining great access with the amazing alaskan landscapes rangel saint elias national park is full of otherworldly experiences it features a stunning concentration of the united states tallest peaks spread throughout a national park larger than the state of connecticut the national park links up with glacier bay to create a larger unesco world heritage site unlike glacier bay you’ll have an easier time exploring the park’s immense glaciers with easy access to various adventures that also include ice climbing [Music] number nine anchorage set in a spectacular spot in the south center of the state anchorage is surrounded by majestic mountains and incredible wilderness sheltered from the glittering gulf of alaska by the kenai peninsula it lies at the end of an idyllic inlet just a stone throw away from lots of gorgeous lakes and glistening glaciers while most people use it as a gateway from which to explore the state’s rugged and remote reaches there are a lot of things to do in anchorage itself as it is home to over a third of alaska’s population it is not only an important transport hub but a thriving cultural and economic center too [Music] number eight ketchikan the southernmost city in alaska ketchikan is a scenic destination known for being the first stop for many cruise ships that head north along the coast located at the foot of deer mountain ketchikan is home to a wide range of attractions the most scenic downtown stretch is creek street which is only a short distance away from the cruise ship docks once a rowdy red light district these days creek street is home to a quieter class of establishments but still retains its delightful historic charm [Music] number seven glacier bay national park shelve the hiking boots at glacier bay national park with all the best views seen from the water you won’t have to work up a sweat to appreciate the ornate beauty of your surroundings thanks to the many cruises you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the most popular park in the state from your spot on the boat keep an eye out for orcas and whales not to mention the towering glaciers that frame every image if you’re lucky you can kayak for a closer look [Music] number six [Music] homer if you’re interested in exploring nature or doing some fishing then homer should absolutely be on your alaskan itinerary located on the kenai peninsula homer is known as the fishing capital of alaska and it serves as a gateway to a number of national parks while you’re in homer you can walk along the beach to the iconic homer’s fit drive up skyline drive for fantastic views or spot wildlife in kochemic bay state park where you’ll find mountain goats bald eagles sea lions humpback whales and black bears [Music] number five [Music] skagway skagway was a tiny settlement when it was founded in 1887 but the klondike gold rush changed the town forever prospectors flocked into town and well the rest is history which you can learn all about at the klondike gold rush national historic park the former glory of skagway is visible not only in the wild west style wooden buildings in the historic center but also when embarking on the incredibly scenic train journey on the white pass and yukon route a trip on this narrow gauge railway will have you in awe of the amazing views [Music] number four mendel hall glacier just a short drive from the city of juneau is the mendel hall glacier an enormous glacier that is calving into its own adjacent lake there are a number of different ways to experience the glacier ranging from a simple shuttle ride to see it up close or a helicopter ride to truly appreciate the sheer size of the glacier the fittest visitors may want to try out the mendel hall glacier west glacier trail which is very challenging but provides incredible opportunities for photography [Music] number three kenai fjords national park visiting the kenai fjords national park is like stepping back in time to the ice age glaciers and ice caps still exist and touch the edge of the ocean creating dramatic and unforgettable views half of the park is covered in ice year round and there are deep fjords that have resulted where the water valleys are formed these fjords are the ideal home to a lot of aquatic wildlife and you’ll easily spot migrating whales as well as birds swooping down to feed on the fish in the water [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] number two katmai national park located in southwestern alaska catmine national park is a scenic retreat close to both homer and kodiak island at the heart of the park is the valley of 10 000 smokes an enormous ash flow that remained after the 1912 eruption of the novorupta volcano also in the katmai national park are incredible opportunities to get up close and personal with the local wildlife in particular you can spot brown bears who feed on the local salmon fishing is also a popular pastime thanks to the abundance of rainbow trout and salmon [Music] number one denali national park denali national park is the monumental tract of land that makes up alaska’s most famous national park the centerpiece by a long stretch is denali formerly known as mount mckinley this towering mountain is the tallest in north america at 6 190 meters above sea level it’s truly a sight to behold as the snowy tip seems to actually pierce the sky snowy boreal forests desolate tundra jagged mountains and lakes all play host to caribou moose grizzly bear and wolves for those seeking true wilderness this might just be the place [Music] [Music] [Music] do [Music] you
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