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[Music] hey happy friends are you ready to learn i’m sarah and today we’re going to play a q a game about mammals let’s start [Music] do you know which ones are the only mammals to lay eggs let’s take a look at the three options elephants and rhinos turtles and bats or platypuses and echidnas which ones could they be look platypuses and echidnas that’s so interesting let’s take a look let’s get to know a little more the only aviparous mammals that means the only mammals that reproduced by eggs are the platypus and this kind of hedgehog called the echidna all the other mammals are viviparous because they develop inside the mother’s womb and are born directly from it do you want to see how a cough is born look look wow it’s astonishing well now we know that most mammals are viviparous let’s take a look at the next question [Music] do you know how whales and dolphins breathe through their gills like fish through their lungs or through their skin hmm [Music] wow so dolphins and whales breathe through their lungs like us dolphins and whales like all of us and like mammals have pulmonary respiration marine mammals although it may not seem like it also have lungs the only thing is that they can spend a long time without breathing the record is held by blue whales who are able to hold their breath underwater for 50 minutes wow that’s astonishing so whales can hold their breath for almost an hour it’s incredible [Music] well let’s carry on with the last question do you the hippopotamus and elephants have hair yes they both have hair no neither of them only elephants [Music] well look at that both elephants and hippos have hair look look both elephants and hippos have hair look look actually all mammals have hair or they’ve had it at some point although it may seem untrue even dolphins have small hairs around their mouths when they are small but they do lose them when they are older because nature is very smart and that way they can swim lots better and faster wow so all mammals have hairs even dolphins and whales i think mammals are so cool don’t you think i love them goodbye happy friends see you next time and i hope you’re always ready to learn goodbye [Music]
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