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[Music] hello happy friends are you ready to learn i’m sarah and today we’re going to play a q a game about animals vital functions [Music] before we start do you know what animals vital functions are the three main functions all animals have to meet to be able to live of course they are nutrition interaction and reproduction [Music] now let’s head to the first question do you know what kind of diet a bear has a bear can be omnivore herbivore or carnivore exactly bears are omnivores they can eat both plants and meat let’s learn a little more about them according to their diet animals can be herbivores [Music] carnivores or omnivores herbivores eat plants and herbs like this giraffe with herbivore animals there are two very special ones there are ruminants ruminants like goats or cows swallow foods almost without chewing and they store it they keep it in their stomachs then when they want to they return it back to their mouths chew and swallow it again it seems a bit disgusting but ruminants i like this carnivore animals only feed on meat and need to hunt to get it lions sharks or eagles are carnival animals omnivore animals are herbivores and carnivores at the same time they eat meat and vegetables bears and hens are omnivores and do you know who else people human beings are also omnivores we can eat chicken or a salad with its lettuce and tomatoes we know that animals depending on their diet can be carnivores herbivores or omnivores let’s head to the next question [Music] what do animals use to interact their nose and mouth sound or their sense organs [Music] of course to interact animals need all of their sense organs let’s get to know why animals need to get to know the environment to know what’s happening around them and reacts before it to do this they use their sense organs with their eyes they can see what’s happening around them like eagles who have an excellent eyesight with their ears they can hear if an animal with cruel intentions is approaching with their mouth they can eat and know if something is good or bad with their nose they can detect if there’s tasty food around them with their skin through touch they feel tender petting and tickles too that’s so interesting now that we know more about the interaction function let’s head to the last question [Music] do you know which of these animals reproduces through eggs meaning it’s a vaporus crocodiles farts or a mouse [Music] exactly crocodiles reproduce through eggs like all reptiles let’s get to know a little more about animal reproduction the reproduction function lets animals create new animals ensuring a future life animals have two ways of reproducing the viparous animals are born directly from their mother’s wombs [Music] look look look at how this calf is born from its mother’s womb all mammals like these dolphins all these lions are viverous evaporous animals are born from the eggs their mothers lay birds reptiles amphibians fish and almost all invertebrates are evaporous but there are some animals that can reproduce in other ways earthworms and starfish can reproduce through excision when a starfish is cut it divides in two more pieces each one of them grows and turns into a new starfish nature is incredible don’t you think i’m sure you’ve answered all of these questions correctly but if you haven’t don’t worry because as i always say the most important thing is that you’re always wanting to learn more things and have lots of fun goodbye happy friends see you next time and don’t forget to subscribe to happy learning tv [Music]
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